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Deadly Mark — Episode 17

The Deadly Mark
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(Love hunters)

Episode 17

Story Continues..
Kelly’s room suddenly became dark to him due to the tears from his eyes as he carried Thessy in his
arms sitting on the edge of the bed. It was a joyful death to Thessy because she actually died in the arms
of the one she loves. She wore a jean trouser and a white top bending backward with her hands
dropped on the floor and her eyes closed. One could see tears that ran down her eyes before she died.
“You never wanted to die, why leaving me all alone?” Kelly cried touching her face and hopping she
open her eyes but the ghost had already left from her. As Kelly cried looking at her, the deadly mark
slowly formed on his neck.
Policemen could be seen walking through a passage with envelopes in their hands. While Lawson and
Cassandra were still trying to convince the officer about their mission.
“Sir, please, we need to get out of here” Lawson said.
“Did you just say the book contains how to cure the deadly mark?” the officer asked, looking at
Cassandra whose eyes were closed. “Hey, talk to me!” he shouted but her eyes weren’t opened. Lawson
noticed what must have been happening to her, so he kept quiet.
“Sir, she cannot respond to you again. She’s seeing things” he told the officer.
The policeman went out in surprise.
“You have to let us out!” Lawson shook the iron protector which made Cassandra opened her eyes.
“What did you see?”
“Thessy is dead” she replied with tears in her eyes and sluggishly sat on the floor. Lawson became weak
then sat on the floor too. “No!!” he shouted in a loud voice which exposed his muscular vains from his
throat down to his hands.
“Not only that”Cassandra continued. “Kelly has gotten the deadly mark too”
Hearing that, Lawson stood up angrily and began to shake the protector again. “Let us out! Please, i beg
you” his voice began to break in cry. He could see the policeman talking to his partner at a distance. He
gained hope when he saw them coming towards the cell. They quietly opened the cell.
“Follow me” one of them said.
Cassandra stood up walking sluggishly as if she was tired. Lawson noticed it.
“Are you okay?” he asked but she didn’t respond.
They were taken to the DPO’s office. A policeman placed the book on his table, saluted and walked out.
The DPO wore a correct police uniform-Blue with four stars on it which indicated that he was worthy for
the post. He looked at Cassandra.
“How do you intend to end the deadly mark using this book?”
“The deadly mark is a curse laid by love hunters years ago and this book contains how to break the
curse” the DPO looked at the book and picked it up. He gently opened it and a bright light shone on his
face from it which made him threw it back on the table..
“Please, we have no time” Lawson said in the silence.
The DPO quickly dialed a number on a telephone on the table still looking at Cassandra who never
stopped staring at him too.
“Hello, this is DPO Cain, put me through with the governor”
“Hold on please” a female voice sounded from the telephone. Then Lawson and Cassandra looked at
each other in surprise.
“Hello, your excellency, i think we have seen someone who can end the problem of the deadly mark”
“Where? How? Who are they?”
“They are with me here, your excellency”
“Please, i want to see them immediately!”
“Yes, sir!” the line went dead.
“You have to see the governor!” the DPO told Cassandra.
“What for?!” Lawson roared and stood up angrily hitting his hands on the table. “Can’t you see that we
are dying?! I just lost a friend of mine and you are here telling me to see the governor when we are
running out of time!”
Suddenly, two policemen came in and dragged them out. Cassandra couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t
explain how she was feeling. Her legs couldn’t carry her anymore. She was just moving sluggishly and
sometimes closed her eyes.
“Put them in the vehicle” the DPO commanded. “Call the SSS, we are heading straight to government
“Fuck you!” Lawson shouted as they dragged him and Cassandra into the vehicle.
Men in black suit were already waiting for the arrival of the DPO and his agents. The house was a long
storey building with black aluminium luvas. The governor watched from the uppermost floor how
vehicles moved inside the building and two people without a uniform being searched up and down to by
SSS to see if they were having any dangerous weapons. Cassandra and Lawson entered an elevator. Few
minutes later, they found themselves on the uppermost floor. The elevator slowly opened. Then they
stepped inside. They could see men sitting round a long table and the governor at the end of it.
“These are the guys, your Excellency” the DPO said, positioning them before him. The governor stood up
and walked closed to Cassandra. He looked at her strangely…


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