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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 13

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Debbie’s Secret 

Episode 13

Written By Kiari Horsfall



I wake up and have my bath, then wore my clothes I picked out yesterday.
I tied my hair into a ponytail and did my makeup.

I can’t believe I’m finally starting work today.
I took one look at the mirror, satisfied with the way I look, I headed out of my room.
“Mom I’ll be going now?” I tell her and she simply nods

“you’re not used to eating breakfast these days so I won’t waste my time asking” she says putting Casey’s lunchbox together.
“I’ll grab a bite at work”

“don’t forget. you’re going with Nathan to Casey’s school for career day”
“you just love ruining my happiness don’t you?” I say and she tilted her head giving me a sarcastic look.

“You should’ve just told Nathan that you can’t go with Casey and when he asks why, you just tell him, Casey’s your son.”
“you think it’s that simple?”

“you know what, I’m already running late and I don’t want to argue with you mom cause we won’t finish if we start right now. bye” I say kissing her cheeks
“Take care” she says before I open the door and closed it behind me after stepping out.

I took a cab and arrived at work. I walk in to meet the manager of the company.
“Debbie Stack. well I saw your CV and I must confess that you’re good. so you’ll be in charge of the design department as their director.”

“thank you sir. I promise to do my best”
“that’s what we all want. good luck” he tells me and I was taken to my station. I was assigned a personal secretary even though I told him I was perfectly okay.

“Everything to your liking madam” Chloe, my secretary asks
“please just call me Debbie. I feel like I’m old” I say and she smile
“Alright Miss Debbie”

“Mr Dean would love to see what you can bring to the team so he’d expect you to wow him and later, the owner of the company would be coming for a visit and all employees are expected to get ready including you” she says and I sigh
“the owner of the company? who could that be?” I ask her and she gasps
“You don’t know Kress?”

“Never heard of him?”
“you’re seriously new at this. he’s one of the best fashion designers in the country not to mention cute and every girls dream” she say and I laugh

“I thought you’re not supposed to conuddle with an employee”
“I know. I’m not Conuddling, it’s just a harmless crush”
“Chloe, do you happen to know one Thandi Weller working here?” I ask her and she nods.

“Miss Thandi, well she started working here about a year ago, she’s in the sales department. she a bit bossy and kinda rude and rumour has it that she’s been flirting with the manager” she tells and rolls her eyes.
“The manager?”
“well she’s not in love with him if that’s what you’re thinking.

she just using him as an excuse to get closer to Kress. so since the manager is a friend of Kress, she’s trying to play her game right” she tells me
“I understand”
“do you know her somewhere?” Chloe asks staring at me
I nod “yeah. I used to”

“Give this design to the director and tell him to review and give me feedback on it OK” I say and she nod
“I’ll get coffee on my way back” she tells me
“no problem Chloe”

I worked on a few files, signing here and there and running a couple more errands. most times, I fall back on my chair and continue later as well as checking the time for Casey’s Career nonsense.

I decided to take a break from the office when I met Thandi. she looked at me and gave a weak smile.

“Hi Thandi” I call
“Hey Debbie. what’re you doing here?” she asks
“I work here now” I say pointing to my tag
“sorry I didn’t realize”

“so I heard you’re in charge of the sales department” I say trying to make small talk
“And I’m trying to get these lazy asses to work harder. Kress us coming today and I want everything to be perfect.”
“I see”
“I think you should get your team ready.”
“I’m working on it”

“great. excuse me but can we talk later, I’ve got to take care of something” she says and walks away. Thandi looks very different from the time in high school. I wonder why she’s changed so much.

I walk back to my office to see Chloe seated taking notes.
“you’re back. it’s a good thing the manager didn’t see you” she tells me

“cause you’re not supposed to walk around during office hours but don’t worry, he’s down in the workshop and won’t be back for another hour or two” she tells me and places a stack of file on my table

“yeah. but he wants to review and distribute them to the various departments. he’s trying to get everything in order cause of Kress so the company is going haywire right now. sorry you started working on a bad day” she apologize
“I’ve seen worse trust me”

“great. later you have to schedule a meeting with the Nans to talk about the new launch and make sure to visit the workshop to see how far they’ve gone with everything. think you can handle that?” she asks
“yeah. great I’ll inform the boss lady about it too” she says and walks away .

Few minutes later, Chloe comes running into my office, trying to catch her breath.
“Are you okay?”

“OMG. he’s here. he’s really here” she says jumping up in excitement.
“who’s here” I ask surprised at her behavior. I can’t believe one guy could make all the girls go GAGA
“calm down will you”

“OK so shall we go? all employees are expected to welcome him” she explains
I say getting up from my seat and she lead the way to the main Hall. I saw Thandi obviously dying with excitement. is he that special?

Five minutes later, He walks in accompanied by other men who I assume was the PA and bodyguard.
He looks familiar though.

“Welcome Kress” The manager greets him and he nods taking off his glasses and fixing his hand deep down into his pockets.
I gasp and turn to Chloe “does Kress have a middle or first name?”
she looks at me surprisingly
“um yes he does”
“what is it?”

“Are you OK Miss Debbie?” she asked startled at my behavior
“yes just say it”
“It’s Nathan. Nathan is Kress first name. Nathan Kress” she says and my eyes widened with shock

So Nathan is Kress and Kress is Nathan. OMG
I noticed someone staring at me from the corner of my eyes and turn towards the direction only to find Nathan staring at me. I guess he’s just as surprised seeing me here as I am.

“Debbie” he calls still looking at me causing all eyes to fall on me. “I think I’ve met your Kress now” I say to myself.
I can’t believe I’ve met him without realising it. Is this some kind of a joke?



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