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Debbie’s Secret – Bonus Episode

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Debbie’s Secret

Bonus Episode 

Written By Kiari Horsfall



“Stop shading, you’ll ruin the paper” I say to Casey. I was helping him complete his homework and he was being naughty as usual.

Finally, everything was going great for me. Nathan and I were dating in a very serious relationship. he was very committed and promised to never hurt me.

We cancelled our plans of going back to South Africa and Casey went back to school.

on the other hand, I went back to work in Nathan’s company as the Assistant Manager . Nathan insisted on it and I couldn’t refuse.

He was busy with the launch of another project which he promised to tell me about once he’s through with it. I trusted him so I didn’t argue.

I’m sure everyone at work knows that we’re together cause he never misses an opportunity to brag about it.

And the best part of everything was that he loves Casey like his own even more than me. He always makes him feel so special and promised to love him forever. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I heard a, knock on the door and Casey ran to open it.
“Hey little man” Nathan says hugging him.
I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. I’ve missed him so much. “Hey” I finally managed to say
he kissed my lips “How are you?”

“I’m good. you’ve been very busy these days” I tell him
“The project is really taking its toll on me but it’ll be over soon” He says smiling
“Okay” I managed to say “you should’ve gone home instead of taking the trouble in coming here” I add

“It’s alright Debbie. I had to or I won’t be able to sleep at night” He say kissing Casey’s cheeks “where’s mom”
“She’s asleep” I reply
“What did you get for me uncle Nathan?” Casey asks him

“Well I got you marshmallow pizza”
“yay pizza” He says grabbing it from his hands as he ran to the living room.
We followed after him and sat down on the couch.

After eating the pizza, we watched a movie.
“Mom I’m feeling sleepy now” Casey says rubbing his eyes and stretching his body.
“Alright let’s get you to bed” I say but Nathan stopped me and carried him instead.
He took him to his room and gently placed him on the bed.

I stood by the door, watching the entire scenario.
“Uncle Nathan please read me a story” Casey demands
“Ok Which one?” He asks

“This one” Casey says giving him the book. He pulled the blanket over his body and sat down at the edge of the bed.
After reading, he kissed his hair and switched off the light before closing the door.

He trailed after me to the living room
“Do you want coffee or tea” I ask
“No I’m fine. I have to get going now” He tells me and I walk him to the door
“Thanks for handling Casey tonight”
“It’s nothing”

“He really loves you now” I tell him
“he has to. I’ll be his dad very soon” He say and I smile
“We’re having dinner at my house tomorrow, mom and sis wants to see you and you have to bring mom and Casey along too”
“Really?” I ask feeling nervous

“Don’t worry. I told them everything and they’re cool with it” He assures me
“Alright I’ll be there”
“No I’ll pick you up by seven”
“Thanks Nathan”

“You’re welcome Debbie. I gotta go okay” He say and I nod.
He kissed me lightly on my lips and walked to his car.
He got in and drove off.

I woke up in the morning and got ready for work.
I dropped Casey at school and drove to work. I arrived and walked straight to my office while responding to greetings from the employees.

Ever since I started dating Nathan, I’ve been getting this kind of treatment and it’s kinda fun.
I opened the door and sat down on my seat.
I reviewed some files and assigned some workers then set to work on my laptop.

Just then I heard a light tap on the door.
“Come in” I said focusing on my laptop until the person sat down on the seat.
“Debbie” She called. I didn’t a soothsayer to tell me that she was the one seated there. I raised my head to look at her.

“What do you want? Please leave my office” I ordered
“Please hear me out Debbie” She pleaded
“I don’t want to hear anything coming from you Thandi. Haven’t you done enough. What are you planning this time?” I ask giving a, serious face

“Debbie I know I’ve wronged you badly and I’m really very sorry. Please forgive me” She begs
“I’m sorry but that’s something I can never do. You hurt me Thandi and do you know what hurts the most? Is that the person who you trusted all your life was the same person hurting you.

