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Clash Of Desire – Episode 4

Clash Of Desire
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At the end of that term Pascal took the first position,Anastasia took the second while George took the third position. George was not happy that a new comer snatched his position away from him but he kept it to himself.

He would not tell Pascal how he feels because he won’t support him. He wondered what Anastasia had done to his friend. Imagine, the teacher warned Pascal that if care is not taken that he would end up losing his position to Anastasia but instead of him to be angry he was smiling.

In their Jss 2 ,two youth cops were assigned to their school. The copers noticed that girls had not been allowed to take any function so they decided to give the girls a chance.

They were able to pinpoint two girls who appeared to be brighter than the rest; Anastasia and the fat Gloria. The two girls were called out in front of the classroom and was asked to spell some English words.

The spelling lingered on until they were asked to spell the word “SOLDIER”. The fat Gloria failed to spell it and when Anastasia was asked to spell it, she spelt it correctly. As a result, Anastasia became the class prefect while the fat Gloria became her assistant.

As they were promoted to Jss2 ,new students were admitted into their former class. There was this particular girl called Jane,a Jss 1student. She was very intelligent, dark in complexion, very short and beautiful. She parades herself all over the school fearlessly.

She talks anyhow and insults people at any slightest mistake. They were coming back from school one day when she started throwing words at Anastasia who was talking and laughing with small Gloria,saying that they were gossiping.

Though Anastasia was naturally quiet but she won’t keep when someone insults her for no just cause. Let alone a Jss 1 student who just got admitted into their school. She politely confronted Jane but Jane maintained her rude attitude towards her.

She was even ready to fight Anastasia, her mouth was so sharp that Anastasia gave her a resounding slap. Jane was stunned by the unexpected hot slaps and when she got herself, she fearlessly wanted to retaliate but just then other students ran into the scene and stopped her.

“You should learn how to respect your Seniors” Anastasia advised Jane “senior my foot,nonsense, you’re so lucky today if not I would have broke your head” Jane boasted.

“Well, you’re just a barking dog” Anastasia said to her and walked away on Jane who was fuming with anger.
Jane was so intelligent that she happened to be the prefect of her class. She wickeds and intimidates her classmates by luring them into making noise.

And she writes their names in the list of noise makers. Her classmates were not happy about that and they they laments bitterly about her evil deeds. But they only do that at her back because none of them dares say it to her face.

It was another first term and Anastasia’s classmates were promoted to Jss3 while the Jss1 students were promoted to Jss2 class.

Life can be unpredictable and at times we take some certain steps without knowing what the future really holds for us.

That’s why it’s not always good to be rude to the people around you, even strangers no matter who you think you are.

There is also a saying that says “Be kind to the people you meet on your way going up because you might still meet them on your way coming down.

Jane’s knowledge seems to surpass the knowledge of a Jss2 student so her parents wanted her to get promoted to Jss3.The sole reason for that was for her to join the Jss3 students in their forthcoming WAEC.

At first, when she entered into the Jss3 class, nobody seemed to notice her. She was no friend with anybody and she suffered loneliness.

Jane was taking first position throughout her Jss1 and Jss2 class but as soon she entered Jss3,her brake light went off. At the end of the term she got herself at 7th position.

She couldn’t believe that the almighty Jane (herself) took the 7th position. She was really pushed hard. Seeing that her new classmates were so mean to her, she started looking for a way to become friends with them.

She stopped boasting and parading herself. She became so calm that students especially her former classmates began to doubt her presence in school.

She started coming close to Anastasia when she realized that she was highly respected and admired by her classmates. She stopped been rude to students and eventually succeeded in making friends with them.

She even learned to respect those study who were more brilliant than her.
Soon it was time for their JUNIOR WAEC,the exam lasted for a week and few days. And after their exams, the students happily went home to spend their long lasting holiday.

Some of the students used this long vacation to travel to many places. Anastasia did not travel so she was at home. One day, after three months of the long vacation, she was coming out of their compound when she met two couple who were entering into their compound.

She greeted them and quickly recognized the wife. She had seen her somewhere but where? yes I’ve seen her in school many times during P.T.A.

Okay I now remember she’s Pascal’s mother but what has she come and do here? probably with her husband? Anastasia thought. But in no distant time her curiosity quickly vanished as soon as she saw the couple entering into the vacant rooms in their compound.

Their compound was a very big one with many rooms and as a result, it housed many tenants. The availability of the vacant rooms were as a result of the recent packing out of some tenants.

Are they going to pack into this compound?. No no no,it can’t be possible. How can she and Pascal live in the same compound? God why?what kind of fate is this?.

Two days later, Mr and Mrs Dennis came for the cleaning of the house and before the week runs out,they had already packed in. Anastasia was restless as she indirectly looked for Pascal but she couldn’t find him.

It seems he did not pack in with them,what happened? She was still thinking,not knowing that she was now close to Pascal’s house when someone greeted her. It was Bernard, Pascal’s younger brother.

He recognized her as Pascal’s classmates. Grabbing the opportunity, Anastasia asked him about Pascal’s whereabout. Bernard told her that Pascal was not yet back from his travel to Enugu.

“When is he coming back?” she eagerly asked. “I think he would be back very soon since the school is about to be resumed.” Bernard explained. “But when precisely?” Anastasia furthered “okay, let’s just say a week or two weeks from now”.

” Good evening ma,good evening sir”Anastasia greeted as soon as she saw Mr and Mrs Dennis. “Good evening my dear how are you?” the couple asked her. “I’m fine thank you” “your face looks so familiar, I think I’ve seen you somewhere” Mrs Dennis said trying to remember “I think it’s in Pascal’s school” she finally said.

“Yes mum she is Anastasia, Pascal’s classmate” Bernard intervened. “Oh, the Anastasia he always talks about?” Mrs Dennis surprisingly asked. “Yes mum” Bernard replied.

” Oh you mean Anastasia? Pascal’s wife? “Mr Dennis asked. On hearing this, Anastasia deeply blushed.” My dear come closer “Mr Dennis said beckoning on Anastasia.”

So you’re the Anastasia that challenges him in school? My dear, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you, you’ve really made Pascal to become more serious with his studies.

Keep it up okay? don’t even give him a single chance at all “Mr Dennis concluded.” Okay sir”Anastasia replied. “My daughter how are your parents?” Mrs Dennis asked “I’m fine ma” Anastasia answered.

“Greet them for me when they comes back okay?” “Okay” “and Pascal will return by next week” “alright ma” Anastasia replied as she left.

“Mum do you know this people that packed in?” Anastasia asked her mother “no” Mrs Adams replied “Mum do you remember Pascal my classmate?”


“Pascal? which Pascal again?” ” the Pascal that I showed you that first day you came to PTA meeting. Pascal now, he is tall l,dark in complexion, slim and he had once visited me to return my book” “okay okay, I think I now remember him.

The handsome neat boy in your class whom you competes with” “yes” “is it Pascal that you’ve been trying to explain to me since, you should have said MY HUSBAND and I would have remembered him immediately” “no no no mum it’s okay, if this is a joke just stop it, I don’t like it” Anastasia warned “my dear I’m not joking, I’m only saying the truth” Mrs Adams smilingly said.

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