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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 12

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Debbie’s Secret 

Episode 12

Written By Kiari Horsfall



“Aunt Debbie is my mom?” he asked staring at mom and back at me. I opened my mouth to say something but words weren’t coming out.

“That’s a lie” he yelled getting all mushy and sad
“Casey sweetheart. why would you say that? will grandma ever lie to you” she asks and he shook his head.

“You see I’m your grandma right?”
“and Debbie is my daughter isn’t she?”
“yes she is. she always calls you mom” he says wiping his tears.

“So if she’s my daughter then that makes you… ”
“Her son” he reply smiling. he walks up to me and holds my hand
“Is it okay if I call you Mom now?” he asks, his face brightening up but I yanked my hand away from his grip.

“I’m going to my room” I say shutting the door as I sat down on my bed running both hands through my hair.

How could mom do this to me? what would happen if people find out that he’s truly my child and that I gave birth to him? I just can’t risk it.

I can’t accept this child at all. never.
I was still lost in my thoughts when I heard my phone ring out. it was the company I applied for telling me I’ve been accepted and to resume work a day after tomorrow.

I couldn’t help but scream my lungs.
mom rushed in holding Casey.
“what happened?”
“well I got the job” I say smiling and she hugs me

“so proud of you sweetie” mom said
“Congratulations Mom” Casey said and it made me so mad.

“I am not your mother. stop calling me mom. your birth was a mistake and I will never learn to love you in my life. do you get it?” I say and he ends up crying hugging mom pretty hard.

“what’s the matter with you” mom yelled at me but I said
“What’s wrong with me? you were the one who told him I am his mother when I clearly asked you not to. you think by telling him, I will gladly accept him? the son of a rapist”

“Was he the one who raped you?’ mom asks
” he wasn’t but he was the product of that rape. his goddamned father planted his seed in me and it resulted to this ” I said pointing Casey who was seriously crying “and that’s why he can never be my child” I yelled and stomped out the bedroom.

I ran outside. I don’t know what I was doing but I needed to clear my head from all this.
I got a text from Nathan showing me the pic he chose for the meeting.

A grey suit and a black one.
I quickly replied the message telling him to go for black. it’ll totally make him stand out and he sent a smiling face emoji.

“let’s meet up tomorrow after my meeting and grab some coffee. I’ll text you the address later” he texts back and I reply “okay”

I stayed out for more than thirty minutes and when I came back, Casey was already asleep. I sighed and try to enter my room but mom pulled me back.

“We need to talk”
I roll my eyes and follow her to the kitchen area opening the fridge to grab some milk
“whatever about” I ask taking a sip of the milk

“about what you told Nathan, that Casey is your nephew?”
“mom I did what I had to okay and no one’s hurt” I tell her
“stop taking this too far. you’re putting yourself in quite a bind don’t you see? why can’t you just accept him than putting it on the poor boy”

“Never Mom and you force me to do this cause I will never love him. please mom I need time to sort myself out OK” I say and enter my room.

I dress up at noon and wait for Nathan’s call which came in a few minutes later.
He said to pick me up after his meeting which was to end later, so I patiently wait for him.

later, mom walked in with Casey.
“Mom?” he said referring to me. I wanted to stop him but mom signalled me not to.
“what is it?”
“we have career day in school tomorrow for parents. would you like to go with me” he asks showing off his dimpled cheeks.

“I’m busy. I have work tomorrow” I tell him and I notice his face go sad
“Really? I was hoping you’d come. all kids in school are coming with their mom or dad” he pouts sadly

“so what? I should leave my work because of you? you think you really deserve my time for that. if you want to then go to jail and ask for your dad and tell him to go to school with you tomorrow so you can stop disturbing my life” I shout at him he whimpers

“you disgust me Debbie” mom says to me “I can’t believe you could do this to an innocent child. I can’t believe I gave birth to a monster cause this is so not the Debbie I gave birth to” she added taking Casey into his room.

I stood still looking at them not knowing what to say.

“How do I look sis?” I ask showing off my clothes to her.
“you look okay”
“just okay?”

she laughs “you look incredibly handsome brother”
“thank you. I really appreciate it” I tell her
“so who’s the lucky girl that has my brother acting like this” Tasha asks while I roll my eyes blushing.

“Can’t your brother just decide to go out on his own”
“Nope. you’re clearly going out with a girl cause I’ve never seen you like this before” she mocks me.

“alright you got me. her name’s Debbie” I say and she smile
“Debbie. I love the name. is she pretty? ”
“I promise to answer all your questions when I get back ok” I say kissing her cheeks
“okay bro” she reply and I walk out.

I open my car and got in then I started the engines and drove off to Debbie’s house. Ever since I met Debbie in that mall, I’ve been drawn to her somehow. she looks responsible and well behaved and to top it, she was very pretty as well. I can’t wait to see her again.

Nathan came in some minutes later and we both went out to a Chinese restaurant.
“Are you okay” Casey asks when he saw my food untouched

“I’m alright”
“So how is my little man?”
“he’s okay” I reply
“that’s great.” he says and continues eating
“so how is work?” he asks again
“I’ll be resuming tomorrow actually. I applied and was told to start tomorrow” I tell him

“and how was the meeting?” I ask back
“oh it went well but I have another tomorrow too”
“seems like you’re a busy man”
“yes. it seems so”

he says and we start talking about ourselves. I got to know a lot about Nathan and I was quite impressed. he was very handsome with a great sense of humour.

After eating, he drove me home and came inside to see mom and Casey
“Hi ma’am” he greeted her once he saw her seated on the couch

“oh hi Nathan” she said giving him a hug
“how have you been?” he asks
“very good and you?”
“I’ve been better” she reply
“Uncle Nathan” Casey called running to him and he carried him in his arms

“how’ve you been little man?”
“Great and you big man”
“Better” Nathan says and they both laugh.
“hope your aunt and grandma hasn’t found out about our secret yet?”

“positive. I can’t wait. uncle Nathan, can you please come with me to school tomorrow as my dad for career day?” Casey asks and my eyes flew open. what if Casey says something.

“Why? Aunt Debbie doesn’t want to go with you?” he asks and he nods yes
“I’ll be very busy little man but I promise to rush things so I can go with you okay” he says and Casey smiles

“thanks a lot Nat. I would love to go but clearly grandmas aren’t invited”
“Why don’t we go together Debbie. it would be fun” he says turning to me.
if I say no, it would sound so suspicious

“yay” Casey screams happily
“Won’t you stay for dinner?” mom asks Nathan
“I would love to but my sister would kill me cause she’s preparing dinner for tonight” he tells mom

“but promise to eat tomorrow” Casey says demanding for a promise
“I promise”
he says and Casey hugs him.
I’m beginning to get extremely scared of Casey’s bond with Nathan. what if Casey says something to Nathan or tells him that I’m his mom.

Oh my Goodness
I just hope I’m not gonna be ruined by this child.

And the secret continues…


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