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Deadly Mark — Episode 18

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 18

The governor wore a black suit and a trouser. Then he walked closely to Cassandra “What are you
called?” he asked.
“Jonas Cassandra” she replied with a low voice. Then the Governor looked at Lawson expecting him to
say his name without being questioned.
“I’m Frank Lawson” he said.
“So how do you guys intend to stop the deadly mark?”
“With that book” Cassandra replied pointing at the book on the table. “The mark is a curse and only that
book can break it”
“And we are running out of time!” Lawson added.
“Then what are we waiting for? Get started!” The governor brought the book forcefully, stretching it
towards Cassandra. While everybody in the wide room stared at them silently.
“It doesn’t work like that!” Lawson said when he saw that Cassandra’s eyes were beginning to close.
“Cassandra!” he called before she slowly opened her eyes.
“Then how does it work?” the governor was still inquisitive.
“We have to break the curse in the presence of the love hunters otherwise it won’t work and we all will
die! Just free us!” Cassandra used her last breath. Her voice echoed in the whole building which made
security officers pointed guns at her immediately ready to shoot for any improper behavior. Everywhere
became quiet, even the governor didn’t know what else to say.
“We have a journey to embark for the good of all young citizens of Kali, please allow us your excellency”
Cassndra sounded calm and sincere. Then the governor handed the book to her.
“You have to give the people your words on national television” he said with a low voice. “Please,
encourage them, then you’ll be free to leave” he added.
Cassandra glanced at Lawson silently…
Grace sat in the parlour watching a program which was broadcasting on national television. Suddenly,
she opened her eyes widely when she saw Cassandra on the television standing before a microphone.
Even on public television, she was seen by different type of people. She began: “Citizens of Kali city, i
urge you to stay strong and never to give up..” she paused and glanced at Lawson who wasn’t showing
on the television-he stood aside to watch her closely. He could see flash light from different cameras
snapping her at the same time.
Cassandra continued, “The deadly mark is a curse which must be broken very soon..” she swallowed a
saliva. “That’s all i can say, thank you” she added and walked out.
Grace quickly flung the televion remote and headed to Kelly’s apartment…
Cassandra and Lawson stood beside each other waiting for their freedom. The governor ordered that
the book should be given back to them and they should be released too. He looked at Cassandra again.
“Good luck” he said but Cassandra didn’t say anything. She gradually turned with Lawson and walked
into the elevator followed by SSS with heavy guns…
Grace activated the alarm door severally without a response. Then she gradually clutched the door knob
and opened the door. Surprisingly, she saw Kelly in tears still carrying Thessy in his arms.
“Kelly?” she drew closer. “Why are you crying?”
Kelly raised his face full of tears up. “My hope is gone, all i live for, oh!” he sniffed in looking at dead
“You mean Thessy is dead?” Grace asked with a broken voice trying to let out a cry.
“Yes, she’s dead” he replied. Then Grace finally let out the cry, sitting on the floor too.
Few minutes later, Kelly put the dead body down and began to search for his phone. “Why are you
here?” he asked Grace.
“What are you looking for?” Grace threw back the question.
“I said why are you here?”
“I saw Cassandra on national television”
Kelly turned sharply. “When?” she asked.
“Few minutes ago and she was saying something about a curse by love hunters”
“You mean they have not gone? How did they even get on the television?!”
“What do you mean by haven’t they gone? Where are they going to?” Grace stood up.
Kelly explained everything to her on how Cassandra found a book which can break the curse and her
ability to see spiritually. He also told her where they were going to.
“So, which particular bush are they going to?” Grace asked.
“I don’t know, they didn’t tell me”
Grace thought for a while, she opened the door with a force. Before Kelly would look back, she was
already gone. He found the phone and called an ambulance. Then he removed his cloth, going toward a
mirror. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed when he saw the mark on his neck…
Grace quickly ran to the house. Her mother wasn’t at home-but her car was parked outside the
compound. She dressed up and walked inside the car. She wore a short tight knicker with a long tight
red boot. On her body was a red fairy top which matched her fair complexion. “I’m sorry, Mummy” she
said aloud putting the car key in the ignition. She started it and drove out with a speed..
On the other hand, Lawson and Cassandra had gotten back their car which they drove off to the main
road heading back to where they were stopped..

To be continued..

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