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Clash Of Desire – Episode 24

Clash Of Desire
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The next day, Anastasia woke up with a severe headache.
She would have thought it to be a critical one if she had not been the one that brought it upon herself.

She knew she was the one that caused it. She had refused to eat the previous night and had cried so long that headache came knocking on her door.

She thought of staying back home but it would be as if she is running away from something.
She gathered herself and prepared for school.

After getting ready for school, she quickly left without waiting for Pascal.
She came into the school trying to put up a smiling face as she greeted and responded to greetings.

Yesterday was the saddest day of her life and she is not going to allow anything to spoil her day today.
She tried so well to be physically okay, to maintain her normal physical appearance but she was emotionally sick.

Her emotions had been shattered into piece and she tried to put it under control since crying was never the ultimate solution. It only caused her headache which was to her own detriment.

No!she won’t ever cry again no matter how demanding and itching her eyes could be for tears.
She came early, none of her classmates had arrived so she entered into their class and sat down.

Pascal regretted his impatience in judging Anastasia the previous day when he got ready for school and realized that Anastasia had gone to school without him.

He was no longer himself, he had lost his mind since the previous day.
He had not eaten the previous night and he even lost his appetite this morning as soon as he learned of Anastasia’s departure.

He quickly lost the urge of going to school.
How can he face her? what of Kingsley? and…. and Jennifer? what is even with that girl Jennifer? can’t she simply accept the fact that he doesn’t love her?

A sensible person suppose to know when he/ she is needed and when not needed.
But in her own case she wouldn’t mind.
She caused all this pain for him and still yet she wanted to try rubbish with him.

She had tried to kiss him the previous day when they were left alone in school.
He knew she always like making body contact with him but he never knew she intended and was trying to do something else.

His mind was occupied with so many thoughts of that evening that he did not know when she came and stood nose to nose with him.
Her lips almost collided with his when he noticed and quickly jerked away from her.

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