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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 14

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Debbie’s Secret

Episode 14

Written By Kiari Horsfall



“Debbie” he calls again and i realise that this is not a dream and that Nathan is actually standing in front of me as Kress. I mean technically, they’re the same person.
“Hi… ” I reply not knowing whether to call him Nathan or Kress.

he walks up to me.
“Debbie what are you doing here?”
“I actually work here” I say leaving him surprised

“really. you actually work here?” he asks and I nod
“Sir, you have to start the meeting now” a guy who is assume was his PA tells him and he nods
“Don’t go anywhere, we’ll talk immediately I’m done with the meeting OK”

I say and he walks away.
I think I just opened up a press conference cause all eyes were on me now including that of Thandi giving me a questionable look.

I shyed my eyes away and walk back to my office shutting the door behind me.
I took a deep breath and fell down to my chair.

Nathan Kress? Really?
The door flew open and Chloe walked inside.
“Miss Debbie?”
“you actually know Kress?” she asks staring intently at me.

“I didn’t think I’d know him till now. he’s a friend” I tell her and she couldn’t stop smiling
“OMG!” she squeals in excitement. “you’re in trouble”

“you didn’t see Thandi eyes when Nathan was talking to you. if there was a dagger in her hands, I’m sure you would’ve been dead by now” she tells me. although I know Thandi was the jealous type but she wouldn’t go that far as to kill because of a guy.

“I’d say you watch your step from now on”
“and I say you watch the things that comes out of that mouth of yours. Thandi is my best friend right from high school so you should mind the things you say about her ok” I said fuming with anger

“OK miss Debbie” she says and walks out of the office and Thandi steps in.
“Hi Debbie” she calls and I smile “can I sit down” she asks and I nod
“sure Thandi” I say and she sits
“So how are you?”

“I’m OK Thandi. are you OK, you looked stressed.” I ask taking a good look at her
“I’m great. Um sorry to ask but what’s your relationship with Kress?”
“Nathan? he’s just a friend. he’s really close to my family and Casey” I tell her

“you mean your son?” she asks “he knows?”
“No I haven’t told him yet. he doesn’t know that and I intend to keep it that way. only you and mom knows that Casey is my child”
“so you’re not dating him?”

“come on Just tell me. I really like Kress and I can’t afford to loose him. you’re my friend so you’ll understand.” she tells me
“Nathan and I are friends. he’s not my boyfriend OK?” I tell her and she gave a bright smile.

“thanks Debbie. I’ll be going now. I’ll see you later bye” she says and leaves my office. I just kept staring at the door as if she was still standing there.

few minutes later, I got a call from Nathan telling me to meet him at his office.
I straightened my dress and walk to his office avoiding the stares being thrown at me. I opened up the door and got inside.
“Are you ready?” he asks

“for what?”
“did you forget. we both promised Casey we’d be there for career day” he tells me and I nod

“oh my. I totally forgot. let me grab my purse” I tell him and run to my office. I took my purse and cell phone and run back to meet him.
“let’s go?”

“yes let’s go” I say and he wraps his hand around my waist giving me a bright smile which I returned.
we walk out of his office only to find everyone staring at us including Thandi.

I just hope she doesn’t take this the wrong way. we arrived at the parking lot and he opened the door for me while I stepped in.
he got inside and started the engines and pulled out of the building.

I texted mom to send me the address of Casey’s school cause I haven’t been there since he got enrolled.
we arrived at the school and walked in with other parents. gosh I can’t believe I’m doing this.

We got in and saw Casey sitting by himself while others were playing with their mom or dad. his expression entails that of sadness.
we were walking to him when I saw a kid picking on Casey.

“See Casey your mom and dad aren’t going to come because you’re an orphan” the kid told Casey
“mom will come with dad.” Casey said trying to defend himself.
“I don’t see them here.

maybe it’s because they don’t love you like my mom does. mom said kids without parents live on the street. maybe you should go there” he said to Casey who remained quiet.
“Casey sweetheart” I call out to him. not sure why I did that though

“Mommy” he says running to me but Nathan carried him in his arms.
“Hey little man” Nathan says and he laugh
“hi big man” Casey replys

“see” Casey says turning to the boy “I told you mom will come with dad because they love me” he says and Nathan smiles.
I walked up to the kids mother.

