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Deadly Mark 2 — Episode 3

The Deadly Mark
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(Book Hunters)

#2 in Deadly Mark Series.

Episode 3

Only the shadow of people could be seen in the dark room. Girls, who were dancing began to murmur as
their eyes roamed around in darkness. Suddenly, a cracking noise came from the roof of the building
which made Cassandra stood up sharply. “Leave the room now!” she shouted and everybody ran
outside except her friends who stood firmly waiting to experience the outcome of the deadly and
strange situation.
“What’s going on?” Daniel asked in the darkness holding Grace tightly.
“Shhh” Cassandra signed moving forward when she heard footsteps coming out of a dark passage.
“Who’s there?” she asked stretching her head.
A dead looking human being roared out of the passage forcefully which startled them. His cloth was
brown and torn at several places, having some blood stain on it. And the skin of his face was rough and
peeled off. There was no hair on his head. “Give me the book!” he groaned staggering forward.
“Son of a bitch!” Lawson exclaimed. He brought out a gun and shut him but he disappeared instantly
which restored a total silence in the room again. Meanwhile, Ruth had held Lawson tightly in fear,
wondering where he got a gun, and Grace attached herself closely to Daniel. Only Kelly stood alone but
was afraid as all waited in silence to know the next thing that will occur. Suddenly, Cassandra saw
herself on the floor, forcefully pushed by an unknown force and the building began to collapse.
“Get out of here now!” Lawson shouted.
Ruth and Grace ran out followed by Daniel. Kelly was closed to the wall trying to dodge falling building
materials. Meanwhile, Lawson had helped Cassandra up and moved towards the exit. Sooner did they
know that Kelly was still behind. They turned and behold the wall falling on him. “Kelly watch out!”
Cassandra shouted opening her eyes widely. Kelly stumbled on a chair and fell again, watching as the
wall wanted to fall down on him. He closed his eyes not to see his death, with his hands covering his
“No!!” Cassandra shouted in a loud voice seeing the wall collapsing on him. But to her surprise, the wall
hung on the air.
“I gatch you!” A female voice said from the darkness with hand stretched towards the wall. One of her
fingers pointing forward too. Then the light came back thereby making the room visible. Lawson a and
Cassandra stared at her silently.
After Kelly had waited to be dismounted by the wall for few seconds, he slowly opened his eyes and saw
the wall hanging in the air.
“Come on, Kelly” Cassandra ran to help him up and out of there before the wall gradually went down
with the hands of the girl. However, Ruth, Grace and Daniel had come back inside to witness the
strange exhibition by the girl who they saw sitting alone, drinking and observing the room. She turned
and saw everybody staring at her. “What!” she exclaimed letting out an attractive smile.
“Who are you? And how did you do that? Cassandra asked.
“Do what?”
“Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I’m talking about”
“You just withstood a collapsing wall without any physical force!” Lawson added.
“Is that an appreciation for saving your friend’s life?!” the girl’s tone changed then everybody kept quiet.
Suddenly, they heard the sound of police vehicles approaching from afar.
“Come on, we need to get out of here now” Daniel said and Ruth led the way followed by Grace and
others. Only Kelly remained inside still looking the girl. He moved towards her. “Come on, let us go!” he
told her.
The girl hesitated at first but followed him immediately into the same car driven by Cassandra.
All stood in circle with their spouse looking at one another except Kelly who stood a bit far from the new
“I demand to know who you are” Cassandra said looking at the girl.
“I’m Nelikita, but you can call me Nelly”
“I demand to know what you were doing at the party”
“Are you kidding me?!” she stepped forward. “Lets forget about it and talk about what happened
“I’m not gonna talk about anything with you and i demand that you leave this house immediately!”
Cassandra commanded.
“Cassandra?” Kelly stepped forward. “You can’t let her go. She saved my life”
“Is okay, i will leave. I never wanted to be in this godforsaking place” Nellikita step out angrily.
“Cassandra, you can’t just let her go like that” Kelly insisted.
“But i don’t trust her” she replied.
They looked at each other silently. Then Kelly walked backwards towards the door with his eyes fixed at
all of them.
“Where do you think you are going?” Cassandra asked him.
“I’m going after her”
“You mean Nelly?” Ruth asked.
“You maybe making a mistake, Kelly” Daniel added.
Kelly slowly opened the door and ran after Nellikita.
The remaining people glared at one another silently again.
“This whole thing is freaking me out!” Grace exclaimed moving forward. “I mean, why will we be
attacked by some stupid book hunters?”
“I’m sorry” Cassandra began. “It is all my fault and my cross to carry. I didn’t mean to involve any of you
in this. So i demand to be alone” she concluded…
To be continue…

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