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Clash Of Desire – Episode 9

Clash Of Desire
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Why did you left me yesterday?” Anastasia asked Pascal on their way to school the next day. “See,Anastasia I’m very sorry for what I did yesterday” Pascal apologized.

“You mean the hugging?” “yes” “but you were only trying to show me something and nothing more, it’s nothing” she claimed.

She expected him to say that it was not only about showing her something, but for the fact that he liked her but he said nothing and they walked to school silently.

At the end of the term, Anastasia came first, Pascal second, Kingsley third and Jane fourth.

During their holiday, one day, Anastasia came out of from their house and saw Pascal sitting very tired in front of their own house. Nobody seemed to be at his house and he looked very sick.

Her heart skipped on seeing him in that condition. She ignored him, went inside and sat down. But still the thought of Pascal been sick and helpless tormented her.

She later gathered up courage and went to him. “Why are you sitting here like this? are you okay?” “no I’m very sick” “very sick? and nobody is around?” “yes” he said as he began shaking.

“Pascal you are shaking, won’t you go inside?” “I want to but I can’t stand up” “okay let me help you”. She helped him up as he leaned on her.

She walked him into their house and made for the cushion and laid him on it. His body was so hot as she touched him.

Knowing fully well that his parents were not around and that no one could presently help him, she decided to help him if not for anything, the fact that she liked him was enough.

She was not a dumb brain, she remembered first aid treatment immediately. She quickly brought water and a piece of cloth.

‘Are my doing the right thing?’she asked herself as she wanted to remove his shirt. She finally removed his shirt, socked the piece of cloth in the water and used it to wipe his body.

She was so serious with what she was doing that in no distant time she was covered with sweat.

Pascal was very pleased to have the person he loved by his side at that moment and also receive this kind of treatment from her. She took money from his bag and bought drugs for him.

After taking the drugs, he gently begged her to take him to his room. She innocently accepted to help him to his room. She helped him up,leaning on her they both headed for his room.

When they got to the room, Anastasia decided to help him lay on the bed due to the act of weakness he had been displaying but he held onto her as she was trying to lay him down.

They both landed on the bed as Anastasia felled on him. They starred at each other without saying a word.

She quickly broke free from him when his lips wanted to touch hers. She stood up and said “take care of yourself, I think someone just called my name” she said and left as soon as possible.

When she closed the door behind her, Pascal smiled to himself wondering if he was actually the one doing this. After school resumption, on 14th February.

The students have really waited for this day to show love to their loved ones. They were taught that Valentine day was never meant for immoral act.

But it’s a day that was mapped out to show love to everyone. The echoes of HAPPY VALENTINE filled the school atmosphere as the students began coming.

Many of the students bought something for their loved ones. Jennifer bought so many things which she would give to Pascal. After the morning Assembly, she was called by a teacher.

Knowing fully well that buying one apple will arouse suspicion, Pascal bought many apples.

Angel started it all, as soon as they entered into the class, she went to Pascal and gave him a package “this is your Valentine gift my dear”. And in return, Pascal gave her an apple. Kingsley went to small Gloria and offered her something.

Getting hold of opportunity, Pascal went to Anastasia” will you be my Valentine? ” “of course I will be your Valentine” she said while looking at him.

He gave her three apples and a flower. He shared the rest of the apples to his classmates. He shared the apples without knowing that Jennifer was not in the class.

After sharing the apples, he went and sat down on his seat. He was a public figure so gifts were coming to him even from other classes because he was loved by the students.

Many junior students admired him a lot. Girls from other classes who have crush on him brought gifts to him.

All these gifts would be meaningless if he fails to to get a gift from a single person. A person he so much wanted to receive something from.

He hopefully expected to received something from Anastasia but Anastasia seemed not to notice him. She was less concerned about him as she was busy giving things to others and never looked his way for once.

Almost all the girls in the class gave him something but Anastasia do not care to. She even shared gifts to those who gave her nothing.

But why was his own different? despite giving her apples and a flower still she gave him nothing. Is she angry with me? what did I do to her? does it mean that she doesn’t like me?.

He was so sad and disappointed that he nearly cried. How could she give to others and exclud him? what’s wrong?

After answering the teacher, Jennifer ran up the stairs. She met Emmanuela on the stairs eating apple. “Hmm,Emmanuella who gave you this one?”

“It’s Pascal, he shared many apples” “to who?” “to our classmates” “he must give me my own” she said as she quickly rushed to the class and made for Pascal’s seat.

Pascal was still engulfed in his agony when she came. Pascal saw her coming and starred at her. “Where is my own?”

she asked as she was all smiles coming towards him. “Oh didn’t I give you anything?” he surprisingly asked. “No” “were you not in the class?” “no I was not” “hei! I did not even notice that you were not around.

I shared all hoping that I shared to everyone” “I hope you’re joking right?” “It’s no joke, I’ve shared all I came with” “you’re not serious” “please I’m sorry, I will try to make it up to you”. She could not believe it but she shamefully and quietly left.

It was supposed to be a happy day, everyone was happy but Pascal was dull and sad. His friends became worried about him especially Kingsley.

He was happy when he came in the morning but they could not pinpoint why his mood suddenly changed.

When the school dismissed, the students happily went home except Jennifer who angrily left on time with the things she bought.

It was a very bad day for her. Anastasia asked Pascal to wait for her so she could finish her work with one of their teachers. Of course he waited but he wasn’t his real self. He despised himself for having feelings for someone who did not care about him.

All the students have all left, he had started getting impatient when he saw Anastasia coming. He quickly carried his bag and stood up to leave” let’s go “he immediately said as she entered into the class.

He had started walking towards the door when she called his attention” Pascal wait “. He eagerly turned to her” what’s it ?” “I want to give you something”.

His heart gladdened as he heard that but he wanted to be sure” you say what? ” I want to give you something ” she repeated. “What’s that?” he curiously asked.

“Pascal I saw all the things you received today, they were all material things that’s why I did not and don’t want to give you anything of that sort.

I want to give you something more valuable than material things. It’s extraordinary because nobody gave it to you today” “what could that be?” he asked as the smile that has disappeared from his face for so long reappeared again.

“Just close your eyes” “my eyes are closed” he said as he close his eyes. Anastasia went to Pascal and hugged him “would you accept my pure heart as a gift?”

“It’s such an expensive gift,can you afford to give that to me?” Pascal doubtfully asked.”but that’s exactly what I’m giving to you ” “a person’s heart is his or her life, so do you still want to give that to me?”

“Yes Pascal” “then why should I object? I accept your gift and thank you so much for giving me this much.



This is unbelievable, so Pascal and Anastasia had something going on between them?these two are very dangerous ooo, so they liked each other all this while, Kingsley thought as he secretly watched them.

He had come back to get what he forgot in the class and met Pascal and Anastasia hugging each other in the class.

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