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Deadly Mark — Episode 15

The Deadly Mark
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(Love hunters)

Episode 15


Lawson tried to stop Grace as she walked out angrily but she never stopped. She ran home shedding
tears. Mrs Vicker rushed out from the parlour when she noticed her crying voice.
“Why are you crying my daughter? Have you gotten the mark?”
“No, Mummy”
“Then what is it?”
“Mummy, I’m sad and happy at the same time”
“Oh my daughter, why?”
“I’m sad because i thought i was actually inlove, and at the same time, I’m happy for not getting the
mark” she cried bitterly having it at the back of her mind that truly Cassandra got the deadly mark
because she was inlove with Daniel.
“Oh my sweetheart, you don’t need to be sad. Is a good thing that you are not inlove. Stop crying” she
began to pet her.
Only the four people remained in the room, staring at one another. It became obvious to them that
Grace attitude was out of jealousy for the power Cassandra had and everybody knew that Cassandra got
the mark because she was inlove with Daniel, Grace’s boyfriend.
“You have been inlove all this while?” Kelly asked her. “And who could that be?”
“Is not your buz..”
“Danie” Lawson interrupted her. “She’s inlove with daniel” he added.
“Oh, now i understand Grace’s behavior towards you” Kelly nodded his head.
“We shouldn’t be talking about this” Cassandra moved forward. “I found a book of my mother which i
think will definitely help in breaking the curse unleashed to young citizens of Kali by the love hunters. I
guess it will also help in bringing Daniel and Ruth back”
“Then what are you waiting for? Break the curse!” Kelly shouted.
“If i remember vividly, i said i think, which means I’m not sure!” she replied. Suddenly, her phone rang-
Mrs Jonas was calling.
“Hello, mother”
“Cassandra you have to come now, i have found how to break a curse!”
“From the book” she cut the call.
“Who was that?” Lawson asked.
“My mother, she said she has found how to break the curse” she opened the door and walked out
briskly followed by Lawson, Kelly and Thessy.
Cassandra banged the door opened in a hurry followed by others. Then Mrs Jonas stood up with the
book then handed it over to her. “Just read this passage” she said.
Everywhere became quiet as all waited for Cassandra to read. She began to read. But stopped at a
moment. She glanced at her mother.
“What is it my child?”
“Mother, it is written that a victim must place his or her hand on the book”
“I will do that” Thessy moved forward and gently placed her hand on the book in silence breathing
heavily in fear. She looked at Kelly. Cassandra began to read again. As she read, a light shone on the
book steadily. Few seconds later, she stopped and glanced at Thessy’s back to see if the mark has gone.
She shook her head negatively.
“Well, did it work?” Kelly asked while Thessy stared at her for a positive response.
“No, it didn’t work?” Cassandra replied.
“Fuck!” Kelly shouted and embraced Thessy who ran to him instantly in fear.
“Now, what are we gonna do?” Lawson asked, raising his hands in the air.
“I don’t understand” Cassandra stared at the wall. “It suppose to work” she added still staring at the wall.
Suddenly, her eyes closed again. She saw the dead looking human being still digging up the grave under
the vibrating tree in the dark bush. As he dug, the sand flung up in the air without being seen. Then the
book appeared in front of her where she saw ‘page 16’
“Cassandra, my child” Mrs Jonas interrupted her physically before she opened her eyes. She began to
open the book to page sixteen in a hurry without responding to her mother. Everybody stared at her.
She paused and began to read with all seriousness. She suddenly stopped then looked at everyone.
“You are scaring me” Thessy said.
“Did you see anything?” Lawson questioned.
“The curse cannot be broken without being at the source or with the person who laid the curse”
Cassandra responded.
“What dose that mean?”
“That simply means the person who laid the curse has to be with me. He or she is the person to place
hands on this book”
“But we don’t even know the people or person who laid the curse” Kelly spoke up.
“I have already told you the people who laid the curse” Mrs Jonas began. “They are the lovers who were
killed years ago by jealous and wicked citizens of Kali long before you were born”
“But they are dead, how can we find them. We don’t even know where they are buried”
“I think, i know” Cassandra said. “I usually see two graves in the dark bush, i think that’s were they were
“Then how can we get there? Even though we get there, how can they place their hands on the book?”
“The sand from thèir graves will do that” Cassandra replied.
To be continued

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