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Deadly Mark — Episode 26

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 26


Nobody let a word out from his or mouth in the government house as the governor sat quietly with
Cassandra touching his jaw without beards and thinking that Cassandra had a secret about the deadly
mark or the love hunters totally. He looked at her again.
“I still want to know why your friends were captured instead of dying”
“It was because of me, your excellency”
Cassandra kept quiet feeling like an armrobber being interrogated by policemen. She confidentially
looked straight into his eyes and said with a voice filled with anger, “If i had known why, why wouldn’t i
tell you? I’m just a Sheila who took over her mother’s power. As i speak with you now, I’m still trying to
find out who i am and what is about to befall on me. Then why must everybody interrogates me like I’m
the cause of the deadly mark? Or have i done anything wrong by breaking the curse of the love
“No, I’m just enthusiastic about why you were needed by the love hunters”
“Well, your excellency, with all due respect i think what you are trying to know is personal which I’m still
trying to find out”
They stared at each other before the governor raised his hand signalling his PA to come over and
whispered into his ears. Then the PA brought out a paper. The governor took it and dropped it before
“This is a cheque which will be enough for you and your friend for relieving this great city from the fear
of deadly marks. Like a said, your name will always be remembered in the history of Kali” Said the
Casandra glanced at the cheque severally and then the governor. She stood up. “Thank you very much,
sir, we did what we did for the good of the citizens of Kali. I’m sorry, i can’t accept the offer, excuse me
your excellency” she began to walk out displacing her attractive steps. She wore a jean trouser and black
jacket with her hands in it’s pockets. Then the governor called the DPO immediately.
“Good day your excellency”
“I want you to keep an eye on her. I think she’s hiding something” The governor cut the call watching
Cassandra walked into an elevator..
Daniel and Ruth jerked fully awake smiling at the presence of their loves who were sitting beside them
on the bed. While Kelly stood alone smiling also but was hurt inside due to the death of Thessy.
“What happened?” Daniel touched Grace’s face.
“Just get better, you will know everything” she replied, also touching his hair.
On the other hand, Lawson held Ruth’s palm tightly and kissed it occasionally. “I miss you my love” he
“What happened?” Ruth asked smiling.
“You will know, just relax”
“Do i still have the mark?”
“No my dear”
Ruth turned her head and saw Kelly standing alone. Then she asked, “Where is Thessy?”
“Thessy is..” Lawson paused and also glanced at Kelly. “She got the mark and died” he completed.
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed…

Cassandra boarded a cab. She entered and closed the door. “Federal Hospital” she told the driver who
stared at her through the front mirror of the car silently. Cassandra was familiar to him which made him
wanted to throw a question but targeted the right time. Few minutes of driving, approaching to the
hospital, the driver said, “You are Cassandra the one who broke the curse, right? How did you do it?”
“Mind your fucking business!” Cassandra replied angrily and stepped down from the car.
“Wow, she’s so hot!” the young driver shouted staring at her butt.
Cassandra walked faster into the hospital but slowed down when she saw Grace with Daniel. Her heart
began to beat faster as she stared through the transparent glass with her hands in her jacket. Daniel
sighted her on the bed, their eyes caught together and they smiled at each other. Grace saw it and then
traced the eyes of Daniel backwards to know who he was smiling at, but Cassandra adjusted away from
the window and walked in slowly through the door still staring at Daniel. She stood beside his bed with
hands inside the pocket. “Hi” she said softly.
Grace could dictate a romance from her voice but she kept quiet. She never wanted to be aggressive
again or even jealous.
“Hi” Daniel replied and grabbed her hands.
“Is good to see you again”
“Where have i been?”
The question surprised Cassandra which rendered her speechless.
“I told you that you will know everything when we get home” Grace interfered. Then Cassandra walked
out smiling at Daniel. She gave Kelly a friendly hug before she met Ruth and Lawson.

Daniel asked about Thessy and Grace looked at him in away that explains: Don’t worry, when we get
From the other side of the sick bed, Ruth smiled at Cassandra when she came over. “Hi, Cassandra” she
“Hi, good to see you again” she returned the smile.
Suddenly, the doctor walked in which enabled Cassandra and Lawson to moved aside to a distance for a
discussion. While the doctor examine Ruth, she stared at both of them discussing what she couldn’t
“The governor offered us 500m dollars but i rejected it” Cassandra told Lawson.
“Why?!” He asked.
“Bcoz he can’t be trusted”
Lawson stared at her..

To Be Continued..

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