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Deadly Mark — Episode 2

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 2

Rated Mature
Story continues…

The room which radiated with different colours of light gradually became dim when Ruth positioned to
make an impromptu speech. Yet, Cassandra never stopped staring at Daniel occasionally and Ruth never
ceased to notice the effusion.
Grace, who was sitting beside Daniel with her legs crossed seemed to have nothing in common with
anybody. She was known to be egreglous to people without mercy to whom that so much want her
trouble. She had a chocolate complexion without pimples but her short jean bomshort exposed her
fresh and attractive thighs. On her body was a top like singlet which exposed the hand of her black bra,
having the same colour of the top. On her head was a black round hat which had the colour of her high-
heel shoes. The shoes had a rope that tied up around her legs. Her mouth continuously moved up and
down due to the chewing gum she had in her mouth. She was totally looking like a ‘Cow boy’
“I must thank the Lord for adding a year to my age” Ruth started while everybody stared at her in silence.
“It is a surprise, a sudden event to me, but i must say a big thank you to my love, Lawson. He’s the
reason why you all are here today. And i pray for each of everyone of us that we will stay together in
love and unity. Thank you”
There was a thunderous clap in the room which echoed in another empty rooms beside. Everybody
clapped except Grace who stared in one direction without even a smiled but had a pure heart. At that moment, Cassandra walked to them with two glasses of wine in a tray. She bent down and offered one
to Daniel, smiling, and her attractive breast exposed in the process.
“Hi, Cassandra” Daniel took a glass of drink.
“Welcome” she replied and turned to Grace. “This is for you”
“Oh, thanks” Grace took the remaining glass without looking at her. Of course Cassandra understood
that it was one of her horoscope. She smile and glanced at Daniel who also smiled back at her.
“For Ruth!” a voice sounded from the room with a glass cup up, and everybody stood up raising up their
glasses too. “For Ruth!” they chorused.
At that point the D.J slotted a disco disc which boomed the room and everybody began to dance.
Grace shook her waist gently with her shoes fixed in one position. People went around hugging Ruth one
by one as she stood with Lawson.
Fedrick walked in at that moment with Natalia. “Sorry, I’m late!” he exclaimed and began to shake hands
with them. Cassandra never hesitate to offered them wine.
The party ended and everybody went to their various houses. It was left with Love society members;
Lawson, Ruth, Cassandra, Fedrick, Natalia, Daniel, Grace, Kelly and Thessy. The room was dark but the
ray from the candle light made it lively.
“You all know what bind us together” Lawson stepped out. “The love of immortality, endless and pure
love. We are designed to love with the last drop of our blood. Therefore, we must stick together in
Few minutes later the meeting ended and they began to go home. Daniel strolled downed the lonely
street with Grace while others departed to their various apartments.
On the other hand, Ruth strolled downed the street with Cassandra while Lawson was found behind
with Fedrick and Natalia.
“I can see that you are inlove with Daniel” Ruth told Cassandra with her hands in her jacket.
“Are you sure you are talking to me?” She smiled. “No, I’m not inlove with anybody”
“But is written all over you”
Cassandra remained silent smiling. “You should know that there is no-way i can be inlove with Daniel
when Grace is in the picture and you know her ways of life” she said.
“But does that really matter?”

“Yes, it does, very well”
“Listen let me tell you..” Ruth stopped.
“Hi, girls” Lawson interrupted them with his two hands on their shoulders. “I’m so exhausted”
“Likewise me” Ruth replied.
“I have to be going home now” Cassandra withdrew herself from Lawson’s hand.
“Okay, have a nice night”
“Thanks” she walked out briskly while Ruth followed Lawson to his apartment.
Cassandra’s house was designed with woods and a paint. She lived with her step-mother alone. The
door of the house cracked opened when she returned and saw her mother sitting in the cushion,
stitching a cloth.
“Evening, mother” Cassandra removed her jacket.
“Welcome, how was the party?”
“It was fine, mother”
“Good night!” her voice echoed from her room.
“Good night, child” the step-mother replied.
Cassandra struggled on the bed. It was obvious she was dreaming..

She saw herself moving in a lonely house seeing marks on the wall. Each one she touched disappeared.
Suddenly, her steps became faster without her control..

“No!” she jerked awake breathing heavily. “What are these marks all about?” she murmured and stood
up from the bed..


To be continue…

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