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Clash Of Desire – Episode 25

Clash Of Desire
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Throughout the day, Anastasia tried to keep a straight face even though she noticed Pascal’s eyes on her but she didn’t care.
She started keeping her distance from Pascal.

She did not want anything that would Link them together again.
He should let her be and go to Jennifer who so much wanted him. She was not ready to fight over a man at this her tender age.

Pascal looked for a way to approach her but she was not helping matters at all.
She would always walk away if she noticed that he wanted to approach her.

It’s true that she so much like him but it seems it high time they stopped whatsoever they felt for each other. After all she only came to to acquire knowledge in this school and not to get emotionally involved with anyone.

When it was time to go home, she kindly took her bag and left.
Pascal intended running after her but just then, Jennifer appeared from nowhere.
“Are you ready to go?”

Jennifer asked
“No” he lied with the aim sending her off.
“Don’t worry I’m going to wait for you”

even at home, he decided that maybe it would be easier for him to approach her at home but that turned out to be the worst because she started staying indoors not wanting to set her eyes on him. It seems the sight of him upsets her.

“Pascal did Anastasia give you what I asked her to give you?”principal asked Pascal as he saw him coming downstairs.
” what’s that? “Pascal eagerly asked because he did not receive anything from Anastasia.

” the book I collected from you ”
“She is not the one that gave it to me. I think she asked Jane to give it to me because it’s Jane that brought it to me” Pascal said trying to hide the sad expression on his face.
So it has gotten to the extent of avoiding me?he sadly thought.

Pascal was climbing up the stairs when he met Anastasia coming down.
He quickly composed himself to talk to her but it happened so fast. Was he now invisible to Anastasia that she doesn’t seem to notice him? Or has he suddenly turned into a ghost?

She quickly rushed past him as if nobody was on the staircase.
He turned to know if she would have a change of mind and look at him but no! she didn’t turn.

It hurted his pride. She has been the only one who could defile and hurt his pride,he thought trying to recall the first day she came to school,how she had challenged him.

Anastasia’s friends were no longer happy with the way things were going.
“Anastasia what has come over you?why are you bent on doing this? this is unlike you, you hardly bear grudge against anyone” Jane said to Anastasia.

“I bear no grudge against anyone”
“Then why are you not talking to him?”
“Must I talk to him?”
“Yes Anastasia you must talk to him”

“Because he loves you Anastasia and you know that”
“Please spare me all that trash”
“When do you even became this strong Strong hearted?” Small Gloria asked.

“I guess you don’t know what it feels like for someone not to trust you especially the person whom you most expected to trust you” Anastasia said.

“That’s my problem with this gentle and quiet people. When you deeply offend them,they finds it very difficult to forgive.” Jane stated.

“I hope you’re not referring to me if not I will push you down from that window” Anastasia said pointing at the window beside small Gloria.

“Sorry ma”small Gloria teased.
Their SSCE was fast approaching and they were all getting ready for it except Pascal!
The mighty IROKO tree has not fallen but it was falling. It’s only God that knows if it would stand or if it would eventually fall.

Pascal looses concentration in every single thing he does.
Anastasia was standing at the corridor when Kingsley approached her.
“Hi Anastasia”

“Kingsley hi”
“How are you?”
“Find thank you”
“There is something I need to tell you” Kingsley said.
“Go on ” Anastasia urged him.
“It’s about Pascal”

“What’s with him? I mean what happened to him?”
“Many things happened to him Anastasia. Anastasia Pascal has completely changed.

You may not notice it because you’re no more coming close to him. He doesn’t pay attention in the class anymore. I’m sitting next to him in the class and I can tell when he is following or not.

He has became aggressive and easily gets angry with every single thing.
The other day I came to his house, his parents complained a lot about him. He now behaves crazily, he starves himself and he flares up at any slightest mistake.

My dear, the Pascal we knew before has vanished into thin air. Now, we are only seeing his reflexion.”
“Why are you telling me all this?”

“Anastasia you know exactly why I’m telling you this. You and I know that this guy likes you so much and he needs you but you’ve became indifferent to him. Please I’m begging you, it’s true that he looked down on your trust but please forgive him.”

