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Deadly Mark — Episode 9

The Deadly Mark
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(Love hunters)

Episode 9

Story Continues…


Mrs Vicker, Grace’s mother, knew about the history of the love hunters which shocked her when Grace
mentioned the name as the cause of Daniel’s death. The sittingroom was more modernized than
Cassandra’s. One could see a bar, Air Conditioner and executive cushions. Mrs Vicker stepped backward
still staring at her daughter in surprise.
“Do you mean the deadly mark?” she asked.
Grace stopped crying then looked at her mother surprisingly too. “So you know about the Love hunters”
she said.
“Yes, was it found on Daniel’s body?”
“Yes, Mummy”
“Oh my God! So the Love hunters are back again” she briskly walked to the window. She opened the
curtain, looked outside to see the City of Kali. She could only see buildings with light and moving cars.
Nothing else.
“Mummy, am i gonna die?” Grace stood up.
“Are you inlove with Daniel or anyone?” the mother turned. “Because they will come after you if you
are” she added and stood opposite her daughter.

“But Mummy, Daniel was my date”
“It doesn’t matter, what matters is if there was love in your relationship because the love hunters hunt
only young people who are truly inlove with each other?”
Grace kept quiet, looking confused. The mother noticed it, then she slowly embraced her.
“Don’t worry, you aren’t going to die. I will make sure of that”
“Yes dear, but you have to disengage yourself from any form feelings you have for anyone for now”
“Okay, Mummy?”
The mother embraced her tightly and began to shed tears knowing very well that she couldn’t do
anything but to encourage her daughter. Nothing can be done to prevent the hunters, absolutely
Mrs Jonas quietly moved closer to Cassandra where she sat, still shedding tears. She touched her hair
and began to dry her tears.
“I want to ask you again, are you inlove with any man?”
“Mummy?” Cassandra raised her eyes full of tear to her step-mother. “My heart beat for Daniel,
mother” she said.
“Then you have to get rid of that feelings now!”
“How is that possible, mother?! Especially now that he’s gone. How can i stop loving the one my heart
beat for?” she began to cry seriously.
“But that’s the only way you can be safe until something is done about this” she began to cry too.
“Please my child, you have to listen to me” she added.
“I don’t think i can do that, mother” they hugged each other in tears. Few minutes later, Cassandra
called her mother.
“Mother, i have been experiencing strange things. I see dead people and people who have the mark.
What is wrong with me?”
The mother remained speechless, staring at wall. That reminded her more things of the past.
“Am i possessed, mother?” Cassandra wanted to know.

“No my child, but i can’t tell why you have such ability. Your mother was known to be spiritual and
powerful before she died. Maybe you have some of her powers in you”
“Power to see dead people or people who are about to die?! That’s not normal you know”
“I don’t have a say on this my dear” the mother concluded.
Cassandra walked into her room but couldn’t sleep. She kept staring through the window, hopping to
see Daniel again.
Kelly walked close to Thessy who was still leaning against the wall in tears. He slowly touched her hair
and her wet face. He could see a beautiful damsel who he wouldn’t like to lose because of anything.
“Please, don’t break-up with me. If you are to die, let me die with you. I love you so much” Kelly said
“But we have to, just to be safe for a while. I don’t want to die, especially of what i don’t know anything
about. How can people be so jealous and heartless to kill to lovers? Now, is affecting our generation. We
have to break-up” she walked to the bed to lie down.
Kelly exhaled deeply and also went to the bed. He laid beside her trying to touch her but she insisted.
“Please, don’t touch me again. Can’t you get it, that no intimacy or feelings of love to each other?!” she
exclaimed, dragging the bedshit to the floor and slept there.
“How can i stop loving you?” Kelly murmured to her hearing staring at the ceiling.
Lawson practically hugged Ruth as both shed tears bitterly in the room. The curtain of the window
continued to fling up and down due to the breeze which reduced the temperature of the room to 29
“We have to stay away from each other and look for a solution to this problem” Ruth began. “I believe
there is a solution to every problem. So please, we should forget about what we feel until this thing
about deadly mark and love hunters ends”
“I can’t my love, please stay with me” Lawson’s heart weakened thereby letting more tears flow from his
Ruth disengaged herself from him. She put on her jacket and walked towards the door.
“Please, don’t leave me” Lawson was still begging.

“No” she shook her head pitifully. “Good bye, Lawson” she said in tears and opened the door. She
walked out to the darkness of the lonely night leaving him to cry bitterly inside the room.

To be continue…

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