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Deadly Mark — Episode 11

The Deadly Mark
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(Love hunters)

Episode 11

The day was getting dack but the beauty of Kali city was glowing like a fresh morning flower due to the
uninterrupted power supply. It seemed to Lawson as if his world has ended when he heard the news
about Ruth’s accident. He began to run halter and skelter, trying to get the spot where the accident
occurred. He finally found it. He could see two policemen walking around the damaged vehicle beside
the road.
“Ruth!” he shouted and began to run. “Where she?!”
“Calm down young man. Who are you?” a policeman asked.
“Are you Lawson?” another asked.
“Yes, i am”
“Who’s Ruth to you?”
“She’s my girlfriend”
The officer exhaled deeply shaking his head pitifully. “We didn’t see her living or dead body, but we shall
investigate to know what happened to her” he assured him.
“Thank you, sir” Lawson replied. He gave them all necessary details they needed and walked out
insearch of her in all the hospitals in Kali city. “She can’t just die like that” he thought as he ran helter
and skelter.
It was totally dack when Lawson sluggishly returned home looking exhausted. He clutched his door knob
and opened it. The room was very dark that even white cloth wasn’t visible. He turned on the light, sat
on the floor with a hand on his head. It was very difficult for him to admit the death of Ruth. Suddenly,
his phone rang, he glanced at it and saw a strange number. He slowly picked the phone and placed it on
his ear. Then waited for someone to say something because the number was stranged to him. He began
to hear scary whispering from the phone which made him listen carefully. Sooner did he hear the cry of
a girl that he recognised.

“Ruth?” he called and stood up sharply. “Ruth? Where are you?”
Lawson didn’t hear anything anymore. The line became quiet but wast still connected. Few seconds later,
a loud scary male voice laughed on the phone.
“Jeez!” he exclaimed throwing the phone on the bed. He only knew one place to go and lay his
observation-Cassandra’s residence. Then he fearfully grabbed the phone and rushed out.
On the other hand, Cassandra laid on the bed thinking and falling inlove with Daniel the more without
the fear of the deadly mark. She stood up wearing a fairy transparent gown which exposed her
underwears. She stared at her biological mother’s picture which hung on the wall. Suddenly, she felt her
eyes closed. She began to see dead people again in a dark and scary bush. She could hear whispering
noises and cries. Sooner did she know that she was moving deeper into the bush without her legs
performing the locomotion. At a place, she saw a vibrating tree which she moved closer to examine. As
she stood under the tree, a drop of blood landed on her head. She looked up to see Daniel and Ruth
hanging on the tree lamenting and crying. “Daniel?” she called in tears. Immediately, the tree began to
move into the darkness. “No! Please, come back!” she shouted in a loud voice which startled her step-
mother physically. She opened her eyes and found herself shedding tears. She looked at the wall but
didn’t see the picture anymore. She saw it when her eyes went to the floor. Then she gradually picked it
up wondering what caused the falling.
Mrs Jonas entered.
“I heard you shouting, what is it?”
“Mother, i saw Daniel!”
“Daniel? Where?”
“I don’t know, is like a bush. I don’t know where it is”
The mother exhaled deeply realising that she must have had the vision once more.
“And i also saw Ruth?” Cassandra added.
“Who’s Ruth?”
“You won’t know her, the one i told you that traveled today”
At that point, they heard a knock on the door. Mrs Jonas rushed to open. While Cassandra slowly hung
the picture back on the wall and followed her step-mother.
“Cassandra!” Lawson bagged in for the second time breathing hastily.
“Lawson, are you okay?”

“I’m not okay, a stranged number called me and i heard Ruth’s voice after which a scary voice began to
laugh over the phone”
“I saw Daniel and Ruth” Cassandra said calmly which slowed Lawson’s heartbeat. He remained silent to
hear more from her.
“What did you just say?” he asked moving forward.
“Has something happened to Ruth?” Cassandra threw back the question coz she had no idea that Ruth
had an accident.
“When? you mean she hasn’t traveled?”
“She had an accident on her way and her body was nowhere to be found” he looked at her steadily.
“Where did you say you saw her and Daniel?” he asked again with all seriousness.
“I don’t know the place but it is in a dack lonely and scary bush”
“We have to locate the bush right now!”
“How can we do that when we don’t even know where to locate it?”
Mrs Jonas stared at them quietly, trying to figure out a bush which could be that deadly in Kali city.
“Can you explain what you saw inside the bush” she asked Cassandra.
“I saw dead people and a vibrating tree where Daniel and Ruth were hanging and bleeding”
Mrs Jonas exhaled again in thought. Suddenly, Cassandra phone rang-the strange number was calling..
To be continued…

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