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Deadly Mark 2 — Episode 5

The Deadly Mark
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(Book Hunters)

#2 in The Deadly Mark Series..

Episode 5

Kelly looked charming in the room as he stood before Nellikita trying to kiss her. He wore a jean trouser
and a T-shirt, on his cheek were attractive beards which lined up from his cheek round his jaw. Nelly
couldn’t move because he had charmed her already with his handsomeness. And their lips were about
to meet together before Kelly found himself gradually going upward thereby proving the law of gravity
wrong-Nelly was doing that with her power.
“What are you doing?!” Kelly exclaimed. “Pull me down!” he added, yet Nelly kept taking him up with
only her finger stretched in the air.
Kelly’s head came incontact with the ceiling, he could see all corners of his room and attractive breast of
Nelly which pumped out from her bra. Inbetween the breast was as fresh as a cucumber. Nelly smiled as
she looked at him from the floor still with her finger pointing forward and upward.
“Pull me down, now!” kelly shouted but she never said a word. Sooner did Kelly feel his body moving
forward still hanging in the air. He landed on the bed before Nelly met him there. She gradually laid on
top of him and kissed him.
Experiencing her soft lips, breast and most of all, her beauty which cannot be resisted, Kelly held her
across her back kissing her passionately. He flung her around in away he was on top. Then Nelly pulled
his cloth off and moved down to his belt. However, Kelly had raised her gown up until he removed it
totally. Only her red bra and pant were seen.. Both became already naked.
Nelly screamed emotionally and romantically, romancing her own breast as Kelly ejaculated in and out
her vagina. Minutes later, she felt a hot sperm on her tummy which she rubbed around her stomach
That same night and time, Ruth had avoided Lawson from the car into his apartment. There was no
trace of smile on her face. She came out from the car, entered into the room and pulled her cloth angrily.
After Lawson had locked the car, he came in to see her in that mood. He also silently undressed and laid
on the bed with her. Ruth faced the wall when he turned to look at her which made him exhaled deeply.
“What have i done? Cassandra is your best friend. How can you think she will do something diabolic
behind you. She is not like that, you should know that!”
“Is not what she can do but what you can do” Ruth responded still facing the wall.
“You think I’m falling for her?”
“What do you think?!” she turned and faced him. “It is written all over your body whenever you are with
Lawson remained quiet thinking of what else to say. “You have to believe me. There is nothing going on
between us” he touched her hair gently. “You are the one i love. Please understand me”
Ruth’s heart was kindled by his soft voice and lovely eyes. So she said, “I love you too, Lawson”
“Come here” Lawson pulled her head closer to his chest and kissed her forehead. Hearing his heartbeat,
Ruth slept off.
Kelly and Nelly were covered in bed with white bedshit in a way their heads were outside. They looked
at each other.
“You really scared me with your powers” Kelly began.
“I’m sorry”
“Where did you get such a power to lift and hang things in the air without any physical force?”
“My parents were supper heroes with supernatural powers. So i inherited it from them”
“Wow! That’s great! Are your parents still alive?”
“I’m sorry” he looked down the floor thinking of how to pickup his boxers.

“What is it?” Nelly questioned.
“I need my boxers” he replied.
Before Kelly could turn his face, he saw the boxers hanging in the air before his face. “Jeez! I love this
your power” he smiled and kissed her.
“So, tell me about your friends” Nellikita requested. “Especially the one that sent me out of her house”
she added.
“You mean Cassandra?”
“Is that her name?”
“Yes, she’s having issues with some people”
“Which people?”
“I don’t know, but she called them book hunters”
Nelly adjusted forward. “I don’t understand” she said.
Kelly stared at her in a moment. “Can i trust you?” he asked her.
“Why not?” Nelly replied.
“She has a magic book wanted by some spiritual and powerful people”
“A magic book?”
“Yes, she’s yet to know why they want the book badly”
Nelly stared at the wall quietly as if tjinking about something.
“Are you okay?” Kelly questioned her before she realised herself.
“Yes, i am” she stood up naked. Kelly could see fairy hair on her private region as she began to dress up.
“Where are you going to?”
“I have to meet my brother, Hector”
“So soon?”
“Yes, we shall see tomorrow” she gave him a peck and walked out briskly.
Nellikita walked faster on the street with her phone on her ear. Nobody was seen on the road except
shadows of flowers and street-light poles. Vehicles were moving faster but scanty.

“Where have you been?” Hector asked from the other side of the phone.
“I know who’s with the book” Nelly said.
“Seriously?! Where are you?”
“624 Pila street”
Within a twinkle of an eye, Hector grabbed her and sped off with the speed of light…

To be continued.

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