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Deadly Mark — Episode 20

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 20



Nothing could be seen at every corner of the road leading to the cemetery. The trees bent at every angle
and living creatures giving glory to God by their sounds. Only the light from the vehicle could be seen on
the road, making Lawson and Cassandra see what was ahead of them as they remained silent in the car,
staring at each other.
“Try starting the car again” Cassandra suggested.
“Is not working! How many times will i do that?” Lawson tried again and again but it refused to start.
“We are moving forwards. Get down from the car” Cassandra stepped down and Lawson stared at her
from the driver seat. He quickly stepped out too “I think we should go and come back tomorrow” he
suggested out of fear.
“If we go back, more people will die especially Kelly will die by then, even me! Though i should have
been dead by now but i don’t know why I’m still alive. So we have to break the curse tonight before
something else happens”
Lawson became speechless, he gradually took his bag and a torch from the car. He looked at Cassandra
in a way that explains: LET’S KEEP GOING. They began to go, with the car headlights on. Their shadow
could be seen as they walked into the darkness. Few minutes of walking, the headlights from the static
car went off which made them turned sharply to see the cause of it but saw nothing.
“Lets go” Cassandra insisted and put on her torchlight. Even Lawson put on his torchlight. Then they
began to move further into the dark bush. As they walked, they couldn’t hear anything but the sound of
their footsteps. After few minutes of walking deep into the bush, they saw an open area where few
trees were seen.
“What is this place?” Lawson pointed his torch at every angle.
“I guess a burial ground” she replied.
“Burial ground?”
“Sshh, listen” Cassandra signed making everywhere quiet. They could hear whispering voices from a

“Ruth!” Lawson exclaimed and began to run towards the whispering voice followed by Cassandra. They
stopped at a distance when the voice suddenly stopped….
The television was still on just like Grace left it when Mrs Vicker returned. First, she got surprised when
she saw her car wasn’t at the exact place she parked it. “Grace!” she called, walking briskly into the
house. She saw the television broadcasting and the remote on the floor. She yelled her name again as
she moved inside her room but there was no sign of Grace. She stopped in the sittingroom with her
hands on her waist. “Where is this girl?” she asked rhetorically….
There was an electricity in the sittingroom but the television wasn’t on. Kelly sat closely with Mrs Jonas
on a long cushion with hands on his two cheeks in silence.
“Take heart my child. I know is very painful to lose the one you love but you shouldn’t kill yourself in the
process” Mrs Jonas consoled.
“When I’m already dying” Kelly looked at her.
“You will not die. I believe Cassandra and her friend will break the curse before coming back”
“Who knows if they are still alive? Their lines are not going through!”
Mrs Jonas exhaled in thought without saying anything. Suddenly, they heard the sound of police vehicles
stopping in front of the compound. Kelly stood up sharply checked through the window. “What are
policemen doing here?” he turned.
“I don’t know?” Mrs Jonas also stood up to open the door when they activated the alarm.
“Good evening ma’am” a policeman greeted.
“Good evening, i hope they is no problem, sir?”
“Are you Mrs Jonas?”
Mrs Jonas glanced at Kelly who stood behind watching them silently.
“Yes, i am” she replied.
“We are here to check on your daughter, Cassandra. Is she back?”
“No, she’s not”

“Okay, we shall come back anytime she does” the policeman glanced at Kelly and went out. Then Mrs
Jonas stared at Kelly too.
“Why are policemen looking for my daughter?”
“I don’t know, i even heard Grace saying that she saw her on national television. I don’t just know what’s
going on”
Mrs Jonas exhaled again in surprise…
Everywhere was quiet without the hearing of any voice. Suddenly, the light from the torch Lawson and
Cassandra held went off.
“What is happening?” Lawson asked.
“I don’t know” she hit the torch continuously.
“Listen” Lawson said which brought another silence. They could hear the same voice from the phone
asking them how much they love their friends.
“Lawson!” a voice whispered from behind. Then they turned sharply and saw Ruth and Daniel hanging
on a tree with sand on it’s root. Immediately, a strong wind began to blow which carried Lawson away
into the darkness but Cassandra grabbed his hand, at the same time, making sure the book didn’t fall
from her hand. She supported her other hand on a tree. “Hold on, Lawson!” she exclaimed, holding
tightly. When her hand wanted to slip off, Grace grabbed!
“Grace?” she called surprisingly.
“Yes, is me” she replied.
Meanwhile, the book had started flying away by the wind…
To be continued…

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