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Deadly Mark — Episode 21

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 21
“The book, Grace!” Cassandra shouted. “Grab the book!” She added with a loud voice.
Grace stared at her silently on the strong wind. She didn’t know how to let go of her as a compensation
to the book.
“Don’t worry, just save the book” Cassandra told her calmly before she quickly grab the book. Since Kelly
had briefed her on what the book is used for, she opened it and began to read in Kalish language.
“No, Grace! Use the sand!” Cassandra instructed.
“What do you mean!”
“Take a sand under the tree and place on it!”
Grace looked at the place she was talking about and moved forward to collect the sand but her legs sank
inside the ground, making her to fall. Just a few centimeter away, the book fell from her hand. At that
point Cassandra’s hand weakened thereby slipping off from the tree. “Grace!” she shouted. It was as if
she was being dragged backward by unseen force into the darkest part of the cemetery.
Meanwhile, Grace had managed to grab the book back and took the sand, placing it on the book. She
began to read again in Kalish as she laid on the floor. As she read, the strong wind began to slow down
and Ruth and Daniel forcefully landed on the floor unconsciously. Grace could see a bright light from the
book into the atmosphere and finally landed on the soil under the tree…
Kelly quietly went back to his seat while Mrs Jonas sat beside. As she stared at the deadly mark on his
neck, it disappeared gradually which made her open her eyes widely in surprise. “My child, the mark is
Kelly looked at her. “You are joking, right?” he said.
“No, truly, it has gone!” she began to touch his neck.
Kelly sharply stood up to look for a mirror. She walked into Cassandra’s room without even a permission
since he couldn’t see any mirror in the Palour. He came out within a twinkle of an eyes. “Truly is gone!”
he exclaimed. “Turn on the television” he added then grabbed the remote…
The governor sat alone in his private office when his telephone rang. Then he picked it immediately.
“Good news your excellency” a voice said from the other side of the phone. “The deadly mark has
disappeared from the victims.

“Are you serious?!”
“Why don’t you turn on your television?”
The governor quickly grabbed the remote of his television. He could see people testifying on how the
mark suddenly disappeared thereby setting them free from any deadly and prematured death. He
forcefully walked out into a narrow passage with his personal assistance. “Put me through with the
DPO” he told his P.A, walking briskly and opening severally doors.
“He’s online your excellency” the P.A said, handing the phone to him.
“Hello, your excellency”
“DPO Cain, is what I’m hearing true?”
“Yes, very true your excellency”
“What about the two guys?”
“My men are just coming back from their residence saying they are not yet back from wherever they
went to”
“But you should have ordered your men to follow them for security reasons. Anyways, let me know
when they are back”
“Okay, sir” the line went dead….

The citizens of Kali city were over happy seeing that the deadly mark had left them without knowing the
cause- only few people knew what happened. One could see young people hugging each other on the
The wind totally ended, thus, making everywhere to be calm. Grace managed to disengage her legs from
the broken ground and rushed Daniel. She shouted his name severally but there was no sign of life in
him. Likewise Ruth. Then she stood up in search of Cassandra and Lawson.
“Cassandra!” she shouted moving into the darkness. “Lawson!” she added.
On the other hand, Lawson was all alone in a lonely part of the bush. He could feel his body on the grass
and his head broken. He heard Grace’s voice and began to follow it.
“Cassandra!” Grace called again.

“Grace!” Lawson shouted back but his voice wasn’t loud enough. Few seconds later, they met.
“Where is Cassandra?!” Grace asked.
“I don’t know” he replied. He began to look around. He saw Ruth and Daniel lying helplessly on the
ground then rushed them.
“My love please, wake up” he said rubbing her hair. Few minutes later, Graces returned staring at them
on the floor.
“We have to get out of here, now!” she said.
“What about Cassandra?”
“She’s nowhere to be found”
“What do you mean by that?!”
“I can’t find her!”
Lawson stood up, looked at the direction where they fell into then glanced at Grace suspiciously. Before
he would Say anything, they saw Cassandra walking sluggishly out of the darkness. Then Lawson rushed
her. “Thank God you are alive” he said.
Suddenly, the ground began to vibrate like the eruption of a volcano or earthquake. They could see the
old graves opening.
“Lets get out of here!” Grace shouted from a distance and tried to carry Daniel but she couldn’t. Lawson
and Cassandra ran to her and help her. Lawson put Daniel on his shoulder then watched Grace and
Cassandra carry Ruth.
“Coming on, you can do it!”
They managed to carry her, then began to run out.
“The book!” Cassandra shouted. They forgot it behind and there was no way she could go home without
the book. Therefore she ran back to take it..

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