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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 10

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Debbie’s Secret

Episode 10

Written By Kiari Horsfall





It’s been five years since I gave birth to Casey and he has grown so much. he was finally going to school. we still lived together but I made mom swear by it not to tell I was his mother and that I actually gave birth to him.

I haven’t changed either. I was very pretty now, I just graduated from college and I couldn’t wait to start off my own life and follow my dreams to the end.

Mom has really been helpful these past years. she takes care of Casey so I would be able to go to college without any form of distraction.

I rested on the couch as I surfed the net for job vacancies. Good thing I have my credentials ready. I can’t wait to start as a fashion designer.

The door flew open and Casey walked in with mom. I guess she went to pick him up from school. he looked sad and kinda gloomy.

I don’t know why but it’s not like I care. whatever’s wrong, I’m sure mom can handle it so I just concentrated on what I was doing.
“Afternoon Aunt Debbie” he says looking at me.

I nod and returned to my business.
“Casey go to your room and change out of your uniform. I’ll be right there okay” mom tells him and he sluggishly walked away.

“what’s wrong with him?” I ask mom still concentrating on my phone
“Well he’s been bugging me about his mom and dad and I couldn’t give him a reasonable answer so he’s mad” she explains

“Why does he want to know that? he wants to meet his dad so he could also end up being a fucking rapist like him?”

“Debbie be careful young lady. you talk too much these days” she points out to me and I just roll my eyes.
“Well if he’s looking for his dad, maybe we should take him to jail, hopefully he would find his dad among those hoodlums over there” I blurt out

“can’t you just tell him you’re his mom? it won’t kill you if he knows”she suggests
” Nah I’m perfectly fine with the way my life is going now and I don’t want to ruin it.

I told you to send him to an orphanage but you just won’t listen now look at what you’ve gotten yourself into. sorry mom but you should handle it. best of luck ” I say standing up from the couch and going into my room.

I still did some search on the net and I got something. A job vacancy for a designer at Kress’s Fashion collection. I applied and was told to come for an interview the next day.

I scan my wardrobe for a, suitable dress but I found none. I don’t want to dress up in an outdated fashion, what would they think of me?

“mom I’ll be going to the mall, I need to buy a few things for myself” I tell her taking my clutch and placing it on my shoulder
“Okay then could you please buy Casey his cereal? he’s all out?” she tells me
“why can’t you do it?”

“I’m not asking you for something difficult so please just buy the goddamned cereal”
“okay I will”
“Aunt Debbie are you going somewhere?” Casey asks rushing out of his room
“yes why?”

“can I come with you?” he asks, his eyes sparkling like the emeralds.
“no you can’t. just stay with your grandma” I tell him and he face suddenly went sad.
“okay” he says and walks away
“can you hear that kid” I say to mom but she shook her head giving me the “you’re taking this too far” look.

I ignored and open the door “I’m going now” I say closing it behind me.

I took a cab and arrived at the mall. After paying the driver, I got inside to the dress session. after picking up a few things, I got it wrapped up. then I moved to the food area to get Casey’s cereal, if I must.

I was still looking for it when I was tapped lightly on the shoulder. I turned to see a handsome guy, maybe in his late twenties standing before me. he was looking casual. just a blue jeans and a yellow tank top which complimented his eyes.

“Hihow can I help you?” I say after catching my breath

“please can you help me out. my sister just gave birth and I want to buy something for the baby but I can’t seem to make the right choice between these two diapers” he says holding them up so I can see.

“Hmm let me see” I say taking it from him “here take this one. it’s good in absorbing a lot of moisture” I say giving it to him and he nods his head.

I know his sister’s gonna love it cause that’s the one mom always buys for Casey when he was little and she just can’t stop talking about how good it was.

“Thank you” he says and I smile
“great found it” I say bringing down the cereal from the shelf. I was walking away when he called me back.

“Can I know your name so if I’m walking and I see you, I’ll be able to call”
“call me Debbie”
“Nathan” he says extending his hand for a shake and I took it.

“So I’ll see you around?”
“definitely” I say and walk away to the counter and I couldn’t help but steal glances at him.

I paid for the clothes and the grocery but I accidentally dropped my purse on the floor when I was trying to put it in the bag.
“hey miss you dropped something” I heard someone say but when I turned, I couldn’t find the person with the voice so I shrugged and left for home.

“mom I’m back” I yell taking off my shoes
“did you get his cereal?”
I nod and bring it out of the bag
“yippee” Casey squealed taking it from me “thanks Aunt”

“why is he so jumpy?” I ask mom
“well tomorrow is his birthday?” mom told me
“oh I forgot. not like I care anyway”
“well I’m glad it is cause it’ll take his mind off everything about his mom and dad” mom says.

I looked at Casey. he was playing with his action figures mom got him last Christmas.
“Aunt Debbie, what would you get me for my birthday?” he asks me and I scoff

“do I care whose birthday it is? so I should glad you came to ruin my life and buy you a gift? unbelievable” I say and I noticed a, tear slide down his cheeks.

“Debbie stop that, he’s just a kid” she says taking him in her hands “how can you be so mean to a poor baby”

“He hasn’t even cried half the tears I cried and beside if his dad can’t atone for what he did to me, then he should. After all they have one blood don’t they?” I say and rushed to my room, slamming the door behind me.
I just don’t care about that boy and I never will.

I wake up and roll out of bed grabbing my towel and rushing into the bathroom. I took my bath, rubbed my lotion and wore my clothes I picked out.

I styled my hair and did my makeup then I wore my shoes.
“mom I’ll be going now?”
“won’t you eat breakfast?”

“no I’m way too nervous to eat anything” I tell her and she rushed out of the kitchen
“Good luck darling” she says kissing my cheeks
“thanks Mom”

“bye aunt Debbie and good luck” Casey says smiling and I returned it with a fake one before stepping out.
I took a cab and followed the address to the place. it was huge.

I walked in with so much confidence and elegance. I hope it turns out well.
I sat down with the other applicants and waited my turn.

when it finally came, the receptionist led me in. I entered into the office and sat down clutching my portfolio like my life depended on it.

After answering a few questions, I was told to leave and would be given a call soon. I know I would get the job. I was very confident that I will.

when I stepped out, I saw thandi coming out of an office.
“Thandi?’ I call she turned to look at me. her jaw dropped in surprise.
” hey I can’t believe it’s you”

“wow. you didn’t even tell me that you were already working. you just disappeared out of my life” I tell her

“I’m very sorry. it’s my fault. I’ll make it up to you somehow. I promise to call you bye” she says and walks away. I could feel that she wasn’t really happy seeing me here.

I shrug and head home.
“how did it go?”mom asks immediately I open the door
” it was okay. I’ll get a call to know if I’m accepted ”

“great thing you came on time. please help me set up for Casey’s birthday. he’s sleeping and I want it done before he wakes up as a, surprise” she explains

“ok” I reply and head to my room to change out of my cloth. when I came back, I heard a knock on the door, I opened it and was surprised to see the person standing there….


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