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Clumsy Maid — Epilogue

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By, Dandy Jackson Chukwudi.

It’s been a week since i returned from the hospital and everything is going smoothly and
Brandon is taking me on a date tonight.

i can’t wait.

“Ty do you think this outfit is good?” I asked.

“NO it is bad ,you are not going to a burial Amanda” Ty said.

We went for shopping and we were now at the mall looking for the dress i will be wearing tonight.

“Ohh this one looks great and sexy” Ty said.

“No, it’s too short and too sexy and too revealing” I said.

“That’s the main reason you need to wear it” Ty said as he picked matching shoes with it
“Ahh Tyler look at the price tag” I said whining.

“You are the girlfriend of a billionaire, you better upgrade. Now give me his credit card” she said and dragged it from my hands while i rolled my eyes.

We left the boutique and yonna draged me to the saloon.
I don’t know why she’s putting so much effort in all this.

“You need to change your hair colour” she Said.

“No way!” I replied.

“Ohh yes way!” She said and pinned me to the sit while the hair dresser began applying some stuff on my hair i had no option than to relax not without giving Ty deadly stares.

Soon we were done i looked to the mirror and saw my hair was black with the tips curled. My jaw dropped.
I looked extremely beautiful, I glared at Ty who kept smiling like a child.

“Am sure he’s going to get hard when he see you” Ty whispered to my ears and i blushed.

“Stop it yonna” I said shyly.

“Ohh don’t tell me you guys haven’t done it” she said and i nodded.

“Well me and Peter are on it every single day” she said using her hands to demostrate
“Ewwww Ty stop it” I said and she laughed.

“See you honey” she said and left.
Well I have three hours before the date so i still have time to relax.

i began to bring out the clothes Ty and i bought when my eye caught something, it was a red lingerie.
Very beautiful, but i can’t wear it.
Not even under a cloth.
Ty is very silly.
I put the ligerie in my closet and began preparing.
I wore my silver short gown that hugged my body,bringing out my shape ,i brushed my black hair down and applied some make up ,i wore my heels and picked my small silver purse and looked at the dressing mirror i looked breath taking,i took my phone and walked downstairs catwalking ,i opened the door and saw Brandon in a black tex with his hair falling to his face ,he looked really handsome.

“Amanda” he said in disbelief ,I chuckled and he pecked my cheeks and opened the door for me and i entered.
Brandon kept looking at me through out the ride like he has seen ghost
“You have to stop Brady” I said.

“Am sorry Anda ,you look too beautiful,i can’t take my eyes off you”he said in a baby tone and i went all red immeditely.
We arrived at the venue and the place was empty there only two chairs with candle light as decoration ,it was really breath taking and romantic.
Maybe next time i won’t look this beautiful because Brandon can’t help it. He pulled out a chair for me and we placed our order,danny kept stealing kisses and kept telling me how beautiful i am,this is the best night of my life i wish it never end ,soon we were done and we head out,
“Were are we going to”i ask
“Its a suprise ‘”he said and kiss me ,,soon we arrived at the airport ,he took me to his private jet and we entered ,,i was speechless ,,his indeed a billonarie ,,the jet landed not too long and we came out and entered another car with guards behind welcoming us.
Brandon blindfold my eyes and led me out.

“Are you ready “he asked and i nodded
Take the blindfold off he said and i took it off,we were in a hall with decoration and roses everywhere, and then i saw “WILL YOU MARRY ME” i looked at Brandon and he knelt down in front of me opened the box and i saw a shining diamon ring ,,tears kept falling from my eyes
“Yes Brandon i will marry you”i said he slipped the ring in my hand and jumped exictedly ,he raised me up and kissed me pasionately ,i heard cheers and clapping when i saw Ty ,Peter , Anderson,Kate ,my mum ,my dad ,my friends at the resturant and some other people who looked influential but i dont know them,i kept hugging each and everyone of them ,,this is the best day ever
“Amanda this is my mom and this his my dad” Brandon said introducing me to the old couples they looked stinking rich ,Before i could utter a word the woman hugged me passionately and i returned the hug
“You are really beautiful”she said and i bluhsed
“you are welcome to the family” Brandon’s dad said and kissed my both cheeks

(Wedding day)

“Do you Brandon Micheal take Amanda Jeffrey to be your lawfully wedded wife
“Yes i do
“Do Amanda Jeffrey take Brandon Micheal to be you lawfully wedded husband
“Yes i do”
You may now kiss your bride

•• Amanda••
we were at the hotel from which we will be flying out for our honeymoon ,it been a wonderful day and now i am Mrs Brandon.
Brandon came out of the bathroom while i took the lingerie Ty bought for me and went into the bathroom,,am really nervous ,i took a shower like Ty said and wore the lingerie ,i stared at my firm boobs and body at the mirror before finally having the courage to walk out , Brandon’s gaze met mine and he looked at me immediately ,i was shy because of what i was putting on ,,i walked to the bed and he grabbed my waist immediately and kissed me ,he began kissing my neck and giving me soft bites while his hands were on my boobs ,he placed me on the bed and removed the lingerie to my waist and started sucking my boods while i moaned in pleasure ,he removed the lingerie finally and used his fingers to rub my clit ,and he could feel how wet i am already ,he began kissing from my boobs playing with my nipple ,he kissed down to my waist and started sucking my p***y whlie i kept moaning and thrailing my hand through his hair ,he brought out his fully eret d**k
“I love you Amanda”he whispered in my ears and kissed my lips at the same time insert the tip of his d**k into my p***y ,,i felt a sharp pain and i clinched to him tightly and some tears excaped my eyes he stayed like that some some seconds before thrusting in and out qently, and i began moaning in pleasure ,,soon he emptied in me and kissed my forehead and we cuddle each other.


“mom are you sure daddy can swim “My daughter alicia asked
“Yes hunni” i replied
As we put Brandon in the pool,,like he did to me some years back
Following morning
Brandon yelled as he barged into the room wet ,while me and alicia started laughing and high five
He ran to us and i help my waist and screamed in pain
“I think the baby is coming”i yelled at Brandon.
“Alicia go get my car keys ” Brandon said to his daughter
“Am having a little brother
Am having a little brother
Alicia Kept singing and jumping happily.




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