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Deadly Mark 2 — Episode 1

The Deadly Mark
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(Book hunters)

#2 in Deadly Mark Series..

Episode 1

The curse rendered on the city of Kali by the love hunters were broken manfully by Cassandra with the
help of a strange and powerful book she was yet to discover the full power of it as time lingered.
It was actually not very late at night when a party went on at a particular building organised by Lawson
for the victory of breaking the curse of the deadly mark. The glamorous room was filled with beautiful
and matured girls and boys dancing uncontrollably with bumshort. Some put on a short skirt which one
could easily see the colour of their pants by slightly bending down. Grace shimmied with Daniel on the
dance floor likewise Lawson and Ruth. Only Kelly was sitting down nodding his head according to the
beat of the hip hop music. Different dim colours of light shone in the whole room rotating like a ceiling
fan. The DJ can be seen at a lonely dark place also nodding his head to the music. As Lawson was
shimmering, he glared all over the room trying to dictate Cassandra’s presence. Ruth noticed it and
asked, “She’s not yet here”
Lawson smiled at her cleverness of being able to comprehend who he was actually looking for. “I
wonder why she’s not yet here” he replied still flowing with the music.
“Maybe she’s on her way”
“I guess so”
They smiled at each other.
Grace wrapped her hands across Daniel’s neck whining her round buttocks in a tight bumshort. Her
stomach was visibly seductive catching the eyes of young boys around. Then she practically kissed Daniel
and whispered in his ears. “How do you feel?”
“I feel alive and awakened”
“That’s the power of love”
She drew him closely and kissed him again.
Ruth noticed Lawson’s restlessness and told him to call Cassandra on phone. Then Lawson smiled and
gradually went outside while she danced to Kelly, grabbing his hand for a dance. Kelly shruggled at first
but kept his drink before moving to the dance floor with her. They began to dance..
Lawson moved tro and fro outside dialing Cassandra’s number severally.
On the other hand, Cassandra was inside a car driving to her late father’s old house where she got the
book. Her attention went to the screen light of her phone. She picked it up.
“Hello, Lawson?”
“Where are you? We have been waiting for you”
“I’m driving to my father’s old house”
“For what?”
“To see if i can get anything that will explain more about my mum and the book”
“But you should have told me so that I’ll go with you”
Cassandra smile, “I don’t want to bother you, is my cross to carry. Thank you for your concern though”
“Please, be careful, I’m waiting”
“Okay, i will be there in a short time”
The line went dead. Cassandra slowly dropped the phone smiling to what she couldn’t comprehend.
While Lawson remained outside refusing to go inside again…
Cassandra stopped the car in front of the old house walking boldly inside it with a torchlight. At every
corner of the house were covered with darkness but she didn’t mind. She entered, pointing the light at
every angle of the room. She could see totem of different shape having human images. She picked it up
and had a FLASH where people tried to take the book from her mother. Suddenly, she heard a sound
from another room and turned her torch sharply. “Who’s there?” she opened the door like a ghost. She
search everywhere but couldn’t find anything informative. She turned back to leave but a whispering
female voice stopped her.
“My child” the voice whispered.
“Mummy?” she pointed the light at a beautiful woman sitting on a broken bed.
“The answer you seek is all in the book. Please, never allow them have it”
“Who are they?” she asked but the woman suddenly vanished which made her returned to her car and
drove off.
Lawson walked in to see Ruth dancing with Kelly. He gave a smile and sat down before picking up a
bottle of drink with his Legs crossed. DJ changed the music from hip hop to blues. Then Ruth pulled Kelly
closer in a way she wrapped her hands round his waist.
“You don’t need to feel lonely” she whispered into his ears but Kelly remained quiet. “Someone who will
love you more than Thessy will come”
“Thank you” he replied.
Grace practically dragged Daniel into a lonely room feeling high by the wine. She kissed him hardly as
she loosen his belt. She finally pulled it down and grabbed his dick the began to suck it very hard. Daniel
opened his mouth feeling the tinkling sensation and touching her hair too. After few minutes, he gently
loosen her bra and began to suck her big attractive breast as they landed on the bed. As he sucked, he
zipped down the bumshort and pulled it off totally. Grace became naked with her legs wide opened.
Then Daniel fixed his finger into her vagina.
“Aaah” she screamed with her eyes closed touching his head. Then Daniel inserted two fingers and rud
faster before he inserted his dick in it moving gently and then faster making Grace to moan and grab him
Lawson stood up when he saw Cassandra..


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