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Deadly Mark 2 — Episode 9

The Deadly Mark
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(Book Hunters)

#2 in The Deadly Mark Series

Episode 9


Ruth heard Lawson’s car parked outside when she placed lunch on the table. She wore a transparent
gown and a flat footwear which had a hairy round shape on top of it. She opened the door and gave
Lawson a peck without saying a word.
Lawson wasn’t also looking happy which got her worried.
“Did anybody offend you?” Ruth asked.
“I just can’t stand the presence of that girl” he replied.
“Which girl?”
“The one called Nelikita”
Ruth waited to remember where and when she heard that name. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “The girl Kelly
ran after last night”
“Yes, she came to his apartment recently before i angrily walked out”
“But i don’t see anything wrong with her. She saved Kelly’s life”
“In as much as Cassandra doesn’t trust her, i don’t trust her too”
Hearing that, Ruth frowned her face and suddenly became quiet, walked towards the dining table.
“Lunch is ready” she said and sat down to discuss with him how she wanted to go back to her own
apartment because they were not yet married.
Lawson sling his jacket and sat down to open the food but his ringing phone prevented him.
“Lawson! I think Cassandra has been attacked!” Daniel shouted from the phone.
“What?!” Lawson stood up sharply. Then the line went dead.
“What is it?!” Ruth asked.
“Cassandra has been attacked” he replied taking his car key and Ruth followed him out.
Cassandra struggled with the hunter. She could perceive the smelling odour coming from his deadly
body. She disengaged his hands from her neck then ran towards the wall.
“Where is the book? Give it to me or you die”
“You will never have the book!” Cassandra exclaimed boldly and rushed to where the book was, she
grabbed it and began to read in Kalish. Seeing the light and power from the book, the hunter covered his
eyes and staggered backwards. As Cassandra read, she turned around in a way she blocked the opened
Nelikita, Daniel and Kelly banged the parlour door opened.
“This way!” Daniel led them to Cassandra’s room. He knocked and pushed the door but it didn’t open.
The hunter, hearing the noise from the door and seeing that Cassandra had blocked the window where
he suppose to jump out, he looked for a way to leave the room, but the light and power from the book weakened him. Therefore he forcefully ran towards Cassandra and pushed her through the window with
the book. Just before then, the door cracked opened and Nelikita stretched her finger, then Cassandra
found herself hanging inbetween the window making the hunter to fall off alone. Nelly drew her finger
backward followed by Cassandra back into the room with the book in her hands.
Daniel ran to Cassandra and hugged her tightly. “Thank God you are okay” he said.
Cassandra stared at Nelikita from Daniel’s shoulder as she reciprocated to the hug and Nelly gave her an
attractive smile. She was expecting Cassandra to thank her for saving her life, but her expectation
proved abortive.
At that time, Lawson and Ruth rushed in.
“What happened?” Lawson question looking at everybody and the scattered room with sling clothes.
“A hunter attacked me” Cassandra replied as she led all to the parlour with the book in her hands
followed by others. Nelly was the last person to leave the room. She looked at it once more and left.
All stood in circles again.
Only Grace wasn’t there.
“Where is the hunter now?” Lawson broke the silence.
“He has run away. thanks to..” Cassandra looked at Nelly to remember her name. She couldn’t, so she
said, “She saved my life”
Lawson looked at Nelly but didn’t say anything.
“My name is Nelikita, you can call me Nelly” She introduced herself again.
“Well, thank you, Nelikita” Cassandra appreciated.
“You are welcome, i guess that makes us friends”
Cassandra stared at her without responding. “Who are you? I mean how come you got such power?”
she asked.
“I was born that way”
“Excuse me?”
“I inherited it from my parents”
“Where are your parents?”
“They are dead. I only have a brother named Hector”
“Do you know anything about what just happened now?”
“No, i don’t” Nelikita looked at Kelly knowing fully well that he had told her about the hunters and the
book and she was there for the book too.
“What power does your brother have?” Lawson asked her.
“He can take that book without you seeing him” she replied, then Cassandra handled the book properly.
“What do you mean?” Ruth also asked.
“He runs like a wind. He can get to Chicago in just a few minutes”
All looked at each other in surprise.
Nelly and Kelly were together in his apartment. While Grace prepared for what she called a dinner date
with Hector. Her room looked classic just like their house. Mrs Vicker opened her door and saw her
“I guess you are going out with Daniel this evening” she said.
“Yes, Mummy” Grace lied.
“Well, don’t be long”
“Okay, Mummy”
Mrs Vicker left, suddenly Grace’s phone rang-Hector was calling..
To be continue…

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