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Clash Of Desire – Episode 28 [Final Episode]

Clash Of Desire
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Where are we going to?” Anastasia curiously asked Pascal.
“Wait until we get there”

“Where is that?”she asked him again but Pascal ignored her and kept walking with her.
” Pascal what are we doing here all alone I mean what…..”

“Is this how you will nag me when we get married?” Pascal quickly cut in in a bid to silence her.
“Are you trying to kidnap me?” Anastasia asked refusing to be tricked by Pascal’s words.

“I wish I could do that Anastasia” Pascal said as he stopped at a spot and faced her.
“Now tell me Anastasia how do you feel about both of us going to London?”
“I feel good”
“Because I’m going to London”
“Only that?”

“I’m also happy that I’m…I’m…. I’m going with you” Anastasia shyly said.
Pascal was so happy to hear that and he said to her ” there is something I want to ask of you “he said as he scratched his head.
” what’s that? ”

“Anastasia would you be my wife? “Pascal seriously asked her as he starred directly into her eyes.
” me? marry you? ” she doubtfully asked.
“Yes Anastasia”

“Are you kidding me?” Anastasia laughed trying to push it aside.
“I’m really serious Anastasia I mean what I’m saying”

“How?when? or have you forgotten that we are still schooling?” Anastasia asked.
“That would be after our schooling Anastasia, I really love you Anastasia and I don’t want to loose you to any other person.

I want to grow old with you please don’t say no to me. I can’t live without you, ever since our junior class you had been the only girl that moved my heart and I would not allow all the things we shared here to die and be buried.

Our parents would be happy and I know that they will wholeheartedly support us,so why don’t we fulfill their wish by getting married? and besides if we come together as husband and wife our children would be genus! judging by our intelligence”
“I do love you Pascal but it’s just that I don’t want any one who will promise me marriage and later fail me” Anastasia managed to say as she played with her fingers.

“I will never fail you my love, I promise you that and besides we are going together to London so I will always be there for you, to care and protect you. I will never leave you, cross my heart” Pascal swore as he crossed his hand over his chest.

“Yes my love I will marry you” Anastasia finally said as she hugged him.
“Are you serious?”

“Of course Pascal” she said as she stood on her toes in a bid to meet up with his height and kissed him.
“Did you just kissed me?” Pascal surprisingly asked.
“Yes my dear should I do it again?”

“Are you still asking? go ahead it’s what I’ve long expected from you” Pascal opened up as he drew her closer.
Anastasia placed her arms around his neck and she began kissing him while he put his arms around her waist and held her.

Kingsley entered and saw them passionately kissing each other and he quickly turned away murmuring “I knew it in fact let me go and look for Gloria!”
Who knows why he was looking for her, do you know?


A teacher asked her pupils question but none of them could answer it!
She was already getting pissed off when two pupils raised their hands.
A handsome boy named Jason and a beautiful girl named Katherine.

Jason was so intelligent that he was cherished by almost everyone including his teachers. He had proven to the unbeatable in everything. He was intelligent, brilliant, smart, sharp and creative!

“Jason can we hear you?” the teacher said.
After Jason perfectly answered the question the teacher asked Katherine who comes second after Jason to answer her own.

The teacher was moved by how they intelligently answered the question especially Jason.
“Wow!I can’t believe this, Jason you’re awesome! what’s the name of your parents?”

“Pascal Dennis and Anastasia Dennis” Jason proudly answered.
“They must be extremely intelligent to give birth to a great genus like you, keep it up”

“What of you Katherine?”the teacher asked.
“Kingsley David and Gloria David”
“You’re also trying keep it up”
“Thank you” Katherine said.

“Why are you standing all alone under this hot sun?” Jason asked Katherine as he saw her standing under the sun after the school dismissal.

“I’m waiting for my driver I don’t know what’s still keeping him” Katherine sadly lamented.
“Okay why don’t you join me so that my driver will drop you off since we are going to pass through your place” Jason suggested.
“alright let’s go” Katherine agreed and followed Jason.

“Can I help you with your bag?” Jason asked her as he opened the door for her to enter into the car.
“Sure why not?”she asked as she surrendered her bag to him while starring at him.




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