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Clash Of Desire – Episode 7

Clash Of Desire
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During break time, the class was too noisy so Pascal came out of the corridor. He really missed George, had it been that he was there he wouldn’t be this lonely.

He was startled when someone tickled the sides of his stomach from behind.

He quickly turned to see Jennifer smiling at him. The wet lips she applied in the morning has lost it’s effect on her lips so she applied a new one “why are you here all alone?” she asked him as she came very close to him.

“the class is very noisy so I decided to stay outside” “you should have called me to keep you company, take” she said while giving him some of the things she bought from the canteen. “No thanks” Pascal said rejecting her offer. “You can’t be serious Pascal”

“don’t worry I’m okay” “are you rejecting what I’m giving to you?” “it’s not that I’m rejecting your offer but I don’t feel like eating biscuit” “then what would you want to eat?” Jennifer asked with all seriousness.

“Nothing” “nothing? Pascal I’m not happy about this thing you’re doing and you did not even tell that you packed out” she said pitifully.

“When do I suppose to tell you that?” Pascal asked “don’t you know my house?” Jennifer asked him. “But I traveled when we packed out” “alright, but is it true that you’re living with Anastasia?” she asked.

“Yes any problem?” “yes” she said as her hatred for Anastasia grew.”what’s the problem? ” “take this biscuit or you leave me with no other option than to put it into your mouth” she said as she brought out a piece of biscuit and moved more closer to him.

Seeing that she meant what she said and that she would even do the worst if he fails to comply,he collected the biscuit from her. When the school dismissed, Pascal waited for Anastasia and both of them left together.

“Why is your face like that?” Pascal asked as he observed her facial expression. “Nothing” she said. “are you not happy going home with me?” “I….I….I am”she stammered.”

It really feels good to have you back in our school again. Do you know that I nearly changed school also? ” “why?” Anastasia asked him. “because you wanted to change ” he answered “it sounds funny right?” he asked Anastasia as he saw her smiling.

The next morning, Pascal prepared for school and waited for Anastasia. They both left together as they discussed about school as they went .

On their way to school, Pascal suddenly stopped.”what’s wrong? “Anastasia asked him ” I just forget something at home ” “and what will you do now?” she asked.

“I have to rush back home and get it” “should I wait for you?” she asked him. “No you have to go so that you won’t be late but you have to carry my bag with you”he said giving her his bag.” Your bag? ” she asked surprisingly.

Pascal’s bag is not an ordinary bag. It’s very beautiful and expensive and it suited a person of his stature. Only the scent that emanates from it is enough to make someone yearn for it,just to touch and feel it.”yeah,it’s not too heavy ”

“this bag is heavy ooo, can’t you run fast now, come back so that we could continue” she suggested as she gauged the weight of the bag.”No I don’t want you to be scolded for being late “Pascal said.”

Then, what about you?”Anastasia asked. “It would be better if I’m the only one that came late” “okay then” Anastasia slowly nodded and left with his bag while Pascal ran back home.

She was so sad of his sudden departure, she was beginning to enjoy his company but just then, he left.
Seeing Anastasia entering into the school compound with Pascal’s bag, Jennifer nearly ran mad.

The bag she had wanted so much to touch the previous day. She even came to school early this morning hoping to meet Pascal in school. But instead she just saw this MISS KNOW ALL coming to school with his bag.

She patiently waited for her to climb up the stairs. “Where is Pascal?” Jennifer quickly asked as soon as Anastasia landed at the third floor of the school building.

“He is coming” she answered as she kept moving. “Why are you with his bag?” “It’s a long story” “then cut it short” Jennifer shouted. “And if I choose not to?”

Anastasia asked her. “Then keep it to yourself, nonsense” Jennifer said as she turned away from Anastasia and fixed her eyes at the road.

Anastasia entered into the classroom and hung Pascal’s bag where he normally hangs it. Jennifer hopefully stood at the corridor to know when Pascal would come in. She had decided to go and sit down when she saw Pascal coming with Angel.

