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Clash Of Desire – Episode 23

Clash Of Desire
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Please Pascal,Kingsley and Collins, I want you to forgive and forget everything that happened. Please they are still your classmates.” their form teacher pleaded with Pascal and his friends.

“I’ve already forgiven them” Kingsley cuts in.
He was smart, he understood what happened and he believed Anastasia.

“Pascal wipe your tears and stop crying,don’t worry I’m going to punish them. You all can now go to the class and settle down for your lessons.

Pascal could not stand the sight of Anastasia kneeling down in his presence,he quickly stood up and left the staffroom.
His friends followed him immediately including Jennifer whose joy knew no bound.

What a successful plan! she thought.
She had finally succeeded in pushing Anastasia out of her way.

“While coming to school tomorrow, come with your parents or else you would be suspended from school for 2 weeks,you can now go and stay for the lesson” their form teacher said to them.

Anastasia stood up but her legs could not carry her and she managed to carry herself up the stairs.

“People are very dangerous” Jane wondered.
“The one that pained me most is that I should come with my parents for the offense I did not commit” small Gloria said
“My dear the gravity of this accusation made me speechless completely. Imagine me, Jane, I could not even defend myself” Jane said.

“My parents would think that I’m in this school for fun” Jerry said.
“I would rather go for suspension than to call my parents” Gloria swore.

“So that you will go and start watching your Korean movies at home abi?” Jane asked her.
“Yes nah,na me tell them make them give me suspension? thank God self we’ve finished our scheme of work for this term so I have nothing to worry about” small Gloria said.

“I know it must be Jennifer that did this” Jane suggested.
“If not her who else?” Small Gloria asked.
“If I did not give that girl a remarkable and serious wound before leaving this school then she should call me a weakling” Jane swore.

Jennifer wanted to go downstairs and find out whether Anastasia and her friends were been flogged or given any kind of punishment.

But she was disappointed to see them on the stairs as Jane and small Gloria talked and laughed.
They saw her and ignored her but she called their attention.

“Gossipers! you’ve not seen anything yet” she said as she started laughing at them.
Anastasia pretended as if she heard nothing and continued on her walk but Jane would not take it. Not again!

She sharply turned to Jennifer “if you know what is good for you better carry this your man-made BB and get out of here because if I hear any more word from you, I swear to God, I will skin you alive this minute” Jane swore before Jennifer.

“Who would skin me alive? you 6 inches nail?” Jennifer laughed at Jane as she looked at her from head to toe.”if you’re sick, just go and take your medication”Jennifer continued laughing in order to frustrate them.

Jane became so furious that she angrily rushed to Jennifer, held the neckline of her school uniform and pushed her hard against the wall. She was about hitting her with her fist when Anastasia rushed and held her back.

“What are you trying to do? You want to fight in the school? have you forgotten it’s against our school rules and regulations?” Anastasia disappointedly asked Jane.

“Anastasia please leave me let me treat this idiotic and psychiatric animal for once” Jane pleaded with Anastasia.

“No,that would not happen, I won’t fold my arms and watch you fight in school. Jane we already have a problem and you’re trying to create another one.

Please just let her go because I don’t want to under go another round of interrogation.” Anastasia said.

What kind of person is this Anastasia? why was she even present at that moment? she always try to maintain law. Always overdoing things by been too good and too perfect.

Can’t she be bad for once? This was a golden opportunity for her but Anastasia had interfered with her good Samaritan stuff. She had longed to beat the living devil out of Jennifer for a very long time but Anastasia just spoiled the whole thing.

But coming to think of it, she was a school functionary who was expected to live by example and besides they were in school. ‘Reasonable and sensible people don’t fight in school’ she remembered Anastasia’s prime quote.

Apart from these two reasons, she would have shown Jennifer the stuff she was made of. Even Anastasia’s preaching
would not have stopped her.

“Thank your stars today, in fact thank Anastasia because she is your savior.” Jane finally said as released Jennifer who was already choking. “Which savior?” Jennifer asked trying to shake off the fear that gripped her.

“A savior that could not save herself, nonsense,this is the just the beginning” Jennifer said as she went downstairs having no destination.

