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Deadly Mark — Episode 3

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)


Rated: Matured. Not for people under 18.

The darkness of the room and the dream got Cassandra worried. Therefore she put on a candle which
brought light to the quiet room. Her white pant and naked breast were visibly seen. So she walked
toward the window looking at the lonely and quiet city of Kali wondering what her dream was all about.
“It is just a delusion, i guess” she thought and went back to her bed. She found herself staring at the
ceiling and smiling at the lovely party she had.
On the other hand, Lawson had romanced Ruth which actually made her gave up, feeling like a
debauched person. She laid naked on the bed with her two legs opened widely. Her breast dangled
around her chest as Lawson felt his dick in and out her vagina. Only a hissing sound was heard in the
dark quiet room.

“Aassh” Ruth moaned when Lawson moved faster on her. She practically brought his head closer to her
face with her two hands kissing him passionately. Sooner did she placed her two hands across his back
holding him very tightly and moaning aloud which signaled Lawson that she was about to orgasm. Then
he moved faster groaning like a farmer tilling the soil under a bright sunlight. Few seconds later, Ruth
untied her hands from his back and collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily and smiling. Lawson also
climbed down from her body, breathing heavily too. They slept off.


Cassandra’s room looked scattered with flung clothes at all corners of the room. She stretched her hand
beside her to open a chest of drawer. From it, she took a pencil and a paper. Then she began to put her
dream on the paper. She made a sketch of the deadly mark without knowing what it was or means.
Her step-mum opened the door. She wore a brown gown that covered her whole body. And she parked
her black hair backward.
“Good morning, Mother”
“Morning my child, I’m off to work”
“Okay, mother, i will be there later to join you”
“Okay, make sure you prepare and eat breakfast before coming”

“Alright, i will”
Mrs Jonas, her step-mum, gradually began to close the door. She stopped and turned, looking at the
“What is that?
“You mean this?” Cassandra raised the paper up.
“Yes, where did you see it?”
“In my dream, any problem, mother?”
“No, no problem dear.. It is.. It’s just that…. It looks beautiful dear” she concluded and walked out of the
room and closed the door gently. Her response got Cassandra worried, so she stared at the drawing
once more.
Meanwhile, Daniel walked along the roadside in a big sweater to prevent the cold weather from
entering into his body. He picked up his phone and placed it on his ear.
“Hello, good morning” Cassandra greeted from the other side of the phone.
“Hi, morning, how are doing?”
“I’m fine..” She could hear the sound of vehicles and chattering of people from the phone. “Where are
you going to?” she asked.
“To meet Grace for something”
“I hope you enjoyed last night”
“Yes, i did. It was awesome..”
Daniel was still having the conversation with the phone fixed on his ear until she got to the entrances
door of Grace’s building. He knocked.
“I have to be going now” he told Cassandra over the phone. Immediately, Grace opened the door and
gave him a peck. Cassandra heard the sound from the phone. Before she could say bye, Daniel cut the
call. Then her mood changed instantly which made her stood up and began to dress up. She threw the
paper on the floor unknowingly as she dressed the room.
“How was your night?” Daniel asked Grace as they entered into the house.

“Fine, as usual” she replied. She wore a jean trouser and a singlet. Leaving her hair dangling around her
Daniel heard the sound of plates from the kitchen. He knew it was Grace’s mum, then he went to greet
her. The woman became surprise to see him then asked what why he visited at such early hour.
“I only came to collect my wallet from Grace”
“Wallet?” she smiled knowing the type of daughter she had. “That girl will never change”
“She will” He left the kitchen back to the parlour to meet Grace but couldn’t find her. Sooner did Grace
come out from her room with the wallet.
“I know that’s the reason why you are here” she handed it to him.
“Exactly, you are always smart”
“Next time use your brain as you make use of your lips”
“I know” Daniel smiled. “You are the only one who could take my wallet. This isn’t your first time”
Grace gave a weak smiled and both moved to the exit door. She collected the wallet the previous day
when she kissed Daniel.
“I hope to see you tonight” Daniel said and gave her a peck. When he did that, Grace saw a mark on his
“When and where did you get that?”
“Get what?”
“The mark”
“Which mark?”
“The one on your neck”
Daniel got tired of the interrogation, so he moved beside a glass window which serves as a mirror to
confirm the mark. He was also surprise to see it.
“I don’t know how it got there” he replied.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean what i said. I will see you this evening” he walked away..

To be continue…

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