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Deadly Mark 2 — Episode 10

The Deadly Mark
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(Book Hunters)

#2 in The Deadly Mark Series

Episode 10

“Hi, Hector” Grace picked the call.
“Where should i pick you?”
“You want to pick me?”
“I will meet you. Don’t stress yourself”
“Stress myself? Just tell me where you are and i will be there in just a second”
Grace smiled. “How’s that possible?” she asked.
Due to Hector didn’t want to reveal his power to her, he accepted her suggestion.
“Alright, I’m waiting” he said and cut the call.
Grace wore a tight short red gown. On her feet were also red high-heel shoes. Even her lips and hand
bag had red colour too. She was just looking like a red angel with sexy body and appearance. The sound
of her shoes echoed the whole house as she left..
Nelly was emotionally falling inlove with Kelly. She occasionally laughed at his jokes as both laid on the
bed. Their legs occasionally rubbed against another.
“Tell me about your late date” she requested.
“She was as pretty as you are but wasn’t strong. She was scared of any little thing especially when it
concerns death. She was just a perfect woman any man will longs to have” he looked straight into her
eyes. “But you know what? Thank God I’ve found someone my heart beat for”
“Yes, and that’s you”
Nelikita brought his head closely and kissed him passionately.
“I really want to be friend with Cassandra. How will i do that?”
“You are already friend with her”
“I mean close friend”
“She really needs to trust you before you become her close friend”
“But why does she take me as a bad person?”
“I don’t know, properly she thinks that you are from the book hunters”
Nelikita exhaled deeply. “Can i see her personally before i go?” She requested.
They kissed again.
Cassandra opened her door and saw Nelly and Kelly standing at the door. She became surprise.
“May we enter?” Nelly requested.
Cassandra widely opened the door without saying anything before they entered. She made them to sit
down with her.
“I don’t know why you look at me suspiciously” Nelikita began. “But i understand you and what you are
passing through”
Cassandra kept looking at her, yet didn’t say a word.
Nelly continued, “I can help you in whatever that you are passing through right now. I only want to be
your friend in need”
“She’s only being sincere to you” Kelly added. “She will be a great help to you and your mission to
protect the book”
Cassandra didn’t say a word.
When Nelikita didn’t get a response from her, she stood up and walked towards the door. Cassandra
knew that she needed someone like her especially a female friend to talk to since Ruth had turned her
back on her. So she called her back.
“Please, come back” she said in a low voice before Nelly returned.
“I’m sorry, is just that i find it difficult to trust anybody because of what I’m into” she looked at her. “Can
i trust you?” she asked.
“You can trust me” Nelly replied and they hugged each other. Then Kelly smiled from the other side of
the cushion.
Hector couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Grace. Her beauty was like a charm to him, so he looked at
her lustfully. He was also on a better attire looking more handsome. Then he gently opened a car for her
and they drove off.
The restaurant was a classic one, dim and colourful. Hector sat opposite Grace with a table inbetween
them and glowing with smiles.
“You look amazingly beautiful”
“Thank you, you too”
“Do you have parents?”
“Just my mum. My dad is late”
“Likewise me, my parents are dead. I only have a sister named Nelikita”
Grace’s face changed trying to remember where and when she heard that name. “Nelikita?”
“Yes, do you know her?”
“I don’t think so but the name sounds familiar”
Hector stared at her..
The day was really getting dark when Daniel activated the alarm door of Mrs Vicker. She opened.
“Good evening, ma’am” Daniel greeted.
“Evening” she looked around if she will see Grace. “Where is Grace?” she asked.
“Isn’t she at home?”
“I thought she went out with you. She told me that she was going out with you this evening”
“No, that’s not true”
“Really? Okay, try calling her number”
“Alright, i will do that, thanks” Daniel walked out to dial Grace’s number. While Mrs Vicker went back
inside with the door closed. Daniel crossed the road calling Grace but she didn’t pick the call. Suddenly,
he saw a car parked in front of the compound with Grace and Hector coming out of it. To his surprise,
Grace kissed and hugged him before she entered into the house, and Hector drove off. So he became
sad and heart broken..
Hector met his sister at home where she sat in the parlour and gazing at the ceiling.
“Where have you been?”
“I went for a date”
“A date? With who?”
“With an angle”
Nelly remained quiet.
“We planned to get the book tonight. Let’s go”
“Not now, i still want to gain the girl’s trust”
“You want to make her your friend?”
“Remember we have no time otherwise the hunters won’t give us our precious stone..” Hector sounded
To be continued..


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