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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 15

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Debbie’s Secret 

Episode 15

Written By Kiari Horsfall


It was 9:00pm at night when I heard a light knock on the door.
“who is it?” I ask but no response so I shut my eyes to sleep but the knocking repeated but this time continuously. I was forced to get out of bed to check who was at the door.

I unlocked it and opened it only to find Casey standing there.
“Hi Aunt Debbie. sorry for waking you up but I can’t sleep” he tells me at the same time rubbing his eyes.

“why can’t you tell mom?” I ask
“I tried to but she’s fast asleep” he tells me. He was wearing his PJ with a book on the other hand.
“so what do you want from me? why do you always come back to me?” I ask cause I just can’t dead with it anymore.

“Can I sleep next to you?” he asks
“No go to bed. look Casey I have work tomorrow and I’m gonna need all the energy I can get. so please leave me alone” I half yelled and he flushed sadly

“Can you read me my bedtime story?”
“you’re like the little devil aren’t you? if you want someone to read you a, story, why don’t you visit your dad who I guess is probably in prison and ask him to do it?

I thought you always understood everything so understand this and leave me alone” I said slamming the door really hard. I got on my bed and covered my blanket trying to get some sleep.

I turned and tossed but nothing.
I stood up with the intention of going to the kitchen for some milk, hopefully that would make me fall asleep soon.

I opened the door only to find Casey sleeping on the floor next to my room.
is this some kind of joke? what is, wrong with him? I thought to myself.
“Casey?” I called out to him but no response. I guess he was faking it.

I went down on my knee right next to him.
“Casey get up” I tapped him lightly on his shoulder. I felt his neck with my hand only to realize that he was burning with fever.
“Casey” I yell taking him in my arms.
oh dear Lord!

his pulse was weak and his eyes were tightly shut. he wasn’t even blinking.
I carried him to my room and gently placed him on my bed and ran out to call mom.
“Mom” I yell banging on her door and she opened the door and rushed out

“Debbie what’s wrong?” she asks me obviously startled
“it’s Casey mom. he’s got a high fever and I don’t know what to do” I tell her.

She rushed to the kitchen and got some water In a bowl with a towel.
“where is he?” she asks
“In my room” I reply as we both walked inside.

I rushed to my bed and placed his head on my thighs.
“I’ll do it mom” I say and she nods. I took the water from her and massaged his head gently then placed it on his head.

“I think he’s out of danger now” mom says snapping me out of my thoughts
“are you sure?”
“yes I’ll take him to the hospital tomorrow for a check up but I think I should take him to bed now so you can sleep” she suggests
“no mom leave him. you can sleep.

I’ll watch over him” I tell her and I guess it left her speechless cause she was just staring at me.
“Are you sure?” she asks

“Yes I am. go to bed Mom” I say and sat next to him feeling his body.
mom just smiles and left the room.

I took a good look at Casey. I can’t describe what I’m feeling now. I never liked this kid. I hated him, I always wanted him dead but now that he’s having a fever, I just feel miserable like I was the one who did this to him.

he wasn’t at fault, What ever happened five years ago was never his fault. he was also a victim of that rape, a product of it and not the cause. I’ve hurt him pretty bad.

All the hurtful things I’ve said to my own child. a tear slide down my cheeks but I wiped it away.

He mumbled something and opened his eyes slowly.
“Casey” I say hugging him pretty tight “you gave me quite a scare. you scared mommy you know”

“Sorry Mom” he tells me
“Are you okay? are you having a tummy ache or head ache?”
he shook his head no.
“I’m fine mom”

“I’m sorry baby. mommy hurt you Pretty bad. I’m sorry for everything I said to you. will you forgive me?” I ask and he smile. eyes sparkling up again and then he nodded yes.
“Don’t ever scare me like that okay”
“Yes Mom.”

I kissed his head and ruffled his hair and he couldn’t help but laugh.
“do you want milk” I ask
“no. I want chocolate” be pouts and I giggle
“am I the only one who loves milk around here? I’ll be right back” I say and walk to the kitchen and poured a glass of milk for me and chocolate for Casey.

