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Deadly Mark — Episode 6

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)


Rated: Matured. It is therefore inappropriate for people under 18.

Everybody’s attention was drawn to the door that cracked opened waiting silently to know the cause.
Daniel sluggishly entered bleeding from the nose. Grace and Lawson rushed him immediately.
Cassandra’s heart began to beat faster seeing him in such condition. She wanted to rush him too but the
presence of Grace prevented her. Then she stood behind, watching others interrogat Daniel.
“Where have you been, Daniel?” Lawson asked but didn’t get a response. “We have been trying to reach
you through a phone call but wasn’t going through”
“Baby please talk to us” Grace added holding him tightly.
“I have been at home” Daniel replied in a low voice. His breathing rate seemed more like a person being
forced to take in free oxygen.
“But i activated your alarm door severally without getting a response” Grace continued.
“I don’t just know what happened, i lost consciousness. But I’m fine” He managed to disengage himself
from Grace and stepped forward.

The room was only visible to the area where they were. Every other corner was covered with darkness.
Daniel brought out a paper given to him by the post-man which contain the mark and Cassandra opened
her eyes widely.
“What’s that? I mean where did you get that?” she asked.
“A post-man delivered it to me this morning and disappeared. Since then i have not been myself..”
Lawson and Kelly drew closer. He slowly collected the papear, trying to read the mark in silence.
“..and this mark is the same mark i have on my neck without me knowing how it came about” Daniel
“Are you saying you don’t know how you got this?” Thessy asked, touching his neck.
“Yes, and i have been in pains”
“What could this mark represent?” Lawson asked rhetorically still looking at the mark.
“It is a deadly mark!” Cassandra shouted from a distance where she stood alone which made everybody
fixed their eyes on her in silence. “It is a deadly mark from Love hunters” she added.
“And who are these love hunters?” Lawson asked and stepped forward.
“Yes, and how did you know about it?” Grace supported.
Everywhere became quiet waiting for Cassandra to explain herself. Meanwhile, Thessy’s legs were
beginning to shake at the hearing of ‘deadly’. Then she slowly walked to Kelly who noticed her fear and
held her hand tightly.
Cassandra walked slowly to Denial as everybody stared at her in silence. Even the sound of her shoes
echoed the whole room. She stood in front of Daniel then looked at his lovely eyes. “May i?” she asked,
raising her hand up to touch his neck. When Grace saw that, shouted, “Get your hands off him, bitch!”
she angrily moved forward to attack her but Ruth rebuked her while Thessy grabbed her hand which
slowed her down.
Cassandra finally touched the mark on Daniel’s neck and felt her eyes closed. She could see dead people
laying on the ground and she could hear cry of people lamenting and suffering in a lonely dark bush.
Suddenly, she saw Daniel laying helplessly on the ground with blood all over his body. “No!!” she
exclaimed and opened her eyes then stepped backward. She just discovered the power of seeing vision.
“We are waiting, Cassandra. How did you know about this mark?” Lawson broke the silence. Cassandra
began to shed tears. She brought out the drawing of the mark she made and everybody stared at it in
“I saw this same mark in my dream and mum said is a deadly mark from the people she called love

Lawson flung the paper from her forcefully, looking woozy.
“Does it mean that I’m gonna die?!” Daniel asked.
“I think Cassandra’s mother has some explanation to do now!” Kelly said angrily and grabbed
Cassandra’s hand forcefully.
“Get your hands off me!” She hesitated.
“Yes, don’t touch her gain!” Ruth supported.
“What do you mean? Don’t you think her mother has to do some explanation?!” Kelly faced her.
“No, but you must not force or drag her again!”
“Shut up both of you!” Lawson shouted at them which calmed everywhere down and silence took over
again. He was known to be the greatest of them all and they must abide by his rules. He looked at
“Why did you shout ‘no’ after touching Daniel’s neck?” he asked.
“I don’t know, i have never experience such thing before” tears ran down her eyes again.
“Experience what?” Thessy asked.
Everybody waited in silence to hear from her again.
“I saw dead people” Cassandra started. “Dead people filled the ground and cries and lamentation of
people were heard from all part of a bush. Then suddenly, i saw.. I saw..” she paused and looked straight
into Daniel’s eyes. The tears flowed the more.
“What did you see?!” Kelly grew impatient.
“Allow her to speak!” Ruth attacked him which made them looked at each other angrily.
“What did you see?” Lawson repeated the question
.i saw Daniel dead on the floor in the lonely dark bush”
“You lie!” Grace shouted moving close to Daniel to protect him from whatever Cassandra was saying. “I
think you and your mother are possessed!” she added.
“You are the one possessed!” Cassandra fired back. “Mind the way you speak of my mother, okay?!”
“And if i don’t?” Grace stepped forward.
“Stop!” Lawson exclaimed for the third time…

To be continued..

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