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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 11

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Debbie’s Secret

Episode 11

Written By Kiari Horsfall



“Hi.. ” I say trying to recall his name
“Nathan” he reminds me with a smile
“Hi Nathan”
“Hi Debbie” he says extending the length of his smile.

“What brings you here?” I ask cause I’m not so sure about what he’s doing here and how he got my address.

“Well I came to return this” he smiles bringing out my purse from his wallet.
I gasp “oh my. so you were the one calling me yesterday?”

“yeah that was me but I got distracted by my friend and when I came looking for you, you were already gone” he explains
“Sorry I didn’t realize”

“won’t you check if something’s missing?”
“well if something was missing, then you wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of bringing it here so I’m sure it’s safe” I tell him.

“Debbie, you can’t run away from this decoration young la… ” mom said but stopped her tracks when she noticed Nathan standing outside.
“Hi Ma’am”

“Hey” she reply giving me the look.
“mom this is Nathan and Nathan this is my Mom” I introduced them to each other.
“he looks handsome” mom whispers to me but I’m sure Nathan heard it cause his cheeks turned red.

“So how about we finish those decorations?” I say and mom walks in.
“Sorry about my Mom” I apologize
“it’s nothing. I guess I would be going now” he tells me

“you can’t leave without having a cake?” mom chips in and I gave her the look
“cake? is it Debbie’s birthday?’ he asks
” No it’s her… ”
“Nephew” I cut mom short “it’s my nephew’s birthday”

“ok that’s great”
“come on in” I invited him and he came inside.
mom wasn’t happy with what I said but I don’t regret it.

“Mom where do I put this?” I ask after Nathan was perfectly rested on the couch.
“how can you say that Casey is your nephew? what are you thinking?”
“mom please scold me later, there’s a guest in the house” I tell her and walk away.

About an hour later, we were through with the preparation and mom placed the cake on the table.
“I hope Casey will love it” she says, hands clasped together.

“I’m sure he will everything looks nice” Nathan assured her
we heard Casey’s voice coming from the room.

“take your places everyone” mom tells us
“Come on out Casey. grandma has something to show you” he tells him and he opened the door of his bedroom leading him to the living room.

“SURPRISE!!! ” we yell at the exact same time to the surprised Casey who squealed in joy.
“you baked me a cake grandma” he asks smiling.

“Sure. chocolate. your favorite”
“you’re the best grandma” he says Hugging her.
“Awwn” she coos

“I love you” he tells her kissing her cheeks.
“come on blow out your candles” mom says.
“Can I make a wish” he requests

“Yeah sure. go on little man. you can’t blow out your candles without a wish” Nathan bent down telling him

“OK. I wish for my mom and dad to be very safe, wherever they are and that they come back for me so we can be one happy family again” he says and I noticed mom getting emotional

“that’s a nice wish little man. now blow your candles” Nathan tells him and he blows all of it while we clapped.

He cut the cake and gave some to mom, me and Nathan.
“I want my presents pretty please” he says clapping his hands together.

wanna see mine?” mom asks and he nods
she went inside and brought out a big pack of action figure.

“yay” he says taking it from her”this is the best birthday ever “.
mom kissed his cheeks.

” What did you get me aunt Debbie?” he asks staring at me with his green sparkling eyes.
“I don’t know what to get you so here,” I say giving him a, dollar

“thank you, I’ll put it in my piggy bank”
“spend wisely” I tell him and he nods
“sorry little man but I didn’t know today was your birthday” Nathan tells him and he smiles

“it’s okay”
“Let me tell you something” Nathan says whispering something into his ears and Casey couldn’t help smiling
“So do we have a deal?” he asks Casey

“don’t tell your aunt or grandma okay. it’s our little secret”
“Alright” he says and runs up to his room.
“what did you tell him?” I ask Nathan
“nothing. didn’t you hear? it’s our secret” he says and I shrug

mom served dinner and Casey said he wouldn’t eat if Nathan doesn’t eat with him so he agreed.

mom dished out for all of us as conversations drifted through the air.
I couldn’t help but notice Nathan’s little bond with Casey.

it was either they were whispering to each other or Nathan was kissing him on the hair.
I just shook my head and continued eating.

After dinner, we all had a little fun before Nathan’s phone rang.

“Sorry Debbie I have to go. I have an important meeting tomorrow and I have to be ready?” he tells me
“ok. thanks for coming. I’ll walk you out the door”

“sure. bye little man” he says kissing Casey on the cheek
“bye big man” Casey says and we all laugh.
“be right back mom ” I tell her, opening the door and walking outside.

“Thanks for bringing my purse and for staying for dinner. it was sweet of you” I tell him once we were on the porch outside.
“it’s nothing.

I just like the kid. he’s such an angel and thanks for the diapers you chose for me, my sister loved it”
“I’m glad that I could help”
“This is one of the best evening I’ve spent in Berkeley.

And Casey is a sweet kid. what ever happened to his parents?” he asked me
“well his mom which was my sister had an accident and she died so since we were the only family, we had to take Casey in.”

I lied
“You look a lot like him though”
“that’s cause he’s my nephew and besides we share the same blood” I tell him

“it’s great seeing how much you guys love him. I’m impressed. anyways I’ll be going now but can I have your contact” he asks me

“well since you’re great at making choices, I’m gonna text you a pic of my suit I chose for the meeting and you’ll tell me which one is better”

“ok I’ll gladly do that” I say and he gave me his phone and I typed my number inside.
“thanks again for dinner”
“you’re welcome”
“bye Debbie”

“bye Nathan” I call as I watched him enter his car and drive off. I was about to step in when I heard voices coming from mom and Casey.

“How did you enjoy your birthday?”
“it was great grandma”
I could almost see his smiling face.
“grandma can I ask you a question” he asks.
“yes sure Honey”

“are my parents alive?”
“why would you ask that Casey”
“I’m just curious” I heard him sigh.
“I wish I could see my mom” he says
“so you don’t love grandma anymore?” mom asks him

“I do but I wish my mom was here”
“your mom is here Casey” mom tells him and I almost smack my head with my Palm. I know she’s gonna tell him but I can’t believe she’d really do it.

“She is? where is she” he asks a bit curious.
I quickly rush inside to stop her.
“Mom stop that” I shout out to her but she won’t listen. why is it that you have to give in to kids and their demand.

“see Casey. that’s your mom” she says and he turns to look at me
“Aunt Debbie is my Mom?” he asked staring at mom and back at me.


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