Anastasia don’t like it when people say bad things against her but now, she was both accused falsely, insulted and most of all someone so special had become indifferent to her. The thought of it breaks her heart the more as tears became uncontrollable. They entered into the class and settled down on their seats.

The Science students were having their lesson in the next class. Their CRS teacher had not arrived so they waited for her.
When she finally arrived, she started the lesson.

Throughout the lesson, Anastasia paid no attention to what the teacher was teaching.
Her mind was occupied by the incident that just took place and she cried throughout the lesson.

How could Pascal easily believe such cock and bull story?so he don’t even trust her?she thought.
In the physics class, it was also difficult for Pascal to concentrate on what was been thought.

He was so confused, sitting next to him was Jennifer who consoled him nonstop.
Anastasia was humanly present in the class but her spirit and mind was completely absent.

All she prayed for was that the lesson should come to an end.
When the lesson finally ended, she quietly stood up and packed her books.

Her friends know that she was passing through a lot and they pitied her.
The physics lesson has also ended but Pascal’s legs could not carry him into their class.

He sat back in the class where they had their lesson while others left.
Everywhere and everyone were quiet as no one wanted to talk.

Anastasia had finished packing her books when Kingsley entered and made for his locker.
On her way going out of the class, she stopped at Kingsley’s locker.

“Kingsley even you? how could someone tell you such a thing and you don’t even bother to ask me? I can’t believe this. You guys just jumped into conclusion without trying to find out the authenticity of what you heard.

If it’s me, that heard such thing, I would have asked any of you before jumping into conclusion. Well, no problem, I now understand the kind of friends I have.

Friends that could not even trust me. It’s not that I’m angry with you but please help me tell Pascal that I thank him very much, he have really done well” she ironically stated.
It really pained Kingsley to see her in that mood.

He knew she was trying so hard to hold back the tears that were obvious in her voice. He was a man but he was tempted to cry for her like a man would do.

“Wait Anastasia” Kingsley said as Anastasia started walking out of the class.
“Kingsley please I don’t want to spend another minute in this class, I need to go home please” she said as she left the class.

She knew Pascal had not come out from the next class so she glanced through the window and saw him sitting together with Jennifer.

So this is what she wanted all this while? to attract Pascal’s attention? she thought as fresh tears escaped her eyes.

She quickly wiped it away and ran downstairs without looking at her back.
Sensing her presence and scent with the help of a gentle breeze, Pascal quickly turned to the window to see who had been bothering his mind throughout the lesson but she had gone.

He only saw her back as she ran downstairs.
He quickly stood up from his seat barely noticing Jennifer’s presence. He went and stood at the corridor in order to see when she would exit the gate.

Soon he saw her walking towards the gate. She was wiping her tearful face with her handkerchief to make it bright.

She must be passing through a lot! Pascal thought and he had been the cause of it. What have he done? Can he be able to handle this?

He rushed to their own class to see Kingsley. He entered and met Kingsley who was sluggishly packing his books.
“Was she flogged?” Pascal Kingsley as his heart became heavy.

“I don’t know” Kingsley answered without looking at him.
“I heard her talking to you, what did she say?” Pascal curiously asked.
“I don’t know” Kingsley repeated.

“What’s the matter with you? are you angry with me?”
“Why won’t I be angry? Pascal tell me, why won’t I be angry? for Christ sake do you know how much pain you just caused Anastasia?”

“But it’s not my fault”
“No it’s my own fault right?” Kingsley asked.
“I never knew the whole thing was misinterpreted”

“You suppose to know that the whole thing was fabricated since it came from that witch staying in the next class.
She framed it all and ended up causing sorrow for all of us.”

“So how are we going to solve this misunderstanding?” Pascal helplessly asked Kingsley.
“Don’t ask me that question again, go and ask Jennifer, she was the demon that instigated all this whole thing” Kingsley said as he walked out on Pascal.

At the entrance of the class he suddenly stopped “lest I forget, she said I should thank you very much that you did very well” he said and left.

Pascal was so disappointed, Kingsley just walked out on him?
Today was the worst day of his life.
Anastasia left without him, Kingsley walked out on him and he was now alone and lonely. No! he was not alone.

Even though all the students had left, someone was still waiting for him, Jennifer!




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