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Clash Of Desire – Episode 22

Clash Of Desire
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Everywhere was quiet since the school has dismissed. The science students stayed in one vacant class and waited for their teacher who went out.

The Art students stayed in their class and waited for their CRS teacher who happened to be their form teacher.

The students were always given a little break before the lesson starts so that they would be able to buy and eat anything they want before the lesson starts.

Believing that the students must have been through with whatsoever they might be eating, their form teacher left the staffroom with her teaching materials.

On the stairs she met a student who was seriously sobbing.
“What are you doing here?” She asked trying to know was that.

“Why are you here?” she asked the second time when the person did not reply
The person still did not reply, he didn’t move so she went and raised up his head. It was Pascal!

“Pascal! what is it?why are you here? I mean why are you crying? what happened to you? My SP who offended you?” Their form teacher asked with utmost curiosity.

His heart was engulfed with agony, he wanted to talk but words could not come out.
“My dear stand up, come let’s go to the staffroom so that you will tell me what happened.”
Pascal stood up from his bending position and followed their form teacher.

When they got into the staffroom, he gave the piece of paper to their form teacher who became confused and asked him.
“What’s the meaning of this?” their form teacher asked and Pascal started.

Their form teacher quickly sent for Collins and Kingsley.
“Collins did you see where this abbreviation was written on the board?” their form teacher asked Collins.

“Yes teacher”
“And whose writing was that?” their form teacher asked.
“It’s small Gloria’s handwriting” Collins answered.

“Go and call her for me” their form teacher ordered.

They were still waiting for their CRS teacher when Collins entered and called small Gloria and Jane.

Anastasia was still waiting for her friends to come back when all the students in the class started leaving one after the other.
Something must be happening downstairs but she couldn’t place what it might be.

She didn’t want to go downstairs, she don’t have time for gossip and besides she was very exhausted so she bent on her locker.
Soon, two external students who registered for SSCE in their school entered into their class. They came for extra lesson.

When they entered, they were talking about what was happening downstairs.
“What was said about the guy was not good. Girls can gossip eeh,if I’m the guy, I will make sure that I deal with those girls that said that” the tallest boy among the two candidates swore.

“And the guy was seriously shedding tears like a child” the short one said.
“If it’s you won’t you shed tears?”
“I heard he is the SP”

“Yes,I know the guy nah,his name is Pascal.
” Pascal? “Anastasia quickly jumped from her seat.” Did you just said Pascal? “she confusingly asked.
” yes”

“Which Pascal?” she asked again.
“How many Pascals do you have in this school?” the tall boy asked.
“One” Anastasia replied.

“That’s whom we are talking about”
“And what did you said happened to him?” Anastasia asked as her heart became heavy and started beating fast.

“He is crying downstairs”
“Pascal crying downstairs? why?”
“So you don’t even know what is happening? my dear, you can go down and see things for yourself.

Anastasia knew when she stood up but she did not how when or how she rushed out of the class. She ran out of the class and rushed down the stairs.

As she was approaching the staffroom, she noticed that it was filled with all her classmates. All of them were there except her. How come? What’s happening? she asked herself.

As soon as she entered the staffroom their form teacher’s voice greeted her.
” you just came at the right time. I was about sending someone to call you ”

Anastasia became very surprised and confused as all eyes rested on her.
But just then she saw who she was looking for,she saw Pascal sitting down by a corner.
OMG! he was really crying. Her heart quickly skipped at the sight of his tears.

What could make Pascal to cry like this? whatever it is that made him to cry this bitterly must be something serious.
Pascal himself could not believe that he was crying this much.

He can’t even remember the last time he cried not even when one of his close relation died.
Why was this one so hard on him? Why can’t he control himself like a man? His heart was completely shattering.

How could Anastasia do this to him? He loved her with all his heart, he trusted her but how could she do this?.
The more he think about it the more it shattered him completely.

Anastasia was very anxious to know what happened so she asked “what’s happening? Pascal why are you crying?” She asked turning to Pascal, expecting to get a response from him but instead he ignored her and threw away his face.

“You should know better than us” their form teacher said to her.
“But teacher I don’t know anything, what did I do?”
“You don’t know what you did?”
“No I don’t”

“You don’t know?”
“Yes teacher I don’t”
“So you’ve forgotten what you and your friends said with Pascal’s name?”
“My friends and I said with Pascal’s name? something like what? how do you mean? Please I don’t understand” she confusingly said.

