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Deadly Mark — Episode 10

The Deadly Mark
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(Love Hunters)

Story continues..


Time: 5:45pm

The news of the deadly mark had spread all over the city of Kali. People who had the deadly mark
moved along the road in imagining when they will fall and die. Ruth had Refused to see Lawson or
contacted him for any reason. She tried so had to make sure she forget and get rid of whatever she feels
for him but didn’t work.m to

Lawson walked along the road too in slow motion. He wore a jean trouser and a black jacket which had a
cap-he covered his head with it and put his hands in it’s pocket. He could see and hear a public television
broadcasting about the deadly mark; All young citizens of Kali city are advice to stay away from
relationships or intimacy of any kind from the one they love for the love hunters are back.
government is working so hard to put an end to it…

As Lawson walked in slow motion and listening to the news, he saw a guy who came out from a nearby
building looking handsome with a flower in his hands which he threw inside a nearby trash bin also
walking in slow motion. He could also see people being rushed to the hospital, mortuary and people
crying bitterly. Suddenly, the slow motion vanished when his phone rang-Cassandra was calling.

“Hello, Cassandra”
“Lawson, you need to come over to my house!”
“Wait what is the problem?! Hello, hell..” he glanced at the phone and put it back into his pocket,
turning immediately to Mrs Jonas’s house. Nobody needed to question why he was running because
they knew what had befallen the city which would probably be the reason why he was running.
When Lawson knocked at the door, Mrs Jonas opened it. The volume of a television set circulated the
room. Just before he entered totally, Cassandra hurried to him.
“We have to see Ruth now!” She said.
“What happened?” Lawson spread his hands.

“She has the mark!”
“How do you know!”
“I don’t know! It just came to me.. i just saw it!”
“Oh shit!” Lawson exclaimed and ran out with Cassandra. As they headed to Ruth’s apartment, he called
Kelly who also called Thessy and Grace informing them to come over to Ruth’s apartment.
One could hear the sound of the shower from the entrance of the room where Ruth was bathing. She
heard the sound of the alarm door but ignored it.
“Ruth!” Lawson shouted from out.
Hearing his voice, Ruth hurried up. “I’m coming!” she exclaimed drying her wet body. She quickly
covered her body with a white towel without underwears. She opened the door in a hurry and Lawson
bagged in, looking at all part of her body. He stopped when he didn’t see any mark. Cassandra also
walked in.
“Why did you just look at me like that?” Ruth asked, supporting the towel with her hand. Then Lawson
looked at Cassandra to answer the question thrown to him by Ruth.
“You have the deadly mark, Ruth” Cassandra said.
“What?!” Ruth exclaimed looking, at her body. She rushed to a nearby mirror, yet didn’t see anything.
“But i can’t see it” she turned to them.
“Yes, me too, i can’t see it” Lawson supported.
“It is at your back. Remove the towel” Cassandra replied.
Without minding their presence, Ruth untied the towel and stood stack naked. Her breast was looking
very attractive and cold. On her pubic part was a fairy hair which some grew in roll up to her stomach.
Lawson quickly glanced at her back. “Oh my God! Is true” he shouted.
Ruth walked to the mirror again, turned slightly and saw the mark.
“Does that mean, I’m gonna die or disappear just like Daniel?” she began to cry.
“No, you will not die” Lawson held her. “You are not leaving me”
Suddenly, Kelly and others began to knock at the door which made Ruth dressed up immediately before
they entered.

“What happened?” Kelly asked.
“Ruth has the mark” Cassandra replied in tears.
“Oh God!” Thessy began to cry.
Grace walked to Ruth to see the mark. She saw it and then sat close to the wall.
“I’m leaving this town” Ruth stood up.
“To where my love” Lawson asked.
“To anywhere! And don’t you call me that again!”
“But can it solve the problem?” Kelly asked.
“I don’t care. All i know is that I’m leaving!”
All watched Ruth parked her bag and walked towards the door in tears. She stopped and turned looking
at Lawson. “I pray to have someone like you in the next world. Good bye” she walked out.
“No!!” Lawson cried hitting his hand hardly on the cemented wall. Others began to shed tears too.
Cassandra and Grace occasionally looked at each other without saying a word.


Ruth haired a car to avoid delay and drove alone the road to a park where she would take a bus.
The road was lonely and free from vehicles. She cried as she drove faster..
Few hours later, Lawson’s phone rang as he sat in his room, thinking about the disaster in the city. He
picked the call.
“Hello, am i speaking with Lawson?”
“This is a police officer. A car is found to have an accident and a name called Ruth was found on an ID
card and you are the next of kins”
Lawson stood up. “Where is she?” he asked.
“Her body is nowhere to be found” the officer replied.

To be continue…

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