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Dangerous Journey — Episode 9

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(Bell of the past)

Final Episode (Episode 9)

Written Nathaniel Anuma.


Fred drove home to see his door broken. People around told him what happened before he drove
straight to the very mansion of his twin brother, Dennis, where his wife rested.
However, in the mansion, Mr and Mrs Lambert had gone home leaving Edna and Dennis who were
inside the room. Dennis drobbed a voluminous bag before her then sat beside her on the edge of a bed
where she seated.
“What’s this?” she asked looking at the bag.
“They are what I got for you from abroad” he replied.
Edna looked at him, averted her eyes without saying a word or touching the bag. “I’m not in the mood of
receiving anything for now. All I want to know is the way about of my husband and son”
“They will be back dear” he placed a hand on her shoulder which she removed instantly. “I have missed
you, haven’t you?”
Edna stood up. “Dennis, I don’t know what you’re up to but I want to let you know that what happened
before your brother’s wedding was a mistake I still regret till date”
“What mistake are you talking about?” Dennis also stop up. Just then, they heard the horn of a car. Both
looked through the window to see Fred and Charles coming out of it. Edna ran downstairs to see her
husband and son standing at the door of the sitting room. She was amazed at their tattered appearance,
therefore slowed down as Dennis also walked down through the staircase.
Fred behold her wife once again, she wore a tight black gown that exposed her body parts. Her face
didn’t change neither did her hair or beauty .
“My love” she called taking a step at a time to him. “What happened?” she finally met him and touched
his muscular body wondering where they came from. Fred didn’t respond to her then she relocated to
her son who also didn’t say anything.
“Hey, Fred!” Dennis called walking to him.
“Hi brother” Fred met him on the way and shook his hand.
“Take a seat, where have you been and.. and.. why are you looking like this?”
“It’s a long story” Fred sat down likewise Charles and Edna who sat on the same cushion with him.
Dennis was the only one sitting opposite them alone. Just then, Mrs Lambert entered with a bag
containing plates of food she brought for Dennis. She was surprised to see Fred so she sat beside Dennis
to hear their story. Fred narrated the story on how they embarked on a dangerous journey to the forest
Hoom to get his wife, even what they saw and heard.
“Heeehhh!” Mrs Lambert exclaimed clapping her hands. “I said it that this girl is a witch, a wolf in a
sheep clothing!”
“Mother, this is not time to call names!” Dennis shrieked and looked at his twin brother. “What are you
saying in essence?”
“I never sold my soul to the forest of Hoom, so I want to ask my dear wife to please explain why Charles
isn’t my son”
Hearing that, Edna adjusted away from him and began to shed tears as all looked at her except Fred. His
heart boiled with anger facing down and tapping his foot. When he waited without hearing from Edna,
he raised up his head then gave her a sound slap that pulled her down on the floor. “Speak, you slot!!”
Seeing the way the mother fell, Charles began to shed tears too breathing hastily.
“It was a mistake my love” Edna began pointing at Dennis”Your brother made me sleep with him
before our wedding day”
“What?!” Fred and Mrs Lambert shouted at the same time. “You bastard!!” Fred added hurrying to fight
him but the mother held him round the waist in a way he couldn’t get closer to his brother. “I’ll kill you
Dennis!! How dare you stab me at the back!! I will kill you!”
Charles ran out when he couldn’t bear the pandemonium. He entered into the car with tears in his eyes.
Fred had to free himself from the mother and hurried out too while the wife ran after him to see him
entering into the car.
“Fred, I’m sorry!” she shouted in tears.
He didn’t listen to her rather drove out with a high speed back to his house. He sat on the edge of a bed
in his room crying bitterly as Charles watched him.
“Dad?” he called. “Even in the next world, I’ll like to look into your eyes and call you father because you
alone I know”
“What didn’t I do and give to your mother?” Fred lammented. “She’s the reason for my past mistakes
which are ringing like a bell now. Where did i go wrong for my own twin brother to stab me from behind?” he cried then suddenly dried his tears. He instructed Charles to go into his room and freshen
up. After he left, he brought a gun from one of his drawers, hid it behind him then rushed out. He
passed Edna on the road without knowing driving straight to Dennis’ house. He met his mother and
Dennis still in the sitting room then pointed the gun at him.
“Oh my God!” Mrs Lambert shouted while Dennis hid behind her. “Keep the gun down, Fred!”
“I will not mother, and if you don’t get out of the way, I’ll shoot both of you!”
“No, you will not my son”
“Dare me” he shot the gun upward. That made Mrs Lambert to fall thereby creating a space for him to
shoot. Seeing that, Dennis began to run upstairs but two bullets from the gun sent him straight to the
land of the dead. Fred rushed out again while Mrs Lambert ran to meet dead Dennis. She screamed
when she discovered he was dead already.
Back to the residence of Fred, Edna rushed into the room to see it deserted. She sat down on the bed
crying when Charles came in.
“My son, please help me plead to your father” she begged in tears.
“How do you expect the man who’s not my father to listen to me? All that he went through is because of
the love he had for you, but what did you do? You cheated on him. I’m disappointed in you mum!” he
left the room back to his own room.
Just then, Fred came back with the gun pointing it at her. Seeing that, she gasped, went on her
knees rubbing her palms with tears flowing from her eyes.
“Please Fred, forgive me, have mercy on me please. It was just a mistake. It will never repeat itself
“I’m sorry Edna” he pulled the trigger twice on her chest then watched her struggle for life until she
finally took her last breath. Charles ran inside the room at the sound of the gunshots to see his mother
dead. He looked at Fred to see him placed the gun on his own head.
“What have you done, Dad? And.. and.. what do you think you’re doing? kill yourself?”
“I have to end it this way, Charles. Good bye” he pulled the trigger for the last time then fell on his wife.
“Nooooo!” Charles fell down crying bitterly. Just then, Agatha, Sam, Regina and her mother, Becky,
came inside. They had traced the house to that point.
After seeing the dead bodies, Agatha went to the sitting room and began to cry because what she
wanted to prevent finally happened. She predicted it.

On the other hand, Regina and others consoled Charles.

A month later, Sam knocked at Agatha’s door with a rose flower behind him. He dressed casually looking
like a cowboy. Agatha opened then smiled at him. She wore a bumshot and oversized long-sleeve shirt.
“Hey, what are you doing here?”
“To see you, I mean to give you this” he brought out the flower. Agatha’s smiles increased at the sight of
it. She collected and smelt it.
“I like it. Come in”
“Thank you” before Sam finally entered he kissed her surprisingly and said, “I love you, Agatha”
She smiled then returned the kiss which became so intense to the extent the flower fell from her. Sam
closed the door with his leg.
At night, Charles and Regina could be seen on top of a building where they admired the stars in the
sky. They juxtaposed in a way Regina placed her head on his shoulder.
“You know what Regina” Charles began. “I have learnt a lot from what happened to our parents. A silent
bell now can ring in the future. We should be careful with our actions today for it not to affect our
tomorrow, for whatever a man sows he shall rip. Do not kill or commit a crime in other to satisfy the one
you love, for whatever that will be must be” he looked at the stars while Regina strengthened up her
“A life lived very well worth dying for. I’m ready to die for you, Charles if you live upright ” she said.
Both stared at each other romantically bringing their lips closer until they kissed.
“I love you, Lucky Regina” Charles said.
“I love you too, Fred Charles, or should I say Dennis Charles?” she replied.
“I prefer Fred Charles’
They chuckled together and kissed again.


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