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Clash Of Desire – Episode 27

Clash Of Desire
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Jane and Gloria later helped Anastasia to cover up all the lesson she had missed as a result of absent mindedness in the class. Kingsley also helped Pascal and they kicked off with their studies.

It’s time for their SSCE, they had fasted and prayed about it and finally it was time for them to write it. They were so happy because they were well prepared for it.

Most of the times it’s not the amount of people that started a race could be able to finish it.

Some of the students registered for outside WAEC including Jennifer who shamefully left the school. Her beloved friend, pokuti Gloria got pregnant and stopped coming to school.

Angel left after having a serious fight with Jennifer.
They were really fated to be together in everything they do. Could you imagine that their examination number felled on the same seat? Anastasia and Pascal sat together in the examination hall, they could not believe that they sat next to each other.

It was never their doing but fate!
Jane sat with Jerry,Kingsley sat with small Gloria while Collins sat with precious.
“” what formula do you use in solving this quadratic equation?”Anastasia asked Pascal.

“I used completing the square method” Pascal replied.
“I want to use that but……..”

“Then let me help you solve it” Pascal said as he takes her answer script from her.
“No no no Pascal you will be caught and I don’t want that” she objected.

“Caught for what? are my indulging in malpractice?”
“Of course Pascal”
“You can continue with mine while I write your own”

“What has come over you?”
“You of course,you better start writing before this strict supervisor comes here and ask why you were not writing”

“No problem but just bear in mind that I will write nonsense for you” Anastasia jokingly said.
“Do as you wish” he said and winked at her.
Starting from that day they wrote for each other, after getting their answer script from the supervisor,they would exchange it with each other and start writing.

“Are you sure both of you are okay? has it gotten to the extent of writing for each other? this is serious” Kingsley exclaimed when he saw them one day.


A thunderous clapping of hands could be heard as the people stood up and started looking around perhaps to see the two celebrities that were called. Some people were like ‘are they God? even God was not praised the way they were praised’.

But soon those people were forced to admit that the two students merited all the praises by a mere look at their dressing, a well sewn blue senator suite which perfectly fitted their body, the Majesty of their presence and the dignified manner by which they walked up to the stage.

“I can’t believe this, this is the best couple of the year” the MC announced as they both approached the stage.
“Wow!they are suitable for each other, what a perfect match!” a woman commented from behind.

“Where are the parents of this two wonderful students? they really needed to be thanked for raising them up properly” the MC announced again.

Immediately their parents were mentioned, Mrs Dennis, Pascal’s mother quickly ran out and embraced Anastasia saying “my dear you’re truly my son’s wife”

Anastasia’s mother Mrs Adams also came out and embraced Pascal “congratulation my son in-law”
The two families were so proud of their children as they embraced them one after the other.

Their teachers also came out to congratulate them as they both received different big packages and also take pictures with them.

Everyone thought that the party has ended because the giving of prize was the least in the programme list but hell no!

Someone stood up and attracted their attention! A handsome young man who had kept the whole people wondering where he came from. He was tall and fair in complexion. A mere look at him will tell you that he is successful because the air that surrounds him smells of wealth.

“Good day ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jude Maxwell,the son of the management of this school. I just came back from London. Well, I never wanted to come here today but the issue of power shortage in Nigeria brought me here.

I can’t stay lonely in a place that has no light so I came here because there was no light. You know in Nigeria you people don’t normally have light as it is supposed and I must say that you people are trying.

So when I came to this party, I never knew it would be this lively and interesting and above all meeting great people like Pascal and Anastasia is something I will never regret for coming here today.

I mean I realized that this two students were really extraordinary judging by the way the whole teachers and students behaved towards them. I marvelled when the principal was singing praises of them and as if that was not enough their form teacher came and started her own praises.

That shows that they would forever be remembered in the history of this great academy because they were role models to the junior students.

Such students don’t need to waste away in this godforsaken country. Even though they later end up completing their education here in Nigeria, they would never be valued with all the knowledge they had acquired.

I think it’s God that sent me here today because I love students who are extremely intelligent, they are always the pride of their parents.

To cut my long story short, I would like to give the two of them scholarship to study whichever course they want to study in one of the universities in London. Please their parents should come and see me as soon as this party comes to an end.

Thank you all “Jude finally said as he concluded his speech. There were shouts of joy everywhere as a deafening round of applause more thunderous than the previous one filled the air.

Pascal and Anastasia could not believe their ears,both of them going to London together to study? It was definitely beyond their expectation!

They were so happy that they did not know when they hugged each other in front of the numerous crowd until their parents came and joined them.

At the end of the party everyone happily left including their parents who left after seeing Jude Maxwell.
Few students like Pascal and his friends stayed back to take care of some certain things.

After saying farewell to some of his friends because he might not see them again, Pascal turned to Anastasia. Been sure that they were now left alone he gently took her hand and led her to a hidden part of the school hall.


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