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Clash Of Desire – Episode 26

Clash Of Desire
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What did she say?” Pascal curiously asked Kingsley.
“Well, she didn’t say much” Kingsley answered.
“Why is she doing this to me? Is it a crime to love her?” Pascal lamented.

“It’s okay”
“Kingsley I’m really hurting inside my heart. I don’t even know what is wrong with me anymore. I’m afraid I might loose my sanity”
“Just because of a girl?” Kingsley asked.

“Kingsley you don’t seem to understand how I’m feeling. When someone stoles your heart then you will know what I mean.

After marking their mathematics test exercise book, their mathematics teacher bumped into their class. He couldn’t believe that he just marked Pascal’s mathematics test exercise book.

” Pascal what happened? Is anything the matter? why did you fail my mathematics test? don’t you understood what I taught you? I can’t believe this!

Pascal how could you score zero in a mathematics test? what’s wrong? Is there anything I need to know? just go ahead and tell me “their mathematics teacher said as he entered into their class.

“Nothing Sir” Pascal shamefully said.
“Then what happened? what were you thinking?”
“Sir I’m not just feeling fine” Pascal said trying to dismiss the man who was already making him uncomfortable..

“Sorry but even at that you shouldn’t have gotten zero, I mean it doesn’t suit you, it’s unlike you”
After their teacher left the class, Pascal became so ashamed of himself that he could not stay in their class.

He quickly stood up left the class and went to the laboratory where he thinks himself to death.
As soon as he left, Kingsley quickly stood up and went to Anastasia.

“Have you seen what I’ve been telling you? Pascal is completely loosing his mind,can you imagine? Pascal scoring zero in a mathematics test? Please something needs to be done. Anastasia you need to do something before it gets out of hand. Remember,brave people don’t run away from their problem rather they confidently confronts it and get it solved.

Pascal is our problem and we can’t possibly run away from him. We have to help him, I’ve done my own part and it’s now left for you to do your own part” Kingsley said to Anastasia and left to think about it.

Anastasia was short of words,she couldn’t believe that Pascal just scored zero in his test, a mathematics test for that matter?.

The Pascal she knew would never fail a mathematics test. He was the best mathematics student that ever emerged from their school.

She herself has to admit that he was unbeatable when it comes to mathematics. He was so perfect with it but how come he scored zero?

she thought as an expression of pain, pity and worry appeared on her face. She tried to remember the look in his eyes when the teacher was talking to him.

She was forced to look in his direction to know if their teacher was really talking to him. During that time, she had stole a glance at him without his knowledge.

He must be really hurting! she thought considering the look in his eyes and she was the cause of it. what am I doing?

It was as if scales felled from her eyes,she quickly stood up, took her own mathematics test exercise book and ran out of the class. Of course she knew where to find him!
Pascal silently sat down in the laboratory as he quietly cursed the day Jennifer brought that fake news to him.

Oh God! what is happening to me?why have I suddenly became like this? I’m so ashamed of myself, is this how I’m going to write my SSCE? please oh God come and help me.

He was so deep in his thoughts when that familiar scent forced him out. It was her scent and he knew it but how come he is smelling that scent in the chemistry lab. Is she just passing or what?

He kept quiet but the scent became very strong as if she was near, as if she was right behind him. He quickly turned to satisfy his curiosity and met the latest surprise of his life.

She was just standing few steps away from him, was he hallucinating or what?
“Anastasia” he called to make sure she was really the one standing before him.
“Why did you fail your mathematics test?” she meanly asked him.

“Anastasia I wasn’t just thinking straight”
“What happened to your thinking faculty?”
“It was shattered”he opened up.

“Yes Anastasia, it was shattered by you”
“what do you mean by that?”

“Anastasia ever since that incident, I’ve not been able to sleep or concentrate in any thing. I became like this the moment you stopped talking to me and started avoiding me.”

“Do you think you’re the only one hurting? do you think you’re the only one suffering? Pascal my heart is bleeding every single day that passes by. It’s true that I tried to look okay but I know I was slowly dying.

Even though I tried to be physically okay but I was emotionally dying Pascal. I tried so hard to put up a smiling face hoping to escape the thought of you but hell no! it never worked.

Instead, everything about you came playing endlessly in my head the more I tried to take you out from my mind. I thought it would not affect me but I was deeply affected” she paused and opened her mathematics test exercise book “just take a good look at my own test, I scored 1.

My academic performance was affected even though I tried to hide everything Pascal” she cried.

“You mean you suffered the same thing as me?” Pascal asked as he moved closer to her.
“Of course Pascal.
” so why don’t we stop suffering and hurting ourselves? ”

“That’s why I came here Pascal,so what do you have to say to me?”she asked as she wiped the tears that almost escaped her eyes.

“See Anastasia, I’m very sorry for the last time, I was deceived. And I never knew that I liked you this much, that my heart yearns so much for you until now” he paused thinking on how to pour out his mind to her but it was very difficult for him. How can he tell her what had occupied his mind for so long? what if she rejects him?

“There is something I want to tell you” he finally said.
“What’s that”she asked as she looked up to him.


“Anastasia, I…. I……I……” damn it ,the sentence was too hard for him to complete, how can he finish it?
“you love me?”
“How do you know what I have in mind?” Pascal surprisingly asked.
“I can always know what’s on your mind once I look into your eyes”

“I can’t believe this, you already have access to my heart?”
“I really love you Anastasia”
“I knew you do Pascal and I love you too”
“Are you serious?”

“Pascal I’ve always been in love with you”
“And you were doing shakara for me all this while” Pascal said as he drew her close to himself and held her by the waist.

“Why shouldn’t I? I’m a woman and I have self pride and dignity or do you expect me to be like Jennifer?”
“No my dear, I prefer the way you are,it’s what attracted me to you and it’s what I like most about you”

“And I like every single thing about you, just that I was disappointed that you did not trust me” she sadly said.

“I’m so sorry dear and I promise not to do that ever again” he said as he brought down his lips to hers and started kissing her.
“What do you think you’re doing?” she pulled back as she realized what they were doing “have you forgotten that we are in school?” she asked.

“You don’t have to panic, no one is going to disturb us. We are in between the four parts of the wall, far from the prying eyes of people like Jennifer. Besides I’m the SP and you’re the DSP, this school belong to us because we control together”

“Liar!this boy can lie ooo, when did you build this school? don’t allow me to report you to the school management. Infact Anastasia don’t listen to him ooo,don’t allow him to deceive you ooo” Kingsley shouted from outside the laboratory. Who knows how long he has been there.


Anastasia smiled as soon as she heard his voice. He was a funny guy, a true friend indeed.
He was always there for her in time of difficulty and had worked hard in making sure they came back together again. She wished there was a special way to appreciate all he did for her.

“Enemy of progress, what are you doing there? better close that ears of yours that looks like plate or better still get out from that place” Pascal playfully said.

“Remember, you’re staying inside my laboratory, don’t talk too much so that I will not force you out of just like I did to Jennifer” Kingsley joked.

“Mad man,do you build any laboratory?” Pascal teased.
“He forced Jennifer out?” Anastasia surprisingly asked.

“She came to seduce me but Anastasia I…..”
“It’s okay” Anastasia quickly cuts in. “I understand and I don’t want us to talk about her again” she said as she put her arms around him and placed her head against his chest.





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