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Deadly Mark — Episode 12

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Episode 12


The government hadn’t gotten a solution to put an end to the return of the deadly mark. Of course they
wouldn’t because it isn’t a physical battle which could be conquered with physical weapons.
Mrs Jonas’ parlour was as quiet as a grave yard but the ringing sound of Cassandra’s phone made it
lively. Lawson and Mrs Jonas stared at Cassandra who looked at the strange number on her phone. She
quietly took the phone and glanced at Lawson.
“The number is strange”
“Let me see” Lawson drew closer. “It is the number! The one that called me! Don’t pick it!”
“Please, my child, don’t pick the call” Mrs Jonas supported.
Cassandra stared at Lawson and gradually placed the phone on her ear still looking at him. Immediately
she felt her eyes closed again; She could see herself entering an old local building without her legs
carrying her-but she was in motion. Thunder and lightning took over the atmosphere as she moved. She
could see flowers and three trees standing in from of the local building. Suddenly, she began to move
faster entering into the building. She saw a box by the help of the lighting from the sky…
“Cassandra! Cassandra!!” Lawson interrupted her by shaking her vigorously in the physical. “What did
he say?”
“The person that just called you!”
Cassandra looked at her phone strangely as if she had never seen it before. Then look at Lawson again.
“I didn’t hear anything”
“You mean nobody talked through that phone?”
“Yes, but i saw something” she looked at her step-mother.
“What did you see my dear” the mother asked.
“An old building with three trees and flowers…”
“Oh mine!”
“Mother, what is it? Do you know the place”
“That’s your father’s old house. It was actually where you were born”
“And where is..” she paused when Lawson gradually touched her neck surprisingly. “Lawson what is it?”
“You’ve gotten the mark, Cassandra” he replied.
“No, that cannot be true” Mrs Jonas rushed to see it. She saw the mark at the exact place where Daniel’s
“Mother, you need to take me to that house now!” Cassandra shouted and walked towards the door.
“I’m following you!” Lawson supported, walking towards the door too but Mrs Jonas stood behind. She
quivered in fear….
Grace wore a short fairy knicker and a top which exposed the size of her attractive breast without bra.
She was sitting in the parlour watching news of how people were dying due to the deadly mark.
Suddenly, her mother walked in with a cup of coffee, she handed it to her and sat down too.
“Mummy, why have i not gotten the deadly mark?”
“Probably because you don’t love anyone”
“But what of Daniel? I was inlove with him”
“I don’t think so my dear, maybe it was just a lust. It is even better that you didn’t or don’t love anyone
Grace kept quiet, feeling ashame for not knowing how it feels to be inlove.
“Mother lets go!” Cassandra persuaded her mother as she and Lawson looked at her from the door.
“But is already late my child”
“I don’t care, mother. I need to get there now!”
Mrs Jonas slowly took a jacket and a torch light. Lawson opened the door for them to begin the horrible
journey. Instantly, rain began to fall which made Mrs Jonas looked at Cassandra again in a way that
“Lets go” Cassandra said, handing an umbrella to her. Then they took a cab…

Thessy wore a jean trouser and a white T-shirt. She could be seen running under the rain to Kelly’s
apartment. She was totally wet by the rain when she began to bang at Kelly’s door. “Kelly! Kelly!”
Hearing her voice, Kelly quickly opened the door. She rushed inside.
“Are you okay?!”
“Kelly, i have gotten the mark!”
“Where? Where is it?!”
“At my back!” she replied in tears.
Kelly quickly undressed her then looked at her back. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed when he saw the mark..
Meanwhile, Lawson, Cassandra and Mrs Jonas were on their way to the old building of late Mr Jonas,
Cassandra’s father. Lawson and Cassandra sat at the back seat while Mrs Jonas sat in the front seat.
They could see the rain dropping heavily, making everywhere cold. Lawson occasionally glanced at
Cassandra in the quiet car. On the last time he did, she caught him red-handed staring at her.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” she asked.
“Nothing” he shook his head.
“It better be nothing”
“I’m only wondering.. just..” he paused.
“Just what?” cassandra stared at him.
“Are you not scared?”
“Of what?”
“The deadly mark which you have gotten”
Cassandra wanted to reply but she was interrupted by Lawson’s phone- Kelly was calling.
“Hello bro”
“Lawson, Thessy have gotten the mark!”
“Oh my goodness!!” He exclaimed which made Cassandra looked at him interrogatively. “Please, calm
her down. Do not put more fear into her. Just encourage her. Tell her she will be fine, okay?”
“Okay” Kelly cut the call..
To be continued..

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