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Deadly Mark 2 — Episode 4

The Deadly Mark
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(Book Hunters)

#2 in Deadly Mark Series…

Episode 4

There was no trace of smile on the faces of the remaining people in the room after Cassandra concluded.
Lawson stared and pitied Cassandra as she sluggishly walked towards her room. “Cassandra?” he called
and disengaged himself from Ruth. He moved forward to meet her. Then Grace looked at Ruth to know
how she felt-jealous.
“We are all together on this” Lawson began looking straight into her eyes. “I made a promise to help you
and that i must keep. Don’t take it upon yourself alone, please”
“I do not want to involve you or any of you in this. I won’t bear it if i see any of you die just like Thessy
because of me” tears ran down her eyes as she also looked at him. Then Lawson placed his two hands
on her shoulder.
“Thessy’s death wasn’t your fault. We tried our best..”
“Good night, Lawson” she interrupted and walked inside her room.
“I’m out of here. Come on, let’s go Daniel” Grace walked out angrily but Daniel was still standing. Even
Lawson couldn’t leave the door, while Ruth stood aside watching him. Then Daniel slowly walked out
following by Grace in her mum’s car.
“Isn’t it okay yet!” Ruth provoked. “Or do you wanna join her in her room tonight?” she walked out
angrily leaving Lawson behind.
Of course Lawson came with a car but she didn’t bother to enter. She began to treck with her two hands
inside her black jacket. Lawson came out, entered the car and drove off to meet her.
“I’m sorry, just enter the car lets go” he said from the car, yet Ruth kept walking without giving him a
listening ear. Then he came out of the car.
“What’s wrong with you?! Why are you so paranoid?!” he touched her.
“Get your hands off me!” Ruth stopped. “Or do you think i have not been noticing your closeness with
“With who?”
“Cassandra of course. The way you look at her, talk to her and feel whenever she’s out of your sight”
“Don’t tell me you are just jealous over nothing!”
“Just get lost!” she concluded angrily and began to walk again..
On the other hand, Kelly met Nelly walking briskly on the street. The street lights were on thereby
making their shadow visible.
“Nelly stop!”
“What is it?”
“I have to apologise for my friend’s behaviour. She’s really passing through a lot that’s why she acted
that way”
“I have no business with you or your friends. I shouldn’t have followed you there. Who does she think
she is?!”
“Please, I’m sorry” he stared into her lovely eyes and stretched his hand. “I’m Kelly” he said.
Nelly shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, Kelly”
“Can we take a coffee.. i mean together?”
Nellikita looked at him and gave him an attractive smile…
However, the policemen had gone to the scene where the party took place but they didn’t see any
evidence to trace the cause of the damaged building.
Grace’s car had red colour. Inside it was as comfortable as the body of a woman with large breast-if you
lie on top of her. Daniel remained mute with one of his hands on his head.
“You look worried” Grace noticed.
“I just pity Cassandra”
“She’s passing through a lot” he sat up looking at Grace. “She’s suffering from what she doesn’t know
“I think her mother was a witch. You know what? If you ask me, i will suggest that she give the book to
these hunters and have her life back”
Daniel kept quiet. He stepped down from the car after they got to his apartment while Grace drove
Lawson ran after Ruth once again. “My love I’m sorry. Please, forgive me. Just enter the car lets go”
Ruth started tapping her foot without looking at him. Lawson quickly went back to bring the car, she
entered and they drove off.
Nelly looked at the apartment she found herself-Kelly’s. She could see a typical boy’s room.
“Please, sit down” Kelly dressed the bed and brought two cup of coffee. “So can you tell me more about
“I have already told you my name” Nelly replied.
“I mean how were you able to withstand a wall by just stretching your hands?”
“We were born like that”
“Yes, my brother, Hector”
“You have a brother?”
“Yes” she zipped her coffee and noticed a female Picture on the floor. “Who’s she?” she asked.
“That?” Kelly exhaled. “She was the woman of my life, killed by love hunters”
“During the deadly mark?”
Nelly stood up walking towards the picture. She touched it and turned just to see Kelly behind her. They
stared at each other.
“What do you think you are doing?” Nelly questioned.
To Nelly’s surprise he began to touch her hair. “Thank you so much for saving my life. You look amazing
ever since i set my eyes on you. My heart told me that you are the solution to my loneliness”
Nellikita stood still even when he brought his head to kiss her..
To be continued..

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