“You don’t understand? alright, now tell me, who said that Pascal and his friends were gay?”
“Pascal and his friends? gay? I don’t know I’m confused”

“You don’t know and you’re confused? then who wrote abbreviations on the board?”
“Is that why Pascal is crying?” Anastasia asked to be certain.

“But his name was not written there” Anastasia said.
“Are you the one that wrote the abbreviations?”

“It’s small Gloria”
“So Gloria it’s you that wrote that Pascal and his friends were homosexuals?” their form teacher asked with anger.
“It’s not what I wrote teacher” small Gloria said.

“Teacher she never wrote something like that” Anastasia said.
“Then what did she wrote?” their form teacher asked Anastasia.

“The abbreviations were quite different things with different meaning. They were not saying the same thing” Anastasia explained.
“They said it’s the same thing but the last letters in the last two abbreviations were deliberately changed.” their form teacher said.

“Deliberately changed? who said that?” Anastasia disbelievingly asked. She was very shocked to hear something like this. How can someone manipulate lies so quickly? Is this a Nolywood movie or something that is happening real life?.

“But who started it all?” the physics teacher who just entered asked.
“It’s Helen” small Gloria pointed at Helen who was by the side.

“Turning to Helen, their form teacher asked”So Helen you started all this?”
“It’s not me that brought up the topic of homosexual, it’s Jerry” Helen said trying to defend herself.

“Jerry is that true?” their form teacher asked facing Jerry.
” yes teacher ”
“Who suggested the abbreviation as a nickname?”

“It’s Jane” Jerry answered.
“Then who wrote it on the board?”
“It’s Gloria”
“So Gloria who were the writer? this children what is even wrong with you?how can you be writing and saying rubbish?in fact the four of you should come and kneel down. (Jerry, Jane, small Gloria and Helen. Precious was not in school).

Still at her standing position while her friends were kneeling down for what they did not do. It really pained her.
How can people be this wicked? How can they easily Cook up a lie against their fellow human being? She was now looking like a complete idiot in front of everyone in the staffroom.

How else can she prove their innocence when Pascal had already bought the lie? and was now angry with her.

She noticed that he tried hard to avoid her eyes. He did not even want to look at her direction. It was unlike him, the Pascal she knew would never spend a minute without glancing at her.

But now it seems she was a total stranger to him.
It really hurts her to see him behaving like that towards her.
She wanted to cry for seeing Pascal cry for her.
She wanted to hold herself as well but she disappointedly saw tears dropping from her eyes.

”So Anastasia,how did you get involved in all this? because according to the look of things and the explanation done by your friends, you did not do anything,so how did you get involve?”their form teacher asked Anastasia.

She knew her as a good student and she was one if not all of her best student. She so much liked her and did not want her to be linked with this whole thing.

She wanted her to be proven innocent that’s why she asked her this question.
Anastasia was a softhearted person.

She was innocent because she did not say,suggest or write anything but her friends were innocent too because they never did what they were accused of.

If only she knew that their common joke would later result as grief to them,she would have asked them to stop it initially.
They used the whole thing for fun and she never imagined that it would be turned against them.

She won’t allow her friends to suffer alone without her, she can’t abandon them in such condition because she was their trusted and beloved friend.

She knew that their form teacher wanted her to be free but that would be unfair of her and it would mean that her friends did what they were accused of.

Even if she prove her innocence, some people would still think that she was trying to deny and betray her friends.
They were her friends and she would be with them in both hot and cold.

“Well, all I can say is that my friends were innocent of what they were accused of but if they must be punished then I must surely join them because I was there when the whole thing was going on” she said as tears started flowing down from her eyes. She went to her friends and knelt down with them.

She allowed the tears to flow freely without minding the presence of all the students standing there.
This was not was their form teacher expected her to do.

She had expected her to come out clean but instead she went and joined her friends.
“Well, you’ve made your choice but you can still change it else you would receive the same punishment with your friends” their form teacher disappointedly said.

On hearing the word PUNISHMENT, she wept profusely. Her, Anastasia, to be punished without doing anything wrong?
This is injustice in disguise!!!




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