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Deadly Mark — Episode 27

The Deadly Mark
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(Love hunters)

Episode 27


The closed rang where Ruth saw Cassandra and Lawson got her worried which made her fixed her eyes
on them steadily as the doctor examined her. Even Kelly and Daniel watched them from a distance
wondering what they were discussing. Only grace seemed absent minded about their impeachable
Lawson was still trying to figure out why Cassandra would reject such huge amount of money from the
governor. Then he stared at her in a way that explains: Convince me the more.
Cassandra understood, “Listen,” she began moving to a closer rang than initial. “I don’t know what the
governor or the government at large is up to. They are already suspecting and pointing fingers at me to
be the cause of the deadly mark. So i mustn’t start what i can’t finish”
“I think you have a point there” Lawson said touching his jaw. Their attention went to the doctor who
was talking to Grace and Kelly. Then they walked heroically together to them still monitored by Ruth.
“…there were only terrified and tortured by the condition of the place they found themselves” the
doctor was telling Grace.
“Does that mean there are okay, now?” Lawson asked with his hands in his pockets.
“They are perfectly okay. You can take them home”
“Alright” Cassandra replied.

Few minutes later, Ruth and Daniel were discharged from the hospital. Daniel placed his hand across
Grace’s shoulder for a support likewise Ruth to Lawson, walking outside the hospital. While Cassandra
and Kelly followed them from behind. They quickly rushed and opened the car door for them. Before
Daniel entered, he stopped and looked at Cassandra who smiled at him.
“We shall meet at your apartment tonight” Grace told Cassandra.
“Okay, i will be waiting” she replied smiling continuously.
Grace drove Daniel to his apartment in her mum’s car while Lawson drove Ruth to his apartment too in a
rented car followed by Kelly and Cassandra.
Grace helped Daniel into the apartment and began to dress and dust it while Daniel laid on the bed. Few
minutes later, she served a food then invited him to the table. He shruggled but slowly sat up before he
began to eat as Grace watched him.
“Can you tell me what happened after i was gone?” Daniel requested.
“You were captured by the love hunters..” she paused. Then Daniel tried to recall his past actions.
“Yes, i can remember being tortured by unseen spirit”
Grace exhaled and told him how the deadly mark killed many people in the city and how Cassandra
became the only solution and saved the him and the city.
“All these happened within 48hours?” Daniel asked.
“But some died, why were Ruth and i captured?”
“I think Cassandra is in the best position to answer that”
They kept quiet and stared at each other occasionally.
“Can i ask you something?” Grace broke the silence.
“What’s it?”
“Do you love Cassandra?”
Daniel stared at her for the surprised and unexpected question. “No, why do you ask?” he continued
“Because i saw the way both of you look at each other”
“Is nothing..” he paused and looked at her. “You are the one i love” he added.
“Yes, but…” he looked at her again.
“But what?” Grace became curious.
“But i don’t know if you also love me as i do” Daniel replied. That rendered her speechless as she stared
into his eyes.
“Yes, i love you too” she replied.
From her voice Daniel deduced that she forcefully said it. Then he looked at her again and said, “I will
always love you”
Grace smiled.
“By the way where did you say Thessy is. I didn’t see her at the hospital” Daniel asked without looking at
“Thessy is dead”
“What?! Oh shit!” he kept his spoon. “What killed her?”
“She got the mark”
Daniel became sad.
Lawson tried to make Ruth feel comfortable. He dressed the bed and opened windows for ventilation. “I
have to get you something to eat” he said and walked towards the door.
“No!” Ruth interrupted. “Just come and be with me and tell me what happened because i thought i was
dead already but suddenly woke up in the hospital”
Lawson smiled and sat beside her on the bed looking at her. He told her how she was saved by
Cassandra, Grace and himself. Also how Cassandra got a book and power. Even how people and Thessy
died because of the mark.
“Then why was i and Daniel captured instead dying?” Ruth also asked.
“To get to Cassandra and the book” Lawson replied.
“Why? What has Cassandra got to do with dead people?” she opened her eyes in surprise.
“I don’t know, that’s the next thing we are trying to find out”
“What do you mean?” Lawson was confused. Then Ruth looked straight into his eyes.
“Should i worry about you and Cassandra?” she asked….

to be continue…

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