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Deadly Mark — Episode 19

The Deadly Mark
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(Love hunters)

Episode 19



The dead body of Thessy was still lying on the floor while Kelly stared at the mirror looking at the deadly
mark he had gotten and waiting for the ambulance to come. He wasn’t afraid to die anymore, so he
changed to another cloth. “I better die to join my love” he thought and looked at Thessy. Suddenly, he
heard the sound of an ambulance. He saw two men coming out of it when he went outside.
“You called” one of them said.
“Yes, i did” Kelly opened his door widely for them to see Thessy. “Take her to the mortuary”
The men entered. The look on yheir faces seemed like Kelly had committed murder. Then they stared at
the dead body.
“Who killed her?” one of them asked.
“You should be asking me what killed her, not ‘who’,” he replied angrily. Then the men began to look for
the mark on her body. They shook their heads pitifully when they saw it before they carried her. Kelly
could see how they pushed her into the van, closed the door and drove away.

However, Lawson drove very fast with Cassandra sitting beside him in the front of the car with her eyes
closed as if dead. Lawson occasionally glanced at her.
The day was getting dark and Lawson could see it through the glass of the car. He could see bushes at
every side of the lonely road which reminded him that he didn’t know where he was driving to. Then he
looked at Cassandra again.
“Cassandra!” he called but she didn’t open her eyes. “Cassandra!” he touched her with one of his hands
before she slowly opened her eyes. “Where are we heading to?”
Cassandra rubbed her eyes opend and looked at every side of the road then glanced at the book. “I
don’t know” she replied which got Lawson worried. “But keep driving” she added and laid her back on
the seat with her eyes closed again.
“Are you sure you are okay?” Lawson showed concerned.
“I’m fine” she replied without opening her eyes. Then Lawson glanced at the side mirror if he would see
a car coming but the road was lonely. Few minutes later, Cassandra began to see things spiritually; she
clearly saw herself moving faster with her legs on the same road. Her speed was even faster than a car.
By her left she saw a sign board written ‘No entry’. She stopped and entered but the face of a roaring
dead body appeared to her which made her gasped up physically, breathing heavily.
“What’s it?” Lawson questioned.
Cassandra was still trying to catch her breath before she answered.
“Stop the car!” she exclaimed when she saw a sign board. Then Lawson pulled over.
“Go back” she commanded. Without questioning, Lawson pulled the gear in reverse and drove backward.
“Stop” she commanded again looking at a sign board and a road through the driver door. Lawson
followed her eyes too.
“What is written there?” Cassandra asked.
“You mean on the sign board?”
“I’m not sure. It’s all covered with grasses”
Cassandra climbed down followed by Lawson and they crossed the road. They could see what was
written on the sign board clearly after dressing the grasses away. Then Lawson stared at her as she
stepped forward looking at the bushy road which led to nowhere.
“Can this car enter this road?” Cassandra asked.
“I think so”

“Then lets go” she crossed the road in a hurry followed by Lawson. They entered into the car again and
drove into the bushy road. Lawson looked at her again. “I hope you know what is written on the sign
board” he asked.
“Yes, i saw it even before we got there?” she replied.
“We are heading to a cemetery according to the sign board”
“Yes, i know”
Lawson kept quiet, looking scared and his heart beating faster. Then Cassandra noticed it.
“Are you scared?” She queried him.
“Me? No, I’m not scared” he chuckled.
Cassandra gave a weak smiled and turned her face away from him. Obviously she knew he was afraid
but as a man he needed not to express it especially before a woman like her.
“Why are you smiling?” He returned the question to her.
“Me? No, I’m not smiling” she replied exactly the same way he replied her. Then they began to smile
seriously. Before them was a notice which Lawson saw and stopped the car.
“Why are you stopping?”
“Look at that notice. It is clearly written, ‘NO ENTRY'”
Cassandra stretched her head, looking at the notice too. “Yes, i also so that even before we got here”
she said.
Lawson stared her in a way that explains: SHOULD WE KEEP GOING?
“Start the car?” Cassandra told him.
“We are going back, right?”
“No! We are going forward”
“You mean…” he paused when Cassandra looked at him steadily. “Okay” he said and started the car.
They began to move again crossing the notice and moving into the dark lonely bush.
“I think it is an old cemetery” Cassandra broke the silent but Lawson didn’t say anything. It was obvious
that he was scared. The bush was dark and lonely at every corner. They could hear the sound of
different animals. Suddenly, the car broke down-it refused to move. Lawson started it severally but the
result proved negative. He stared at Cassandra in silence as if to bring a solution. “Now, I’m beginning to
get scared” he confessed.

to be continue

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