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Clash Of Desire – Episode 3

Clash Of Desire
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From then on wards, Anastasia began copying notes for teachers on the board. It even reached to a point when she started going home with teacher’s note.

And as a result, she starts copying ahead of her classmates. After copying, she gives to her neighbour,the small Gloria. Other members of the class who now wanted to be friends with Anastasia started going to borrow her note.


Anastasia would give her note to small Gloria, small Gloria would give to another person, that person would give to someone else and before you knew it, the note would be copied by most of the students. But there was a problem, the problem is that before the book would circulate the whole class it would be badly edited.

Students can be very funny, instead of the borrower to ask the lender question where he/she (the borrower) did not clearly see the lender’s handwriting, the borrower will just draw what he/she saw in the book. And when this lender gives his/her book to another person, that person will still draw what he/she likes at that same point of mistake.

And by the end of the day, the note must have lost it’s true meaning but the students would not even care. All they were after was to be among the first students who completed their notes.

Knowing fully well that he won’t understand what others were writing if he dares collect note from them, Pascal became sad,not knowing what to do. Of course he can’t collect from the teacher and the only person who copied directly and correctly from the teacher was Anastasia.

He was so agonized by the thought of going to beg her for her note. He only begged her gum the other day because it was very urgent, if not, his test would not have been marked. It was the fourth week of academic session but his classmates were already copying the notes meant for fifth and sixth week.

This method makes it easier for the teachers as they would only have to explain the notes whenever they comes to the class.
Pascal could no longer take it, he seems to be the only one who had not copied copied ahead of the week.


One Friday, after their Basic Science lesson, the teacher believed that all the students have copied ahead of the week, it was week end so she gave them a topic to study at home, she would ask them question concerning the topic on Monday.

As soon as the teacher left Pascal was compelled to rethink, he don’t understand what pushed him to swallow his pride. He just stood up and the next thing he was walking towards Anastasia’s locker. “Please can you help me with your note?” he politely asked.

Anastasia looked at him in amazement, she couldn’t believe he was asking for her note. She even turned to her back and sides in a way that says ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? “my note?” she asked as she placed her palm on her chest. “yes your note”.

Anastasia only gives her note to the small Gloria who would copy it instantly and return the note to her. She doesn’t just give anyone her note for the fear of her note been manhandled.

Initially, when she gives anyone who asks for her note, it either becomes torn or stained. So she decided not to give out her note carelessly.

Of course she knew that Pascal would never manhandle her book so she opened her locker and asked” which subject? ” “CRS and Basic Science”. She gave the two notes to him and he thank her as he left. Pascal was still copying the note when the bell for dismissal rang.

He turned and saw Anastasia packing her things, then he rushed to her” please I couldn’t finished the two of them.I only finished CRS”he said giving her the CRS note.

“Can I go home with this your Basic Science and return it to you on Monday?” he asked “alright” Anastasia agreed, forgetting that they were asked to study a topic in it. After packing her needed reading materials for the week end, she left with the twins.

Pascal packed his own books and after the dismissal, he left with George. “Me I’ve not copied that Basic Science and this woman is giving us the assignment of studying it. How will I even go about it?”

George lamented and turned to Pascal on their way home “have you copied it?” “I will copy it this week end” “how?” “I’m with the note” “who gave you?” “Anastasia” “Anastasia? gave you her note? I talk am,this girl too dey form” “what do you mean by that?” Pascal asked.

“Since she gave you her note, how would she now study the topic we were asked to study? abi she carry am for head? this girl is…”

“Ewooo! you’re right. She would need the book for the assignment and she left it with me. I have to return it to her before Monday but how? I don’t even know her place” “I know her place” George said.

“Thank God,you will take me there tomorrow okay?” “Its just because its you ooo, if not I won’t even tamper going to that girl’s house”.

” Anna”Mrs Adams called her daughter “yes mum” Anastasia answered from the house. “someone is here to see you” “okay I will be out in a minute” Anastasia shouted from inside the house.

“My son exercise some little patience, she will be out soon” Mrs Adams told Pascal who was standing in front of their house.

Few minutes later, Anastasia ran out the house and met the greatest surprise of her life. What’s Pascal doing in my house? “hi Anastasia” Pascal said letting out a smile. This one he’s smiling at me I hope all is well. “Hi Pascal, why are you here? she eagerly asked him without wasting time.”


Well, I came to return your book since you would be needing it for that assignment ” “oh my God! I forgot, have you finished it?” “yes thanks” “and thank you too for reminding of the assignment. If not that you came what would I have done?

thank you so much” “you’re welcome, I think I will now take my leave see you on Monday” he said as he turns to leave “good bye” he finally added as he walked away. “Bye Anastasia waved at him as she watch him leave their compound.

Anastasia normally locks her locker whenever she wants to leave the class and one day she entered into the class after break,she wanted to unlock her locker but her key was no where to be found.

She searched and searched for it but she couldn’t find it. Someone must have deliberately taken it again, last week she looked for it but couldn’t find it and she later found it on her locker.

She was certain that someone took it just to cause her pain. After asking her neighbour who gave her a negative reply ,Anastasia bent over her locker and started crying.

It was just after break and the school environment was still noisy. As the prefect, Pascal informed his classmates that he would start writing the names of noise makers. As soon as he announced this, everywhere became calm.



It was then that the students noticed that someone was greatly sobbing. They began to look around in order to know who it was. Some were murmuring and thereby causing commotion in the class.

Since he was staying in the front, he can not easily see noise makers except if he turns his back. Pascal turned his back in order to single out the noise makers but he was disappointed as they had already shut their mouth.


He was about facing his front when he heard someone’s sobbing, his eyes quickly went to the direction from which the sobbing was coming from and he saw the tears that was dropping under Anastasia’s locker. What’s wrong with her? he quickly stood up and went to her locker.

He did not know which word to use when he got there but still he mustered up courage and asked “why are you crying?” Anastasia ignored him. “Why are you crying?” he asked but this time around he touched her on the shoulder.

Seeing that Anastasia was not ready to answer him, he turned to small Gloria “why is she crying?” “her key was stolen’ ” her key?” “yes” “are you sure it’s someone that took it?” “Yes because this is not the first time her key is missing.


Someone took it before and had returned it secretly and today, it’s missing again” small Gloria explained. “You mean something like that happened in this class?” Pascal asked small Gloria who nodded in affirmation.

Pascal then stood erect and spoke to the class “if you know you’re the person that took Anastasia’s key,kindly and quietly return it back else I report it to the principal and you know what that mean. I just give whoever that took it five minutes to return it back or else you all will have your bags been searched by the principal”.

After saying that, he went and sat down on his seat. As soon as he sat down, someone started laughing, it was Emmanuel the male twin. Pascal angrily turned and demanded why he was laughing.

“I’m with her key” Emmanuel revealed. “Why did you take it?” Pascal asked “I was only trying to play with her” “did you just say play? and you made her to cry her heart out this long? you’re very wicked.

Please don’t play this kind of play with her next time because she didn’t want it” Pascal said to Emmanuel as he collected the key from him and returned it to Anastasia who was now drying her tears ” it’s okay, he won’t do it next time “Pascal said to Anastasia.”


Thank you “she said to him.” It’s okay “he said and went to his own locker.” Yes prefect, I won’t do it again “Emmanuel saluted behind Pascal who was on his way to his seat.

Some students found the incident so amusing and many were wondering why Pascal took such bold step for Anastasia and of course Jennifer and Angel won’t be left out..

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