I loved you more than a, sister. I shared everything with you and you just threw it away” I say and this time she started crying
“It’s my fault and I know that now. You were right. I was really jealous of you. I wanted everything you had and I didn’t realize that I was destroying our friendship in the process.

I wanted Kress so badly, I even tried to make him fall for me but he didn’t. He just didn’t. Debbie please I’m sorry” She tells me. Tears streaming down her cheeks

“It’s okay. Look Thandi I don’t hate you and I never will. It’s not in my nature to hold a grudge for a long time” I tell her
“so will you forgive me?”
“of course Thandi.

you realised that you made a mistake and asked for my forgiveness and that’s all I wanted to hear” I said and walked up to her. she stood from her chair and threw her arms around me.

“thanks a lot Debbie”
“it’s alright you’re welcome” I smile and she returned it too. she pulled away and made for the door but stopped on her tracks and turned to face me then said

“You know I thought that maybe if you were out of the picture then Kress would have a little affection towards me but the truth is that, he loves you Debbie.

When you left he just wasn’t himself anymore, he kinda changed. I had no idea what love was all about but when I saw Nathan in that state, it changed my view of everything. don’t let him go Debbie. He really loves you” she tells me before finally walking outside the door. I sat down and pondered on what she said.

Finally, I was done for today so I grabbed my bag and made for home.
When I arrived, I had my shower and wore my clothes.

I was really excited and nervous at the same time.
well I’m meeting his family but what if they don’t like me or approve of our relationship. I know Nathan said it’s fine but I can’t help but worry.

He arrived just in time and drove us to his house.
The mansion was huge. I can’t believe I’ve never been here before.

“Uncle Nathan, do you live here?” Casey asks and he nodded politely
“Yes I do and very soon you’ll live here as well”
“Really? when?”

“Very soon little man” he said and held my hands. he could tell that I was already feeling nervous but he gave me a look which said it’ll be fine and squeezed my hands gently

I took a deep breath before he opened up the door and we walked inside.
We were given a warm welcome by his mom and sister.

it was different from what I expected. Nathan’s mom hugged me and couldn’t stop singing praises about how beautiful I was. she didn’t react to the fact that I had a child.

she said everything happens for a reason and sometimes we don’t just know what.
She served dinner and we all sat down on the round table. conversations drifted through the air and a soft music played on the background.

“I have an announcement to make” Nathan said and the entire room remained silent as we all fixed our eyes on him.

He walked up to where I was seated and went down on one knee taking my hands in his.
“Debbie” he began “Ever since I saw you in that mall that day, you held a special place in my heart. I wasn’t sure about how I felt then but I do now.

I promise to never hurt you and to keep you happy for as long as, we both shall live. I promise to be a good dad to Casey as well. I will love him as my own so will you do me the honor of becoming my bride?” he asked staring intently at me.

All eyes were fixed on me to know what my reply would be.
“Mommy say yes” Casey said disrupting my thoughts
I don’t know why but I felt the tears on my cheeks.

“Do you need some time to think about it?” he asked again but I shook my head no
“so what do you say? will you marry me Debbie?” he asked and I nodded
“Yes I will”

He closed his eyes and opened them again
“you’re serious right?”
I nodded yes
He slide the ring on my finger. it was a silver ring with a bright shining pearl on top.
He kissed my hand and pulled me in for an embrace.

“I love you Debbie”
“i love you too Nathan” I whispered between sobs
“So that means you are my daddy right. I can call you daddy now” Casey asks
“Of course little man. you can call me daddy now”

“Ok dad” he says smiling “I have a dad and mom now” he adds and ran to mom
We made a, toast to ourselves and planned for the future.

Months later
Nathan and I got married to each other. He finished the project which was actually a fashion house built in my name.

“Debbie’s fashion collection”
He kept to his promises of being a good husband to me and a great father to Casey.
Thandi on the other hand, finally got into a relationship with dean and life couldn’t be more better.

I finally had everything I dreamt for and more.
Maybe I may never know the reason why I was raped but the future has other plans in store for me.
I am Debbie Stack and this is my story…


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