“He thinks he is the only one that has pride, I myself I also have my own pride”
“My dear, this is not the time to talk about pride because it would end up destroying everything.

This pride of yours might end up destroying someone which it is already doing. You seem not to understand what I’m saying Anastasia. Our SSCE is fast approaching but Pascal has not been reading his books ever since that incident took place. He regretted his action even up to today.

Please I think there is still time for him study his books now so help him if not he will fail. No one would be happy if he fails including you.
He is not even in his right senses and he don’t know what he is doing to himself.

Please help bring him back to his to his normal self. I’m pleading with you but if you refuse and watch him fail his SSCE then I will never forgive you”.Kingsley concluded.
Pascal carries his books to the library with the aim of reading it,but that was impossible for him.

He can’t study and even if he tries hard to study, he would not understand anything.
He angrily closed his chemistry note and bent his head on a table.

Soon someone came and touched him. He turned and saw Jennifer smiling at him. She had removed her jacket as usual and opened the upper button of her long sleeve White shirt.

“What is it?” Pascal calmly asked trying to suppress the anger his his voice.
“I know that you would be here so I came to check on you”
“What for?” Pascal asked still trying to sound gentle.

“Pascal” Jennifer gently called and sat down beside him”Pascal why are you always avoiding me? “she said as she drew very close to him.
” I don’t avoid people “Pascal replied as he turned away from her.

” but you do avoid me, you doesn’t look at me,you doesn’t pay attention to me,why?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Okay, Pascal haven’t you realized how much I love you? I really love you with all my heart” she said while touching him.

“I don’t know what else to do in order to get your attention and I promise to give you anything you want if only you reciprocate my feelings for you” she said as she started undoing the whole of her button.

He kept quiet and watched as she undid her button.
Silence is consent!!!Jennifer thought as her heart gladdened.

She slowly brought her face to his attempting to kiss him but he quickly stood up and pushed her away.

“Are you mad?are you stupid, crazy or something? what is even wrong with you” is it not high time you got the message? I’ve been trying so hard to respect and condone you all this while but you are getting worst day by day.

You’ve definitely overstepped your boundary. You took my meekness as weakness, do you think that the fact that I like keeping quiet means that I’m a fool.

You’re such a beautiful girl but you’re so cheap, a flirt who imposes and force herself on men. And you know what? I don’t like such girls, girls without respect and dignity. I’m suffering now because of what you caused.

Stop following and pestering around me because I don’t love you and no Jupiter would ever make me to do so.
Please kindly leave this place before you regret ever knowing me.

I’m not in a good mood so better leave before I do something stupid “Pascal huskily said and turned away from her.
Just then the door to the laboratory flew open and Kingsley entered.

” are you deaf?don’t you hear what he just said? my friend leave this place before I disgrace you. Just take a good look at yourself, see what you’re doing to yourself.

You did not even button your shirt and you’re carrying this temptation “Kingsley said pointing at her chest” all around the school.
Shameless girl, better leave before I deal with you, you know I’m not as gentle as Pascal. ”

Jennifer was taken unaware, she could not believe that the Pascal she knew would ever harshly raise his voice on her.
For the first time in her entire life, she became ashamed of herself.

She wanted to plead with him knowing that he was gentle and kindhearted but when she looked into his eyes, it was filled with rage, anger and disgust.

He must have been gravely angered for him to speak like this to her !she thought.
She was still delaying when Kingsley came and started pushing her out of the laboratory.

“I’m in charge of this laboratory, so get out and don’t even think of coming here again except when the teacher is here to teach” he said as he pushed her out and locked the door.

“Guy,thumbs up for that huge step, I’m very happy. I like how you gave her a piece of your mind and kept her where she belonged.She think say we dey fear am,mtchwwww”. He paused, cleared his throat and faced Pascal.

” I spoke with Anastasia “Kingsley informed him. Pascal had been far away in his thoughts that he did not pay attention to all the rantings done by Kingsley but he was forced out from the world of thoughts when Kingsley mentioned speaking to Anastasia.

” and what did she say?”he anxiously asked.



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