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Code Of Conduct


InstaNovella Code Of Conduct

At InstaNovella, we set stories free with the goal of creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone to discover and create.


In order to create an inclusive and respectful space, we want to ensure our readers know what type of content they will discover as well as content they can or cannot post!

Before you take off on your writing journey, please take a peek at the following:

– When you create your username, make sure it’s not hateful or explicit in nature.
– It’s important to respect and protect fellow InstaNovellars feelings, property, and personal information.
– You shouldn’t post anything you might regret in the future or that your peers, family, or mentors might not want to see online.
– You should read our Content Guidelines, Code of Conduct, Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy so you have all the information you need to enjoy InstaNovella and help others enjoy it too!

If you come across any content that violates our guidelines, let us know by reporting it.

Additionally, to learn more about Copyright, please see Copyright FAQ

Comments & Feedback (Don’t hate – communicate!)

Constructive comments are welcomed, as long as they are given in a respectful manner. You may read content that you don’t like or agree with, but we are a platform that celebrates diversity, encourages expression, and fosters a safe and creative environment.

Respecting Others. 

InstaNovella is a global community with different opinions and values. That means that everybody needs to be respectful and polite to other users on the platform. It’s important to be patient and try to imagine things from others’ points of view. We also recommend apologizing if you’ve made a mistake. Kindly contact us if you wish to let us know about it.

Sharing Personal Information.

Behaviour that puts a user at personal risk or, revealing personal identifying information about someone else, such as sharing an image without consent, their name, address, email address, phone number or private InstaNovella messages is not allowed.

Ratings & Tags

InstaNovella encourages writers to rate and tag their own stories appropriately according to our Content Guidelines. Appropriately rated and tagged stories will allow the correct audience to discover your story. If your story is not rated Mature but should be, InstaNovella may make this change to reflect our Content Guidelines.  

Copyright Infringement (Don’t Copy… write it!)

Our writers invest a lot of time and energy into creating their own original stories for our community to enjoy. Please respect your fellow writers and don’t post content that you haven’t lovingly crafted yourself. For more information on copyright and plagiarism, please take a take a look at our Copyright FAQ

Spam (Keep Spam in the Bedroom, Not On InstaNovella 

InstaNovella should not be used for the purpose of advertising goods or services. Spam is not allowed on InstaNovella. Spam involves, but is not limited to, contacting people with unwanted and excessive messages or comments (for example: when promoting a story). This can include sending bulk messages and/or comments to people’s stories or private messages. However, you are welcomed to link your published novels that are for sale on your own profile.

Bye Bye Bye…to Reaction Trading

Reaction trading is not allowed on InstaNovella. Vote trading consists of exchanging votes or using votes as a prize for mutual gain. Reactions can be given when a reader supports your work and are intended as a way to show appreciation.

Impersonation (Who Is This?)

InstaNovella is a space where you can be yourself, so please don’t deceive others by pretending to be someone else. Please do not pose as an InstaNovella Staff, Ambassadors, Stars or others. Please note that InstaNovella staff and Ambassador have verified badges on their profile.

Positive Language (Hold Hands, Not Grudges) 

Users have the right to determine their level of engagement, as long as they aren’t abusing, harassing, or discriminating against an individual. Say what you really love doing, rather than what you don’t accept. For example: “I love making Romance Covers” rather than “I won’t make FanFic covers.” Everyone should feel comfortable interacting with each other on InstaNovella, so please remember to treat and talk to people the way you’d like to be treated and talked to. Remember that even if you don’t intend it, your words can be hurtful, discriminatory, or even hateful and a breach our Code of Conduct. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. If you feel like you’re being personally attacked or targeted, please let us know by reporting the user.

Community Values (Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?)

InstaNovella is a creative and global community for our users to enjoy. It’s important to respect the values of the community, but remember that you have a right and a responsibility to help uphold those values too. If you see a post with the aim of upsetting a member of our community, please report it. Expressing opinions about public figures is not in violation of our policy.

Community Behavior.

All interactions in the Community area should be in accordance with InstaNovella Code of Conduct. If you’re unable to resolve an issue yourself, or see a user communicating in a manner you think is threatening, abusive or inappropriate then you should ‘Flag’ the post so our Moderators can help.



We want your experience to be positive and uninterrupted, however if you violate any of our policies, we have a system in place that tracks these violations. In most cases, we’ll send you a warning before we take other measures. Any repeat offenders may have their accounts closed. Users actions are linked to the holder of the account, not the account(s) themselves.