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Clash Of Desire – Episode 5

Clash Of Desire
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Truth indeed, mum it’s okay for you ooo, me I’m not playing” “and who is playing with you? are my Pascal? see this girl ooo, just wait he will soon return and you will start playing with him” Mrs Adams teased.

“Muuuum!!!” Anastasia angrily shouted and left. Days were running faster than it should be. The date of school resumption was fast approaching and Anastasia’s heart skips at the thought of Pascal’s arrival.

How could she stand to face him?how would he feel that they are now living in the same compound? I wish we could just pack out! Anastasia thought.

“Mum I would like to change school” she said to her mother who was sitting beside her ” “why?” “I don’t like that school anymore” “why?” “I don’t want to continue my schooling there”

“you’ve not given me any tangible reason for saying that” “mum I have my reasons” “then let me hear them” “it’s personal mum” “then keep it to yourself and stop disturbing me” “in that case I will tell Dad about it”

“run nah why are you still sitting here and wasting your time?. Saturday was always a hectic day for Anastasia.

After doing her house chores she became very weak and slept off after taking her bath. Her parents were not around so she would be having a long undisturbed rest.

Recently, school activities had always been on her mind, how she would meet her classmates again, get promoted into the senior class, probably make new friends and of course seeing her rival again.

But she don’t want to continue in that school again. She can’t be going to the same school with Pascal, the same class and even living in the same compound with him.

Naturally, human beings tend to dream about what always occupied their minds most of the time. She saw him in his new sewn school uniform, he looked so smart than ever!

A white long sleeve, a blue jacket and a long well-ironed ,penciled mouth blue trouser. His slender figure fitted perfectly well in his uniform. He was so becoming in his new outfit.

She was running after him, telling him to wait for her. She was also putting on the same school uniform as Pascal but the only difference is that she was putting on skirt. He stopped and waited as he saw her running towards him.

When she got to him, they both smiled at each other and then continued their walk to school. They were still walking when she started to hear some knocks. She wanted to ignore the knock but it was so loud and persistent.

Just then her eyes flew open. Oh she had been dreaming! thank God that it’s just a dream and nothing more. But why this kind of dream this evening? she was reminded that someone was standing in front of their house when the knock came again.

“Hold on I’m coming” she said to whoever that must be standing outside as she adjusts her yellow singlet and blue mini skirt. She used the back of her hand to wipe her sleepy eyes.

As soon as she stepped out of the house, she she nearly got paralyzed with shock. Is this Pascal or what? He have changed a lot. Is it because of the long vacation? or because she have not seen him for a very long time? For crying out loud, he had grown so big, he is now more taller, more handsome than ever with broad shoulders.

Were his eyes deceiving him?he couldn’t believe that it was Anastasia standing before him. She was gradually growing into a young beautiful damsel.

She was forced out of her thought when she heard his voice”I’m so sorry for disturbing your sleep, I never knew you were sleeping “Pascal apologetically said as he assessed her. ” it’s nothing, are you just returning?

“she shyly asked” yes,I just dropped my bag and decided to come and see you ” okay, you’re welcome, so how are the people over there? ” “they are all fine and what of your parents?” “they have not returned”

“okay and I hope you’re preparing yourself for the resumption day” he asked “yes I am” “so are you starting this Monday or when?” he anxiously asked “I’m not really sure about that” “why?” “I don’t think I will continue in that school again”

“why?is anything the matter?” Pascal asked with utmost curiosity.”no,but I just wanted to change ” “but you must have a reason for that” “nothing actually, it’s just that I wanted a new school environment” “okay, let me go now, when your parents comes back you extend my greetings to them” he managed to say as he sadly said.

To him, he just received a bad news. She watched him as he left. She couldn’t believe it, Pascal of yesterday have grown so big and matured. She must admit that he was very very charming.

Pascal was so disappointed on hearing that she wanted to change school, he had not expected that at all. His friend, George who traveled to Abuja would not return again and now Anastasia was talking about changing school.

These two people are the people that motives him in that school. George was his close friend and Anastasia makes him to study his books harder.

If she changes school that means nobody else would make him take his studies very serious. “Dad,mum,I no longer want to in that school again” Pascal told his parents. “Why?” “Anastasia said she is going to change school” “and is that why you also wanted to change school?”

his father asked “yes Dad” “its like something is wrong with you” Mr Dennis said. “Dad just try to understand me, George is no longer coming back and Anastasia wants to change school.

That means nobody would be competing with me again and any school or class who does not have students who competes for position is not a school at all” Pascal explained.

” said by who? Professor Pascal? well I’ve heard you I will see what I can do about that “Mr Dennis assured his son.” Okay Dad ”
It is said that man proposes while God disposes.

As God may have it,the two families unknown to each other, took their children to different schools but none worked out.

It was either they were asked to provide their WAEC result which was not yet out or they would be told that the school was no more admitting new students in order not to exceed the maximum and appropriate number of students meant for the classes.

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