He had met her on his way to school so both of them followed. As they entered into the compound Angel said to him “Pascal there is something on your head,just bend down let me remove it”.

Pascal bent his head and Angel started laughing” Great, oh my God you just bowed for me ” “are you kidding me?” Pascal smilingly asked. “Of course” Angel said.

“Well, it’s no big deal”Pascal said. Still watching from the third floor corridor, Jennifer nearly felled down out of jealousy if not by the grace of God. Still she endured and waited for them to come up.”

Hi Jennifer “Angel said to her.” Hi”Jennifer waved as she formulated a smile that was not from her heart.

Angel went into the classroom as Jennifer approached Pascal. “I’ve been waiting for you since morning” she said to Pascal.

“Any problem?” “no I just want to see you” she said wondering why Pascal was not paying any attention to her.

“thanks for your concern” he said to her and just then, the morning assembly bell rang. After the assembly all the students settled down in their respective classes.

Their new mathematics teacher was intrigued by Anastasia’s and Pascal’s intelligence. They ended up becoming his best students ever.

These two students are really great though there are still few whom you can boast of but these two are exceptional”thenew mathematics teacher said to the other teachers in the staff room.

“I know you must be talking of Anastasia and Pascal” one of the teachers said confidently.” “Of course they are the one who else could it be?” another teacher asked.

“My dear, those two are really trying, they have been like that since their junior secondary. They were unbeatable and they completes with each other so well that their positions was never stagnant.

This term, Pascal takes first and the next Anastasia would take, since their junior class ooo” another teacher also said.

Jennifer had planned on going home together with Pascal since she can still get to her house through his place but it would be a bit far for her than the path she normally takes.

But she wouldn’t mind as far as she is going with Pascal. When the school dismissed,Anastasia was called by a teacher and Pascal waited for her. As soon as Angel saw Pascal carrying his bag she quickly rushed to him “are you ready to go?”

Angel sweetly asked him “yes” “okay, what would you like me to bring for you tomorrow?” “you want to bring something for me?” Pascal asked her touching his chest. “Yes” Angel nodded.

“No problem, you can bring anything” “okay see you tomorrow” she said as she leaves. “bye”. Seeing that Pascal was ready to go home, Jennifer ran after him, she met him at the school gate probably waiting for someone.

He was carrying two bags, one belonged to Pascal and the other one was Anastasia’s. ” Pascal I did not know when you finished packing your books and I’ve been waiting for you ” “can I help you in any way?”

Pascal jokingly asked her. “I want us to go home together” “but that would be very far for you if you take the path that leads to my house” “it doesn’t mean” “alright” whose bag are you carrying? ”

“Anastasia’s bag” “where is she? and were you waiting for her?” “yes” “in that case, let me start going because I have a lot to do at home” she lied.”okay see you tomorrow “.

Jennifer angrily left, she wanted to go alone with Pascal. How can he choose going home with that bitch instead of her?

Few minutes later, Anastasia ran out from the staffroom” I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting “she apologized to Pascal.” That’s nothing “Pascal assured. ”

okay let’s start going, can I carry my bag?”Anastasia asked stretching her right hand to him.”no,you have to carry my own bag” he said as he starred at her.

“Why?” “that’s your punishment for keeping me waiting” “like seriously?” She smiled at him. “Do I look like I’m joking?” “thank God my bag is even heavier than yours so I’m at at an advantage”

Anastasia calmly said. “Do you know the amount of books I normally pack inside my bag? my own should be heavier” Pascal said.”but it’s not because I carried it in the morning ”

“then are you saying that I should start carrying your bag while you carry mine?” “I never said that that” she said as they both started walking home.

“How did you see that mathematics teacher?” Pascal asked her. “Oh I even wanted to ask you that, he really teaches very well, I think I like him” Anastasia said. “You like him?” Pascal questioned.

“Yes any problem with that?” she asked. “No but don’t you li……(intending to say like me?)” Pascal quickly got hold of himself.

“don’t I what?” she asked him curiously “go on and complete your statement” she urged him. “It’s nothing just forget it” “okay, let’s walk fast and get home on time” Anastasia said.

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