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Dangerous Journey — Episode 4

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(Bell of the past)

Episode 4

Written by Nathaniel Anuma.

Lucky suddenly stopped when he noticed that Fred wasn’t following them. He walked back to him then
placed a hand on his shoulder.
“We have to go, man. We’ve started the journey already and there is no going back”
Fred looked up at him with eyes full of droplet tears. “Could it be true that Charles isn’t my son?” he
asked with a shaky voice.
“There is one way to find out. When you find your wife, she’ll tell you the truth. Don’t listen to Ryanie or
whatever she calls herself. We don’t even know who she is, she’s a total stranger to us” he left his
shoulder then stretched his hand for him to grab. “C’mon man, let’s go”
Fred grabbed the hand as an afterthought, stood up and followed him. They met up with Agatha and
Ryanie who led the way taking her steps simultaneously with her staff. They could hear the chirping of
birds and crickets because it was getting dark every single minute. Sooner did Agatha stop thereby
making the two men behind her to stop too while Ryanie kept walking, but turned when she noticed
that they had become static.
“What’s it?”
“We wanna know who you are” Agatha replied. “Who are you and where are our friends?”
Lucky stepped forward. “It seems you know us even before we came here, so tell us, old woman, who
are you?”
“Yes, I know you before you came here because your parents and grandparents were here too” she
moved closer to him as Fred and Agatha watched them and listened attentively. “This is the secret forest
of Hoom where Terena and Gerena , your grandparents, submitted the soul of your mother before you
murdered her in cold blood. Mrs Jennifer, your mother, also introduced your father here to have riches
before Fred murdered him too. For that reason, your wives were taken down to this place for you to
suffer in the quest of looking for them and also die in the process”
Fear gripped the two men to the extent Fred had to come closer to Lucky leaving Agatha behind. They
didn’t know what to say or do but had much questions to ask. Therefore Fred asked, “Why must we pass
through all this and also die? If they want to kill us why didn’t they do it years ago without bringing us

“He who takes the lives of those whom their souls are from Hoom, dies in Hoom” Ryanie replied.
“So we gonna die after saving our wives? Is that what you’re telling us?” Lucky provoked.
“Yes, are you afraid to die? If yes, then why did you kill your own mother, Lucky?” Ryanie’s voice was
calm but heartbroken and provoking too. Hearing that, Lucky began to shed tears.
Agatha stepped out too looking scared of all that she heard. She tied the remaining torn part of her
white shirt round her stomach in a way the stomach became visible. Part of her bra could also be seen
through the torn parts. One could see fairy hair growing from her private region up to her stomach. The
black plain trouser she wore covered some of it.
“Excuse me madam,” she said raising her finger up like a pupil who wants to ask a question in a
classroom. “Please, I’m only a pilot, so I hope I will not die?”
“Nobody who steps his or her feet in the forest of Hoom goes out alive!” she replied.
“Ewoh! I’m finished!” Agatha placed her two hands on her head tapping her feet continuously.
“But you have only one hope” Ryanie continued then all stared at her with ears opened like that of dogs.
“I’m here to help you get what you want and leave this forest without losing your lives”
“Oh, thank goodness!” Agatha shouted.
“Why do you want to help us?” Fred queried.
“Maybe because I’m a good person, so let’s go, we have a long dangerous journey ahead of us” she
wanted to turn but a distant noise interrupted her. Others heard the pandemonium then wondered
what it could be. It sounded like where thousands of soldiers were running after them.
“Can you hear that?” Lucky broke the silence.
“Yes” Ryanie answered. “they are the dead souls of Hoom reincarnated in form of beasts. Their claws
are longer than fingers and their canines are shaper than a razor blade. It doesn’t take a beast a minute
to devour you without remaining a single fresh”
“So what are we gonna do now!” he asked looking frightened.
Ryanie stretched her staff on his head and said, “If I hit this staff on your empty head, you’ll stop asking
stupid questions! Of course we have to run 🏃!” she led the way running like a sixteen year old girl while
others followed her. It was a surprise to the vibrant young men and a woman that they couldn’t outrun
her no matter the force they applied. After several minutes of running, Ryanie stopped just at the edge
of a cliff which others didn’t see on time and nearly fell into it if not that she stretched her staff across
“Holy shot!” Fred shouted falling back when he saw the depth of the cliff. On its base was a flowing
water. They could also see a wooden bridge which they had to cross to the other part of the cliff.

“I saw a man from the river when I was drinking from it and he called me his son. It makes me think that
my mum cheated on my Dad”
“What does it mean for a wife to cheat on the husband?” Regina smiled. Of course she knew but wanted
to be funny.
“How old are you?” Charles asked her.
“And you don’t know what it means to cheat?” Regina nodded her head staring and listening to him.
“Well, it’s when a wife or the husband makes love to.. “
“I got it” she interrupted while they stared at each other smiling. Suddenly, Charles sighted Sam at a far
distant swinging by the sea shore.
“Hey, look! It’s one of the pilots!” he pointed at him. They ran to him, pulled him out before Charles
practically began to wake him up too. When Regina saw him pressing and breathing through his mouth,
she wondered if he also did that very part to her. She touched her lips in the process and stepped
backward. It’s obvious they were gradually falling in love…


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