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Clash Of Desire – Episode 6

Clash Of Desire
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Being tired of all the stresses in finding a new school to enroll Pascal, Mr and Mrs Dennis decided to send Pascal back to his former school.

Every necessary arrangement was made for him to start school the next Monday. Anastasia on her part had no other choice since her plan failed through. Nothing else could be done other than to return back to her school.

“when are you resuming your new school? “Pascal asked her one day” I’m no longer changing school ” “what do you mean?” “I’m coming back to our school” “are you serious?” “of course I’m serious” “wow! It really sounds good”Pascal exclaimed.” It sounds good? ” “yes of course and I’m very happy about that”

It was Monday, students were seen flowing into Great Scholars International School. Both newly admitted students and the former students who were to be promoted to another class.

Anastasia did not want what happened in her dream to come true so she left very early in the morning. She looked so smart in her newly sewn school uniform.

A well polished black shoe could be seen on her feet with a pair of White stockings. She entered into the school and was greeted by many students.

She went up the stairs, entered into their classroom where they were promoted and secured herself a position at the front seat of the class,the first position at the left hand side of the class.

In no distant time, other students started to arrive. All of them have greatly changed, they now looked more matured. “Hello” someone said to Anastasia and she turned to see Jane.

She smiled at Jane who came and hugged her. “Hi Jane how are you?” “I’m fine and you?” “Fine my dear” “Anastasia I really missed you” ” for real?” “yeah and besides who would not miss a friend like you?” “Okay I’m here now so……”

someone interrupted her”oh my God look at my sweet heart”small Gloria who just entered into the class cuts in as she ran towards Anastasia. Wow!she is no longer small ooo, Anastasia thought.

“You’re now a big girl” Anastasia said to Gloria as they embraced themselves. “You nko,you no be big girl? see as you don grow finish and small time now suitors will start coming” Gloria teased “don’t mind her, wait ooo are you sure the suitors have not start coming self”Jane contributed.

” coming for who? “Anastasia asked ” see jamb question ooo, for you nah ” “nooo,and this one you’re speaking pidgin English to me wetin happen nah? abi you think say na only you wey sabi speak pidgin?”

Anastasia playfully asked. “Okay, this one wey you just speak now na wetin? no be pidgin English?abi na English pidgin?”Jane jokingly asked Anastasia.”

My dear follow me ask am ooo “small Gloria said.” It seems you girls took something before coming to school today “Anastasia said ” I did not take anything ooo, do you even carry food I’m so famished “Jane said.”

Sorry for yourself, if you’re waiting for Anastasia to give you food that means hunger will kill and squeeze you because she don’t use to carry food.

I know her very well right from our junior class”small Gloria said. “So what are you trying to say?” “what I’m trying to say is that….” She was interrupted by the entrance of someone.

All their attention was caught by Jennifer’s entrance. Oh my God! did she bleach? she was now more fairer and beautiful. She applied a black substance called OTANJELE in Igbo and a wet lips on her lips.

She looked gorgeous than ever. “Hi girls” she waved at the other girls who smiled at her in return “you’re welcome Jenny” Anastasia said “thanks” “Jenny Jenny you look so sweet ooo” small Gloria said.

“Abi?” she shyly asked. “Yes now see as you’re shining” Jane commented. “Thank you so much. I’ve not seen Pascal, is he not yet in school?”

Jennifer eagerly asked. “I’ve not seen him ooo” small Gloria said. “This one he have not come by now, maybe he have changed school” Jane suggested.

” Who told you that, why would he change school? ” she asked trying to sound polite.”well Pascal will be here soon, I’m sure he must be on his way by now “Anastasia revealed.”

How did you know that? “I spoke with him” “you spoke with him? where? when?” Jennifer sadly asked. “At home” “you mean Pascal came to your house? to do what?” “Well, both of us are now living in the same compound” “you don’t mean it.

You and Pascal living in the same compound how?when did it happen? are you now too close to him? what do you always talk about with him?” Jennifer restlessly asked Anastasia who was becoming uncomfortable with her silly questions.

“When do you start running mad?what kind of stupid question is that? I hope you’re not expecting me to answer that rubbish question of yours” Anastasia said to her.

“It’s not rubbish because I’m very serious and I should….” She was interrupted by the majestically walking in of Pascal. Gosh! he was so breathtaking, more handsome and matured. His uniform was perfectly made for his body.

The girls even Anastasia moped at him as if they had not seen him before. Anastasia could not believe that Pascal could look the same way he looked in her dream.

Happily and joyfully, Jennifer ran to Pascal and hugged him “I’m so happy to see you again” she gently whispered into his ear. Pascal was very surprised and stunned by Jennifer’s action.

Knowing fully well that Anastasia was there, he quickly glanced at her. As soon as their eyes met,Anastasia instantly turned her face away. “Happy to see you too” Pascal politely said as he stepped away from Jennifer.

“Do you mean it?” Jennifer gladly asked “yes and besides we are all happy to see ourselves” he said as he gradually moved away from her. He was not happy that such a thing happened in front of Anastasia.

Pascal sat at the first position at the right hand side of the class. From there he can clearly see Anastasia who was sitting together with her friends; Jane, small Gloria and precious.

Jennifer wanted to keep her seat next to Pascal but someone else had already taken that position. A new boy named Kingsley. She felt very disappointed and later secured a position in the middle of the class that was not too far from Pascal.

Pascal was still unpacking his books when someone covered his eyes from behind. “Emmanuel” Pascal guessed who the person might be.

“You failed” Angel who was now smiling said as she jumped out from his back.”Angel how are you? “I’m fine and you?” “I’m fine as you” he said. “as me?” “yes,just look at you, you look great” he complimented her. “Thank you so much.

It’s good to see you again” “the pleasure is mine” Pascal said. “And it’s good to hear that from you, let me go and unpack my own books” Angel said as she leaves.

After unpacking his books, Pascal went to Anastasia “I did not know when you left this morning, you did not even try to tell me that you were going and I went and start knocking at your door” “knocking at my door? what for?” “so we could go together of course since we are living together” Pascal said. “Must we go together since we are living together?”

“and why won’t we go together? he asked as he bent to maintain the same height with her since she was sitting down ” well, since we didn’t come together today, I believe we would go together ” “go together?”

“Yes and don’t even try to go without me” “but….” “No BUT” he said placing one of his finger on her lips “you must wait for me” he concluded and left.

Though she did not understand what she felt for him but a smile appeared on her face. She was pleased by the manner he talked to her.

Jennifer burned with anger when she saw Anastasia smilingly watching Pascal as he leaves.

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