“Have this” I say to him and he took it from me gulping it down his throat.
“thanks Mom”
“you’re welcome sweetie” I say to him.

After drinking my milk, he slept on my bed and demanded a bed time story.
“Read this one” he said giving it to me. I took it and wrapped us up in the blanket.
“we’re snuggled up and ready to go” he says smiling.

I usually over hear Mom always saying that to him before she reads him a story.
“Princess and the pea” I started and after going on and on, we finally got to the part that says “And the prince and princess lived happily ever after. the end”

I turned to look at Casey and he was fast asleep snoring lightly.
“Good night baby” I say kissing him lightly on his forehead as I closed my eyes to sleep too.

The next morning, Mom dressed Casey up for school but I insisted on taking him to the hospital. I called the office to tell them I’ll be running a little late than usual.

we, arrived at the hospital and after doing a little check up on Casey, the doctor insisted on giving him a shot but Casey couldn’t stop crying.

“I don’t want to do it Mom” he says when he saw the syringe.
“Can I have a minute?” I tell the doctor and she nods yes.

“Casey sweetheart” I call out to him “don’t cry sweetie. it’ll hurt only a little and after that you’ll be perfectly fine” I say but he nods no.

“Don’t you want to get better baby? don’t worry I’ll hold you right next to me. I promise it’ll sting only a little so please don’t cry” I say wiping his tears with my palm
“but it hurts a lot”

“tell you what? you take the shot and I’ll buy you an ice cream cone from the parlour”
“promise?” he ask
“sure. I promise” I tell him and he nods.
We went back to the doctor and he gave Casey the shot.

“that’s a brave boy” I compliment him and he smiles.
the doctor gave us some medicines and we left the clinic to Casey’s school. I dropped him off and headed straight to work.

I arrived and was rushing straight to the office where I met Nathan.
“Nathan I’m so sorry I’m late” I say to him
“it’s okay. I called your house but your mom answered.

She said you took Casey to the hospital” he tells me
“yes he was running a fever yesterday so I decided to take him to the doctor this morning” I explain
“so how is he feeling?”

“he’s doing alright. he’s at school right now”
“Great so we’re going out today after work so get ready. I’ll pick you up”
“that’ll be great.

Nathan I have something to tell you and it’s really urgent” I say to him
“okay but not right now, I’m having a meeting so how about later during the date” he says smiling and I nod

“Great. see you later bye” he kissed my cheeks and walks away and I sluggishly walked to my office.

Chloe brought some files for me to review and left my office.
Just then, Thandi walked in.
“Hi Debbie?” she called
“Hey” I reply feeling a bit low
“Are you okay?”

“yes I’m great” I tell her and started reading through my files.
“So I see that Nathan’s getting the hots for you” she giggles but it sounded more like a serious question.

“No he’s not. we’re just friends. really close friends Thandi so please stop assuming things” I point out to her and she frowns.
“sorry for trespassing. so what’s eating you up?”

“It’s Casey”
“what happened to Casey?” she asked staring at me
“Well I want to tell Nathan that Casey is my son but I don’t know how to go about it?” I said and fell to my chair.

“Why do you want to tell him?” she asks me
“well Nathan been really close to Casey these days. he’s just like family and I you can’t just lie to family but I’m scared. what if I tell him and he ends up hating me, what will I do then?” I ask covering my face with my palm.

“if you’re really scared then don’t tell him. Maybe some things aren’t worth sharing with people. cause knowing Kress, I’m not really sure he’s gonna remain friends with you after learning the truth so just forget about Kress OK” she says and I couldn’t help but notice a smirk on her face.

“I don’t know but I guess you’re right. I’ll think about it”
“great. see you later,” she says and walks out of my office. what will I do now? should I tell Nathan or Just keep it away from him. we’re not even dating yet so he doesn’t really need to know.

Gosh I’m so confused right now…


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