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Clash Of Desire – Episode 8

Clash Of Desire
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Jane became too close to Anastasia that they almost became inseparable. The four friends like each other so well that they began doing things together.

Anywhere you see Anastasia then you must surely see the rest. With her great wisdom and intelligence, Anastasia influenced her friends.

Among all the girls in their class they happened to be the best in. The three girls tried to emulate Anastasia in every single thing.

Jane Sat together with Anastasia at the front row while small Gloria sat together with Precious at the second row behind Anastasia and Jane.

And that became their permanent sitting position. They acted in a way that they were seen as a group having their leader as Anastasia and they don’t joke with their studies.

Later their classmates began to call them “THE F4″(gotten from boys over flower). These four girls were respected by their boys because they don’t take shit just as their leader.

Of course there were also boys who tried to emulate from Pascal. So they became very close to him.

Pascal and his friends sat next to each other at the first row just as Anastasia and Jane. The first row started with Anastasia and ended with Pascal.

Anastasia’s and Jane’s locker were placed together and a space was created after the two lockers for easy passage. The next people after the space were Michael and Collins, then another space was created after which you would see Kingsley and Pascal sitting together.

That is to say that the students sat in twos with two spaces created by the sides of the middle sitting column. Pascal, Kingsley, Michael and Collins also became close friends.

The whole school was as quiet as a grave yard when the principal warned that he would not want to hear any noise from any class.

The teachers were having conference so no noise was needed since there will be no teacher in any class.”

Do you see my money? “small Gloria quietly asked precious who was sitting with her.” No”precious surprisingly answered.

“Oh my God! I’m dead where will l even start?” small Gloria said at the verge of having tears drop from her eyes.

“How much is that?” Precious asked. “My school fees” “Jesus Christ! your school fees? this is serious”precious said.” What’s the problem?

“Anastasia whispered as she noticed that something was wrong.” She’s looking for her money “precious said.” Her money? how much ” “her school fees” precious replied.

“Hei! where do you keep it?” “In my school bag” small Gloria sobbingly replied. “And where are all these murmurings coming from?” a teacher who was supervising the classes asked as he entered and detected noise from their class.

Everywhere became calm as soon as he entered. “For the second time,who and who were just talking now because I heard some voices” the teacher asked looking at the students.

Nobody wanted to talk but just then someone stood up “teacher it’s Anastasia and her group” Jennifer shouted. “Anastasia and her friends?

Anastasia, you of all people? disturbing the whole school? I can’t believe it, that means you will definitely pay the price for disturbing the school” the teacher concluded.

Yes that’s what I’ve always wanted. Make sure you flog her very well. Look at her, she no even fine pass me,Jennifer thought.

“Since you and your friends were disturbing the quietness of these school you have to be punished according to our school rules and regulations, so four of you should come out here and kneel down” the teacher declared.

She never knew that her gentle whisper could be termed noise making. She quietly stood up from her seat after all she talked. “She did not make any noise sir” a voice said.

“Who said that?” the teacher asked as he turned to see Pascal standing up.”She was only trying to help her friend find her missing school fees”Pascal defended.

How did he know that they were looking for money? Anastasia thought. “Her friend’s school fees” the teacher asked as he turned to Anastasia and her friends “whose school fees?” he asked them.

“mine sir”small Gloria indicated by raising up her finger. “And where do you keep it?” “Sir I put it in my bag” she cried.

“That means you are the owner of this money” Kingsley said as he saw tears streaming down from small Gloria’s eyes and raised a folded money.

“How much is your money?” the teacher asked small Gloria. “it’s ten thousand naira” she replied. “It’s yours, come and have it,I picked it from the staircase” Kingsley said.

“Thank you so much, God bless you” she said as she collected the money from Kingsley. “Gloria why didn’t you pay that money since morning?”

the teacher asked “the bursar was not around then” “you’re very lucky it did not fell on your way to school. Better check that disappointing bag of yours and amend it.” Okay sir,thank you ”

“you don’t have to thank me just thank Kingsley, and you must do that in a special way”the teacher said to her.” But I’ve thanked him already “she surprisingly said.” I said in a special way “the teacher said.”

In a special way? “small Gloria confusingly asked.” So don’t you know that you will thank him in a special way since he picked up and kept your money safely for you “Pascal teased her and all the students began to laugh except Jennifer who was disappointed by the turn out of things.

She had wanted the teacher to flog Anastasia and her plan would have come true if not for Pascal’s intervention. But why would he interfere? and ended up making her to look like a bad person.

” don’t mind her, oya four of you sit down. I don’t want to hear any other atom of noise from this class again. And you Anastasia, make sure you write down the name of anybody who makes noise.

Are my understood? “he said as he held his ear. ” yes sir”Anastasia said and sat down
with her friends.

During break time, small Gloria bought something and went to Kingsley.”take “she said handing out something to him.” take what? “Kingsley surprisingly asked.”

this ” “what for?” “for appreciation” “appreciation for what?” Kingsley asked as he adjusted his seat.”for picking my money and returning it” “oh because of that?” just forget it “why?” “You bought this because of what the teacher said right?” he amusingly asked.”no”she said.

“Then why?” he asked looking firmly at her. “Because I wanted to” she said. “Alright but thanks” “meaning?” “meaning that I don’t want to take” “and you expect me to take that? it seems you don’t know me ooo.

You must take this because you touched my money, if not I won’t leave here” she said as she positioned herself properly in front of him. “Okay, okay bring it,I will take it” he finally gave in.

“Thanks” he said as he receives what she bought for him. After that she left. Kingsley was so happy that at last this girl paid attention to him. He liked her but did not know how to go about it.

I’ve been waiting for you to thank me in a special way “Pascal said to Anastasia on their way going home and the path was very lonely. ” thank you in a special way for what ?”Anastasia surprisingly asked him.

“For making the teacher not to flog you” he said. “Do I suppose to thank you for that?” “Of course”. She had wanted to thank him for that but would she go all the way from her seat to his seat just to say thank you?”.”

Okay, thank you, are you now satisfied? “she asked him.” No I’m not ” “why?” “I said in a special way” “what special way are you talking of? I don’t know what you’re talking about” “okay, should I show you?” he asked looking intently at her.

“Yes go on”. At the middle of the lonely path, Pascal kindly dropped his bag,drew her very closer to himself and hugged her. Anastasia was speechless, she couldn’t move an inch.

She was taken unaware, she never knew that Pascal could hug her. She did not even know what to feel about the unexpected intimate hug.

It was indecent of them to be hugging each other at the ungodly hour of the day all alone in a lonely path. But still, she did not want him to break away from her. It felt so good to be that close to Pascal, she thought. She had just realized it,she like him so much .

The hug lasted for few minutes, she was about putting her arms around him when he suddenly broke away. He quickly took his bag and walked away from her.

What is wrong with him?for Christ sake his feelings for her was taking a better part of him. His feelings for her had grown so much, it overpowered him that he had to hug her for minutes on the road?

has he gone crazy? how would he even explain this? how would she feel if she finds out that he loves her?he thought.

Anastasia stood still as she watched Pascal go,her heart was greatly racing because of what she was feeling for Pascal but what could that be? she looked around to know if anyone saw them and then she continued her walk alone.

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