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Deadly Mark — Episode 16

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 16

Silence took over in the sittingroom of Mrs Jonas. The sound of vehicles could be heard from the road
and a ray of light from different vehicles were occasionally seen inside the parlour. All were present
staring at each other in silence except Grace.
“The question now is; how can we find the dark lonely bush?” Lawson broke the silence.
“I think I’ll know when i see one” Cassandra replied.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you should get ready for a hunt tomorrow”
“Who are we hunting?” Lawson was still inquisitive.
“We shall be hunting the love hunters” Cassandra moved closed to him, looked straight into his eyes and
continued. “This time around the love hunters must be hunted!” she concluded boldly.
“I’m following you” Kelly disengaged himself from Thessy.
“No, you have to be with Thessy” Lawson insisted.
All stared at one another in silent.
“Okay, bro, good luck” Kelly shook his hand and gave him a nigga hug. While Thessy hugged Cassandra
before they left. Lawson also walked towards the door but suddenly stopped and looked back. He could
see Cassandra staring and waving at him.
“Bye” he replied and went out to the darkness.
It was a brand new day in Kali city. The death rate was beginning to dwindle due to some young people
were totally getting rid of feelings of love which prolonged their days-but still had the mark.
Cassandra came out from her room dressing like a supper woman with the book in her hand. On her legs
was a pair of jean trouser and a long black boot. She wore a tight shirt which brought out the shape of
her round attractive breast. Then she tied her hair. Sooner did Lawson knocked and opened the door looking like a supper hero too. He wore a tight black cloth which covered his body totally with a black
boot. Cassandra saw a gun beside his waste.
“Are you ready?” Lawson asked stepping forward.
“Yes, and what are you doing with a gun?”
“Is just for security purpose”
Mrs Jonas came out from her room in tears. She hugged her daughter. “Please, be careful my child” she
“I will, mother” she reciprocated. While Lawson watched both from a distance. Cassandra disengaged
herself from her mother and they walked out. They could see people with deadly mark through the glass
of the car they hired. Lawson also called Kelly telling him that they had started the journey.
The road was lonely and straight with bushes at both side. As Lawson drove with a high speed, he saw
policemen from afar which made him slow down.
“Hide the gun” Cassandra told him which he did putting it inside an opening in the front of the car. A
policeman waved his hand for them to stop.
“Good day officer” Lawson greeted after they stopped.
“Where are you heading to?” the officer asked.
“Huum…” he looked at Cassandra “We are going for a hunting”
“Hunting? Hunting what?”
“Officer don’t mind him, we are just taking a trip to Dika town” Cassandra replied. The officer saw the
book in her hand and their dressing.
“What’s that book for?” he asked.
“Huum.. is just a book”
“Can both of you step down from the car, please?”
Lawson and Cassandra looked at each other and stepped down. Then he began to search the car. He
picked up the book. “Wow, this is really heavy” as he wanted to come out, he saw the gun.
“Shit!” Lawson exclaimed.
“May i know what you are doing with a gun?” the officer asked.
“Is just for a security purpose”
The policeman signered their partner to come. They arrested them and took them to police station with
handcuffs in their hands.
Lawson and Cassandra were locked up in different cells-but they could see and communicate with each
other. While the officer drop the book on a cemented area in the reception like an ordinary book.
“Officer you need to get us out of here now!” Lawson shouted shaking the protector.
“Hey, officer!!” Cassandra shouted too then turned to Lawson. “You caused all these! You shouldn’t
have brought that gun with us!”
“But it is necessary!”
“How is it necessary?! Now we are stock in this demn place, jeez!” she rubbed her head angrily..
The sun began to set allowing night to take over, yet, Lawson and Cassandra were still inside the cell. An
officer slowly walked across the cell, then Lawson called him.
“Listen, officer, we have to get out of here otherwise more people will die due to the deadly mark”
“What do you mean..?”

Meanwhile, Thessy was already dying in Kelly’s arms. Tears ran down her eyes as she stared at her
boyfriend. “Please, take care of yourself my love” she whispered.
“Don’t say that, nothing gonna happen to you” Kelly cried..

“We actually know how to end the deadly mark, that’s where we were going to” Cassandra added to the
“How sure are you?”
“Very sure, the book contains everything”
The officer became quiet in thought..

“Kelly, I’m dying” Thessy said closing her eyes.
“No my love, just hold on to me”
“I love u, Kelly” Thessy said and gave off the ghost.
“No!!” he shouted in a loud voice..
To be continued…

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