“Excuse me ma’am but I think you should teach your child some manners. cause the next time he tries to pick on Casey, I won’t just take it sitting down” I tell her
“And who are you to lecture me on how I should raise my child”

“I guess I know where your child took his manners from. you should better not test me or you’ll regret it. stay away from Casey.” I yell at her
“or what?”

“you’ll answer to me. Casey is my son and I won’t let you treat him like garbage. I’m warning you” I say and walk out on her to where Nathan and Casey were.

“so who’s gonna talk on stage with Casey?” Nathan asks
“I think you should do it” I tell him.
“Casey should Aunt Debbie go with you” Nathan asks and he nods yes.

“you should come too uncle Nathan. let’s all do it together.” he begs, eyes sparkling up as usual.
“Alright” Nathan says ruffling his hair.

After the long speech on Career day. Nathan insisted that we take Casey out for lunch so we drove to BURGER’S PARADISE and placed an order.
“Can i pick anything?”
“sure little man. anything you want” Nathan tells him

“I want Burgers and French fries and a glass of smoothie please” he tells the waiter who kept nodding at everything he said.
“Aren’t you gonna order?” he asks me
“Well just strawberry shortcake would do” I tell him

“Same” he said and the waiter left to bring our orders.
“Today was fun” Nathan says smiling at Casey

“I didn’t know you were working In my company” he says referring to me
“I didn’t know that Nathan was also Kress” I tell him and he laughs
“What’s funny?”

“Nothing. Kress is my last name. Nathan is my first name but everyone prefers calling me Kress” he explains

“so I should call you Kress too?”
“Nah. Nathan is fine. it reminds me of my Mom cause she’s the only one who calls me that and now you” he tells me and I couldn’t help but smile.
The waiter served us our food.

“Hmm yummy” Casey comments
“is it good?” Nathan asks him and he nods
“can we take some home for grandma”
“sure little man”

“Don’t you have other work to do today?” I ask him
“no I’ve cancelled my schedule for today” he tells me
“this was more important” he says taking a bite out of his cake.

“you better eat up” he tells me
“Mom please cut it out for me” Casey tells me and I noticed the surprise look on Nathan’s face
“Mom?” Nathan asks staring at me

“That’s what he calls me these days and I let him cause I guess he misses his mother.”
“Oh okay”
I heaved a sigh of relief. hopefully Nathan bought it.

After eating, We drove to a toy store and Nathan bought loads of toys for Casey.
and after that, we drove home. and Casey ran inside to show mom his new toy.

“Casey be careful” Nathan called out to him but he was way too excited to listen.
“don’t worry, he won’t hurt himself” I tell him
“thanks for going with me to Casey’s school for career day”

“it’s nothing. I’m glad I didn’t miss it” he tells me
“thanks a lot”
“no problem”
“won’t you come in to see mom?

” I’ll see her some other time okay. I have to go somewhere and by the way, we’re going out tomorrow. I’ll pick you up okay?” he says and I nod
“Bye Debbie” he says and then kissed me on my cheeks then got inside his car and drove off.

I smile and walk inside.
“Afternoon mom” I greeted mom who was sitting down on the couch undressing Casey
“Hi baby so how, was work?”
“it was alright”

“thanks for coming with me Aunt Debbie” Casey says and I nod
“where’s Nathan?”
“He’s gone out. he promised to see you some other time.” I tell her.

“okay so did you tell Nathan about Casey?”
“No mom. if he finds out, he’ll never want to associate with me anymore. I’ve already told him that Casey is my nephew and I won’t change that” I say to her
“okay. I just hope you don’t regret your decision later” she says and continues with what she was doing.

I enter my room and removed my clothes, then took a shower. I changed into my normal wear and jumped on my bed to have some sleep.
I just hope Nathan doesn’t find out the real identity of Casey…

Mother’s can’t just afford to see their kids hurt. it’s biologically in their nature.

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