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Deadly Mark — Episode 1

The Deadly Mark
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The Deadly Mark

(Love Hunters)


The eiderdown proved to be efficacious in cold weather and the window wasn’t left opened because of
that. Yet, the coldness of the weather tried to find its way into the room through the aluminium window
which resulted to the production of water vapour on the glass. Distance chattering and the sound of
vehicles were heard from the room which actually reminded Ruth of the appointment she had. She flung
the eiderdown and sat up immediately with her hand on her forehead. She had only her underwears
which colour was so attractive to any man with two eyes. Her long black natural hair dangled all over her
face and neck. She was a complete definition of beauty. She picked up her phone and glanced at the
digital clock. “Mehn? 7:30pm already?” she murmured and stood up. Regardless of the cold weather,
she wore a mini dress that any man would love to look twice and think twice but she used a black jacket
to support it.
She cat-walked in her high-heel shoe on the roadside with her hands in her jacket minding her own
business. She could see dogs barking in a nearby house and ray of light from vehicles shone everywhere.
A particular vehicle shone the front light on her face and her beauty reflected on it which made her
shook her head to adjust the dangling hair. Though, her complexion was dark, but she was more
beautiful than any girl with a fair complexion. Few minutes later, she crossed the road and went into an
empty building. Everywhere was dark and quiet which echoed the sound of the shoes all over the
building. Her step became slow as she walked through the narrow lonely passage. She could see a ray of
light coming out of a room at the end of the passage. She smiled and walked faster. Her heartbeat
corresponded to the nature of her steps. She gently opened the door of the room and couldn’t believe
her eyes! The room was decorated with flowers and different colours of balloons which reminded her
that it was her birthday.
“Happy birthday!” people chorused.
“Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” Ruth closed the door in excitement. “Thank you, all!”
“Yes, you better believe it” a voice came from behind. Then she turned sharply.
“Hi, Lawson”
“Hi, Ruth”
Both held each other’s waist staring at their lovely and romantic eyes.
“I never thought you were serious about giving me a birthday party”
“When there is love, there is always a say. And when Lawson says out of love, he does”

Ruth smiled at his words. She was actually enjoying why she accepted to be the woman of his life.
“Thank you so much” she said rubbing her soft palms on his cheek full of attractive beards.
“Anything for you my love” Lawson replied and gave her a quick kiss.
On the other hand, Casandra was busy sharing drinks to everyone, and the Disck Joker (D.J) was ready
for the job given to him.
Cassandra carried two glasses of wine on a white small round tray. She had a fair complexion, smiling
endlessly which obviously reviewed her beauty. She stood before Lawson and Ruth with the drinks
positioning it for them to take.
“Happy birth” she said smiling when Ruth was taking the glass of wine.
“Thank you” she replied and smiled back. “Where is Daniel?”
“I don’t know. I believe he will soon be here with..”
“Grace?” Ruth interrupted.
Cassandra smiled again and walked out. Lawson stared at her as she walked.
“Is there anything going on between her and Daniel?” he asked Ruth.
“No, why asking”
“She behaves some how in his presence”
Ruth smiled and drank a little of the wine.
“Why are you smiling?” Lawson looked at her.
“Nothing, but i think she’s inlove”
“With Daniel?”
Ruth nodded her head positively and drank her wine again. Her response rendered Lawson speechless.
He knew it was time, then he gradually climbed a wooden decorated place like alter in front of
everybody with a microphone. “Attention please, everybody” he began through the microphone. “It is a
happy moment for the Love Society in Kali city. And i want to use this moment to express my deepest
feelings to the love of my life, my joy, my hope, the one i live for..” he stared at Ruth.
Cassandra kept on smiling struggling so hard not to be jealous but she couldn’t. As Lawson continued,
she gave up feeling extremely jealous!

“..i love you, Ruth” Lawson continued. “I wish you a lovely and a happy days ahead of you. And i will
forever be by your side. Happy birthday my angel!”
Everybody began to clap as Ruth walked up to the wooden placed and gave him a hug and a kiss. She
took the microphone while Lawson walked down. At that moment, Daniel arrived with Grace holding
hands together. He wore a pair of jean trouser and a jacket with an inner wear. His hair was barbed in a
fashionable style which exposed his handsomeness the more.
Cassandra turned to admire him and she felt effusive and jealous at the same time. Ruth could see the
expression on her face as she stood before everybody..

To be continue….


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