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Deadly Mark — Episode 13

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 13
Story Continues..

Time: 9:30pm

The heavy rain began to slow down but thunder and lightening took over the weather just like
Cassandra had foreseen. The night got darker and weary as time passed by.
Thessy was already in tears in Kelly’s arms staring at his lovely and charming eyes. She could also see his
attractive beards. The room was bright enough to see their faces. Thessy gradually touched Kelly’s face.
“Am i gonna die?”
“No, you will not die! Not when I’m still alive”
Thessy smiled still touching and looking at his face. “We will get married, right? And have lovely and
handsome kids like you”
“Yes, my love. Just don’t be afraid”
“I’m no more afraid because I’m in your arms”
Kelly gave a weak smile nodding his head positively in tears..
Cassandra remained speechless after d phone called conversation Lawson had with Kelly. It was obvious
that Thessy was the next to die. So Lawson also remained quiet. Only the sound of the car whipper and
the engine were head inside the car. The taxi driver saw that the road was too lonely and dark, then he
pulled over.
“What’s wrong?” Lawson asked him.
“I can’t go further”
“But why?”
“I said i can’t go further! You guys should get down from my car!”
“Mother, is the place still far?” Cassandra asked.
“Just a mile remaining”
Meanwhile, Lawson had gone down from the car, walked towards the driver’s door. He opened it
forcefully and hit the driver to unconsciousness then carried him into the boot of the car. Mrs Jonas
gasped in fear.
“What do you think you are doing?” she asked Lawson

“I’m doing what should be done” he started the car and drove off. Cassandra remained quiet but was
surprise that someone like Lawson could do such a think to a poor driver. Lawson adjusted the front
mirror of the car and his eyes caught with Cassandra’s on the mirror. Silence took over.
Few minutes later, they stopped in front of the building.
“This is the house” Mrs Jonas said without stepping down.
Cassandra and Lawson came out. She saw the three trees and flowers, at that moment a thunder with
lightening stricked again which made the local house visible. The roof had been damaged with open
windows. Even a grass was seen on the roof.
Cassandra began to move towards the house. Seeing that, Lawson followed her immediately. Only Mrs
Jonas remained inside the car and the driver in the boot, still unconscious.
Cassandra slowed down when she climbed the stairs. The thunder stricked again to enable them see
cobwebs and damaged pot and cushions. Before them was a door which led to another room. Cassandra
gradually opened it, but gasped when Lawson mistakenly kicked a pot.
“What’s wrong with you?!” her voice came like a whispering tube that loses air.
“I’m sorry, my bad, my bad” he apologized.
They entered the room. She saw a metal box which she cracked opened and cockroaches ran out of it.
She brought out a book from it. Instantly, a strong wind started blowing.
“Lets get out of here!” Lawson exclaimed.
Cassandra wanted to move but the wind blew the book off from her hands. She grabbed it by force, yet
the wind kept dragging the book with her. Her gown flung up, exposing her white pant covering her
attractive butt. Lawson held her waist then began to drag her backward until she was free from the
strong wind. They began to run towards the car, pursued by a tornado which carried dead leaves and
sticks. Mrs Jonas gasped from the car when she saw them running.
“Get inside the car!” Lawson shouted
Cassandra entered waiting for Lawson to start the car but it didn’t start.
“What’s wrong?”
“The demn car doesn’t wanna start anymore! Shit!” he replied.
They could see the tornado coming with a dangerous force. Before it could get to the car, it started and
Lawson drove backward with speed. He reversed and took off to the main road.
“It think we lost it” Cassandra looked back without seeing the tornado again.
“Are you with the book?”

“What book?” Mrs Jonas looked at Cassandra’s hands.
Suddenly, the driver regained consciousness hitting his hand on the boot. “Get me out of here you
bastard!!” he shouted hitting harder. Lawson glanced at the front mirror again and saw Cassandra
smiling, then he also gave a weak smile.
At their destination, in front of Mrs Jonas house, Lawson pulled over. Cassandra entered into house with
her mother before he opened the boot letting the driver out.
“You bastard! How dare you put me in such a place?!”
“I’m sorry, sir, but here is your money” he handed a bunch of money to him which obviously rendered
him silent. Seeing that, Cassandra smiled from the window.
“Son of a bitch!” the driver put the key in the ignition and drove away.
Lawson entered, waiting and looking at Cassandra for a solution. “What’s the book all about?” he asked.
“I don’t know” Cassandra replied.
“Then open it!”
Everywhere became quiet as Cassandra opened the book and a bright light shone into her eyes from it…
To be continued..

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