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Deadly Mark — Episode 4

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 4

Rated: Matured. It is therefore inappropriate for people under 18.

People moved in black jacket and sweater to drive away the cold morning weather and Daniel was
among them. He walked briskly along the road immediately he left Grace’s residence. He could see cars
moving slowly and passengers waiting patiently for morning buses. Long storey buildings were seen in
every side of the road. Kali city was regarded as the most wealthy and small city. Daniel crossed the road.
One could see him from a distance bringing out his phone and placed it on his ear once more.
“Hello, are you still with Grace?” Cassandra asked from the other side of the phone.
“I just left there” he entered into a lonely road with beautiful buildings. “Are you still at home?”
“Yes, just preparing to go and help my mum at the shop”
“Okay, we shall see latter this night in a our gathering”
“What if a say now?”
“No, i have to sort out something now”
“What could that be?”
“A strange mark..” he paused when he saw a gentleman standing at the entrance of his apartment. “I
will call you later” he hung up the call, walking faster…
Cassandra was in the kitchen when she called Daniel. She kept staring the carrot she brought out to cut.
She parked her hair backward, wearing a white singlet. “What mark is Daniel talking about?” she
thought and continued her breakfast preparation.
Mrs Jonas, Cassandra’s step-mum, works as a tailor. Her shop had a glass transparent door which enable
passerbys to see the lovely and beautiful clothes she makes. She sat before her sewing machine with a
fabric in her hands staring at the door in thought. People were passing continuously in front of the shop
but she couldn’t see any of them, yet, her eyes were wide opened. One can easily deduce that she was
lust in thought.
“The love hunters were destroyed years ago which ended the deadly mark. How come Cassandra
dreamt about the mark? Does it mean that they are back? Oh my God! That will be disastrous..”
Mrs Jonas was interrupted from her thought by the voice of her customer.
“I have been standing here for the past few seconds without you noticing my presence. What is the

“Oh, nothing at all. You are welcome” she began to attend to her.
Daniel met the gentleman face to face. He quickly adjusted his sweater when he knew that it was a post-
“Sorry, who are you looking for?”
“I’m looking for one Mr Daniel”
“I’m the one, any problem?”
“I’m to deliver this to you sir”
Daniel slowly grabbed the envelop after looking at it. He thought he would see a different name other
than Love. The post man presented a paper for him to sign, he signed and entered into his apartment.
The apartment was designed with red rug and pictures of his and his friends-Grace and Cassandra
weren’t exception. He quickly flung the big envelope on his bed and undressed immediately. He walked
naked to a standing mirror and his nakedness reflected on it. He could see hair on his chest and the
upper region of his dick which dangled to and fro as he walked. He stared at the mark on his neck once
again. “Where did i get this?” he thought touching and squeezing the point hardly. After few minutes of
talking to the mirror, he sat on the bed trying to figure out how the mark came about. He glanced at the
envelope and tore it opened. He couldn’t believe his eyes!
“What?!” he exclaimed throwing the it on the floor as he stood up sharply. He slowly bent down and
grabbed the paper he found inside. The paper contained exactly the mark he had on his neck. He quickly
went back to the mirror to see if it was an illusion. “Fuck!” he exclaimed and folded the paper
immediately insearch of the postman but was nowhere to be found again.
Daniel had ran around every part of Kali city and all post-offices in vain, looking for the post-man. He
retired home then laid on the bed. He looked exhausted. He had told nobody about it and planned to do
so in their gathering that night which will take place at 9:00pm.
Mrs Jonas returned home from work and found Cassandra in the kitchen making dinner. Then she joined
her. The kitchen was local but had modern utensils. The stove was on, with a pot on it while Cassandra
bent to get a pot. Immediately, her mother entered.
“I’m sorry, mother, dinner will be ready soon” she said without looking at her.

“No, don’t worry about that” she stood beside her with one of her hands on a cemented area meant for
cutting vegetables. She stared at her.
“Mother, are you okay?”
“I’m okay my daughter but just want to asked you few questions”
Cassandra got surprised and turned down the light of the stove. “I hope there is no problem”
“Are you inlove?” the mother asked.
“Mother, i…” she became speechless, wondering why she asked such a question.
“The one you love may be in danger”
“Mother, you are scaring me. How do you know?”
“The mark, Cassandra”
“What mark?”
“The one you were drawing”
Cassandra got confused the more. She off the light from the stove totally and closed the pot…
To be continue…

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